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undo the knots of the past // any - takei - 12-21-2017

Although his eyes cannot see the shift in the seasons, he feels it in the air. The crackling song of autumn dances around his ears, crooning to the parts of him that make him a man. Takei doesn’t care for the feral lust that clings to most stallions this time of the year and he often spends most of his days — and nights — swaddling himself in his memories of Orion. Each sunrise is a day further from his ink and paper lover (and the island and its inhabitants that were swept away like dust) yet his grief stings less come sunset.

His romance with the black tobiano was a fire — quick to engulf and slow to put out, but eventually reduced to ash that is easily swept away by the wind of time.

Takei spends most of his hours alongside the shore of the lake. The soft lapping of the water upon the embankments soothes his weary heart and — although a tinny sound in comparison to the roar of the ocean’s waves — reminds him fondly of the sea he loves so dearly. He’s gotten rather skilled at maneuvering the world despite the absence of his sight yet the mountain slopes that define Hyaline intimidate him still.

After going for a short walk along the moist bank of Hyaline’s lake, Takei leans his neck down to sip from the crystalline waters. There’s a sharp breeze stirring across the plane of the lake, though the bite of the wind is lessened by the sun’s warmth on his red and white shoulders. The sound of someone approaching causes the stallion to raise his head, turning toward the source of the movement. “Hello?”
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RE: undo the knots of the past // any - Solace - 12-28-2017


Solace is a half-written poem.
All she knew of love was quick kisses and nothing more, stolen glances and sheepish smiles - an offer of shared warmth on a winters day from a handsome stranger in the woods.
An offer politely declined while the blood rushed to her ears. 

Yet still, she thought of romance more than she thought she should. This thing of which she knew nothing, which took up permanent residence in her thoughts even though she had sworn it off. At three years old, the young Queen was a hopeless romantic - and it left her sleepless many nights. 

Touches form her oldest friends sent her heart galloping, he was always on her mind. She banished him from her thoughts, yet she sought out his pale from whenever she could. Smoak, he floated between each kingdom thought. 

But the sight of another gifts the honey-colored mare a distraction from her unrest. She had seen a stranger navigating along the slopes with a hesitant step, and her sure stride takes her to him. 

The autumn with tossels her tri-colored mane gently, undoubtedly carrying her scent towards the copper stallion. 

"Hello?" he calls, and she echoes his word with the friendly confidence of a practiced greeter. "Hello, I'm Solace." The distance she eaves between them is greater than she would normally choose, but it is no shouting distance and her words come softly. "Is there someone you are searching for?"

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RE: undo the knots of the past // any - takei - 01-03-2018

The melody of life is a chaotic yet beautiful song. It weaves through every season — both of the weather and of the stages of growth — in harmony with the sway of Mother Nature’s lush hips. Spring blossoms and children are born to roll among the sweet fresh grass. Autumn decays around them and alongside that the old generations lay to become absorbed back into the structure of the soil. With each step and with each breath, they participate in the ballad of life and death.

Romance has its own tune in the song of the world. The notes often change depending on the stage it is in — fresh newness, wild heartbreak, anxious flutterings, fiery passion. In order for children to be birthed amidst willow trees and lacy spring flowers there must be chemistry and romance to give want for children. The affections of love can be fickle and bewildering but the payout can be worth it in the end.

Takei has suffered through most of the process of romance with one lover. He hadn’t known they would both be damned to different universes (that Orion would melt against the painting of the dreamy island, that he would wonder if any of it was real at all) and he suffered through the pain of heartbreak silent and alone.

His soul is soothed among the arching hills of the mountains and the gentle lap of the lake’s waves.

Takei had guessed right in the approach of someone, as a female voice echoes back his curious greeting. For a moment, hesitation crosses his mind — which in turn flickers across his face like the glow of a flame. The voice introduces itself as Solace. The tobiano’s head swings low for a moment, ears twisting to locate the source of the young mare. His nostrils quiver to take in her scent before he takes a few steps closer.

“My name’s Takei.” It’s his first time speaking to someone since Keeper brought him to the mountainous kingdom. His voice is rough and low, proving it has been a long time since he has last used his vocal chords. Her next question sends miniature daggers into Takei’s chest. He bites back a soft groan of grief, though the pain is much more bearable compared to when Keeper found him in the field.

He pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts, red and white locks falling against his shoulders as a breeze picks them up and then sets them back down. “Not particularly,” he finally answers. He knows where Orion is — lost to the song of life and death if he even was alive. Takei wanders aimlessly for now, unsure of his purpose while his eyes remain dark to the world. “Keeper brought me to Hyaline.” He doesn’t know what else to say, having been lost in his thoughts for so long. With his finishing words, Takei’s lips draw into a line, neither frowning or smiling.
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RE: undo the knots of the past // any - Kagerus - 01-05-2018

Out with the golden we sew, and the lower past that crawls.
Now, to the doorway you run, to the girl that's not lost.
The field had failed us. The stallion who found us, Kelsie, he had been of no help, had not wanted to find a home suitable to Insignificance and myself. Despite my usual disposition, I resent the strange stallion for his reluctance. It was our time of need, and he failed us. He forced us to expend energy on finding a home, when neither of us had any to spare.

I'm exhausted.

The sun dawns today, and Insignificance presses her nose to the base of my throat, whispering that she will wander by herself today, and that she will meet me again here. I melt into her side for a moment, reassured by her touch and consistency; where would I be without her.

After a few minutes of solitude, I decide to set out. I have been collecting information on the kingdoms, listening to quiet conversations and gentle exchanges. From what I've gathered, the place I am destined today will suit Insignificance and I most excellently - but I want to go myself, before I bring my companion here. She is delicately sewn together, and I love her too much to subject her to the possibility of danger or fear.

I see the mountains before I smell any trace of a herd. They are looming and daunting, but their rocky outlines remind me of the Chamber, my birthplace. I steady my nerves, begging my nostrils to stop trembling and for the whites of my eyes to retreat back into my skull. I find myself moving more quickly, anxious to be found in the no-man's land between the general places and this mighty kingdom.

I pause at the scentline, but I do not have much time to spare. I must get in and determine if this will be Insignificance's and my home before she realizes I've been gone. With a shake of my ebony mane, I bring my minimal overo body across the border and surge onward.

For some time, the only sounds are the birds, and the only sights are diverse trees and long grasses. I have steered clear of the mountains for today, figuring that horses must gather in the lower parts more frequently than the peaks.

Soon, I catch sight of something magnificent - a lake with waters as clear as the sky in summer. I perk my ears and pause mid-step, examining the body of water, nerves on fire waiting for something to happen. Nothing does. With a shuddering breath, I begin to approach.

My name's Takei, I hear from around a bend. The grassy banks  fade perfectly into the lake water, and I must tread into the shallow waters to maneuver around the bend. Two horses stand there, and for a moment, I don't really know what to say. I finish listening to the spotted stallion, standing as far from him as the other mare does. My heart is racing. Technically, I am a trespasser.

Hopefully Hyaline is as kind as rumour would have it.

"I'm sorry to intrude," I interject softly, once the moon-eyed stallion finishes. "No one brought me here, but I've heard that this is a place of refuge. My friend and I - she's not here right now - we need somewhere quiet." I smile a little, but the expression feels odd on my stoic and angular face. "I'm Kagerus, by the way. From the Chamber and Jungle, in the time before." I'm from nowhere right now, I want to add, but I know that would be redundant.

"I hope this is... Okay."
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RE: undo the knots of the past // any - Solace - 01-05-2018


His eyes do not meet hers, they are soft and strange and she finds herself watching them for a moment too long. The newcomer's other senses seem to be working overtime. He is cautious, and rightly so. Even though she is no threat to any of Hyaline's residents, Solace does not begrudge him his wariness. 

"It's nice to meet you Takie." 

A frown flickers across her face, her eyes saddening momentarily at the discomfort she has caused the stallion. She watches as he collects himself after what had turned out to be an overbearing question. Moving on gracefully, he mentions Keeper, and Solace is not surprised that the pony-mare has been wandering to the Field. The name of her friend brings a smile to the young Caretaker's lips. She missed the sight of the shifter, but it was good to know that her time away had been productive. 

Before she can say any more the sounds of someone approaching brings her attention away, and she is pleasantly surprised to see yet another unfamiliar face.

"Kagerus, welcome. I'm Solace, the Caretaker of Hyaline. What you have herd is correct - we are a peaceful kingdom, and while we do maintain a guard for the protection of our residents, these mountains are a Sanctuary. " She directs her comments at both of her new acquaintances, halfway through turning her head back in the direction of Takie. She assumes that he will be able to tell by the direction of her voice that her comments are also meant for him. 

"You are both welcome here, and I would love to meet your friend too, Kagerus." 

The bay woman's comments bring the young mare unexpected pleasure - to hear that horses in other kingdoms and the common lands have been speaking of Hyaline as a sanctuary, just as Amet had intended, justifies all of her efforts. Her pale face turns, and her cerulean gaze casts off above the still waters of Hyaline's heart.  "I sometimes feel these waters are charmed, and the breeze that crosses over its surface is always sure to calm and soothe my mind."

"I hope you all will come to feel the same way about our Lake." 

caretaker of hyaline


RE: undo the knots of the past // any - takei - 01-09-2018

With his other senses heightened by the drastic lack of one of them, Takei is quick to catch the sound of approaching hoofsteps. His head swings around toward the sound of hooves clattering against pebbles. It reminds him — for a bitter moment — of the way his friends would dance along the beaches and allow their own hooves to scrape against rock and sand as the sun sunk into the ocean. His breath catches in his throat (the image so clear in his mind he could practically touch his friends around him) but then the newcomer’s voice drags his thoughts away from his memories.

It seems Hyaline is held in high regard to be a place of security. Despite his gray mood, a fleeting smile tugs at his lips. Takei is grateful still for Keeper’s guidance in bringing him to this place and her words have yet to disappoint. The newcomer — a female, by the sound of her voice and the scents that diffuse off her skin — speaks of the Chamber and the Jungle. They are terms that prick at the back of Takei’s mind; words that are not often spoken since Beqanna shook to the core and destroyed all that used to be.

The red and ivory stallion is pulled from his thoughts a second time by the responding words of Solace. He assumes the title she gives (“caretaker”) is something of importance, but he knows nothing of politics or thrones (he is of the ocean and wind, a chaser of seagulls and a teaser of the tides). Her introduction to Hyaline is warm nonetheless and Takei feels at ease for a moment at the security her words bring.

His peace is shattered when he remembers how twisted words can become.

A shuddering drag of a breath pulls itself into Takei’s lungs. His head swings low to the ground then, sunken by the weight of his anxieties and the helplessness he feels. The stallion attempts to put on a brave face, ears twitching toward Solace. “As Caretaker of Hyaline, what are your duties?” He feels ridiculous for asking such a question, but his lack of knowledge in regards to the kingdoms is blatantly obvious at this point.
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RE: undo the knots of the past // any - Kagerus - 01-13-2018

Out with the golden we sew, and the lower past that crawls.
Now, to the doorway you run, to the girl that's not lost.
Relief floods over me like the cool lake water I stand in when Solace, the Caretaker, welcomes me into her land. Although every rumour about this place had been along the same lines - sanctuary, refuge - my trepedatious heart had still insisted upon racing frantically until every doubt had been put to rest. I dip my head in respect to the beautiful young mare, grateful at having been so warmly received.

"She'll come in a few days time, I'm sure," I breathe in my low voice, glancing at the stallion, feeling awkward at not having addressed him. "Thank you so much for welcoming me. This place meets every standard set for it."

I step closer to the stallion (whose lips carry a small, secret smile) as Solace continues speaking about the waters, my ears trained on her. I smile at what she is saying, feeling in myself that exact same charm - my neck stretches out carefully, and I exhale warm breath against the blind man's nose in a wordless greeting. I move to brush my nose against his, but am ready for him to deny my advances. Moving slowly, I return my gaze to Solace, an expression of serenity on my face.

"I feel it's sway already," I murmur. "It's lovely here."

Takei drops his head to the water, skimming its surface in a melancholy sort of way. I utter a worried nicker, the sound very quiet. Again I step closer to him, nudging his shoulder in as reassuring a manner I can muster, given my awkward, clumsy qualities. It's uncertain as to how he'll react to my touch, to my closeness - but I can't help wanting to heal him. It's in my blood.

He asks about Solace's duties, then, and I reluctantly turn to hear her answer. My provider's heart yearns to help this boy, even after having just met him. But it is important to understand this kingdom, too - important for both of us, if we are to stay and prosper.
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RE: undo the knots of the past // any - Solace - 01-14-2018


The stallion pulls a jagged breath into his lungs, and Solace again senses his unease. But his brave face is convincing, and anyway, other mare steps in and Solace relaxes. He follows with a good question, and she is happy to answer. 

"Generally it means I'm the welcoming party," she quips lightly with no hint of sarcasm or resentment in her voice. Newcomers were the lifeblood of her kingdom. Beqanna had been quiet, and for several years the lake territory had only known peace, and she liked it that way.The title of Caretaker had been Amet's decision right before he passed the crown to her, but Solace had always found it fitting and never thought to change it. Queen implied one who was to be served, whereas Solace had given up her home and sworn off her would be lover until Hyline was flourishing. 

"I am the leader of Hyaline, Takei. Most days are quiet here and I work to keep it that way." I may be an elusive answer, but she didn't want to dive into the nitty-gritty of running a kingdom if that wasn't what he was looking for. "If politics interest you," She glances back to Kagurus to make sure she understood that she still addressed both of them, "we can always discuss such things after you have settled. Everyone in Hyaline is welcome to be involved as little or as much as they like in the running of things - meeting other kingdoms, welcoming newcomers, offering the lost or homeless a home, those are a few of the tasks some of our residents take on. It is my job to make sure things run smoothly - that everyone who wants to help is given the opportunity, that those who need restoration are cared for, and those that want to just live their lives are free to do so." 

She sees the way Kagurus looks at the sightless stallion, inquisitive and caring, and she takes a step back with a smile playing on her lips. "If you need anything, I'm around the lake in the afternoons, and I'm always glad for a little company."

caretaker of hyaline

Solace is happy to answer questions if you have any more! But I figured I would leave them to get to know each other unless someone addresses her again Smile