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What chould i do now? - Thea2176 - 12-22-2017

I have been searching for my flock for almost four years but without luck ... they have disappeared, my mother, my dad ... my family ... I have walked around the fields alone for almost 4 years, ate what where eating and sleeping where i was going to sleep, I have met both horses and other creatures, some cruel than others.
I've seen flocks that went fun and the grass like my own flock did it too 4 years ago.
I stop looking for opportunities I could keep looking for new places? Or could I give up?
I have always been on the fields, and the manager always told scary stories about what could happen outside the fields, people caught horses and they never found them again, about creepy creatures that were in the dark areas.
These stories were all some, especially among the foals, launching horrific stories.

I took a choice, I wanted to move on in my life, and be a free youth! I went for a quick trot towards the edge of the fields, reaching the edge towards the evening. I decided to keep going to get some sleep for tomorrow's adventure.
I lifted my head, I thought I heard some crackers ....

Please give some tips for better writing Wink and please continue my story  Big Grin

RE: What chould i do now? - Amorette - 12-23-2017

She had never had the experience of being in the field herself. She’d been born in a herd, and lived in two kingdoms. If it was up to Amore to decide, Tephra would be her last home. Not because her father had been one of its founders, but because she felt at home. Once  Tephra had been a sanctuary for whoever needed one, when rulers change that had changed to, but now Warrick had been crowned Overseer, Amorette likes to believe it might be once again.

It are her king’s words that driver her to the field today. The memory of his supportive words make her lips curl up into a pleasant smile, now she had to make sure to live up to the expectations. Not because she feels the need to prove herself, simply because she wants to.

Her dark eyes wander over those present in the field. Homeless horses came here looking for a home, for a place to stay and belong. Most already have another or others in their presence. They don’t need the sanctuary Amore offers. Her eye falls on a graying mare, one that trots towards the edge of the field, and decides to approach.

”Hello there” she greets the stranger, offering her a smile as her eyes quickly take in the mare’s appearance. Still young, and looking a little lost and lonely. Looking like she might want a home. Or so Amorette hoped. Otherwise her attempt to recruit would be a failure. ”You mind me keeping you company? My name is Amorette.”


Quand on n'a que l'amour.

RE: What chould i do now? - Thea2176 - 12-26-2017

She looked shyly against the newly arrived stranger, she had never spoken to strangers before. She hesitated a little before she got together, so she said, "Emm ... no, I think." She was unsure if she could trust the stranger.
One part of her said she could, the other was hesitant. She never had to decide whether to trust some, not in this way at least.

She had to make a choice, whether she wanted or not, she needed it. Otherwise, the stranger might feel her nervousness and see her as an easier victim if she could not trust her in the end. She saw the newly arrived jump, in fact a pretty beautiful jump, young like herself, one could almost feel the kindness of her who one really wanted to join her. But there was something too ... something she could not fully explain what was, it was not pure evil, but ... something magical, one could sense that the jump had many life experiences despite its relative young age.

She chose to trust Amorette. There was silence around them, but Sapphire broke silence and said, "My name is Sapphire, I'm from the area ... When I was little .... hmmm ... My father was not the leader of the flock, as a punishment, the leader chose to As soon as I could manage myself, I should leave the flock. One morning I woke up. Were everyone gone since I have not seen my parents or anyone I know at all ... Now I have given up I have to move on in life, experience something maybe ... What would you do Amorette? Where would you go? "

Sapphire lowered his head a little and waited for Amorette's reply

RE: What chould i do now? - Casannia Beru - 12-30-2017

Im sorry, i gave a wrong name, the name is Casannia Beru xD

RE: What chould i do now? - Amorette - 01-03-2018

Even after her little event with Karaugh, the smoky black mare still stubbornly believed in the good. She liked to believe in the good, and that good intentions were first and foremost on everybody’s mind. She is a social creature, it is only natural for her to seek others out. Especially those who seem like to have nobody else.

She offers the dapple gray mare a smile, warm and welcoming, but Amore hopes it is also encouraging. If that wouldn’t be enough, perhaps the respectful distance between them would be. Both her ears are pinned forward, though they swirl around from time to time to catch he sounds the wind carries towards them, and like that she doesn’t miss a spoken word. ”I’m sorry to hear that.” Nobody should be cruelly separated from his or her parents.

”What I would do?” she repeats, and actually wonders out loud. Amorette too had once lost her parents. Found her father back some time after, and for a while they had lived at Tephra together. After stepping down from his leading role, he had disappeared, but that didn’t make Tephra less home. ”I would find a new home, a new family” she answers, like she had.

Her dark head slightly tilts while studying the mare, curious and wondering. Would Beru be interested in Tephra? That the gray mare is looking for a home is something she’s sure of, but does she know it herself already? ”Would you like to hear about my home, Beru? Is it okay for me to call you that?” Hopefully the use of a ‘nickname’ would make her feel more at ease.

”Tephra is beautiful, or, I think it is beautiful, and you would be more than welcome to come live with us.” After all, Tephra is a sanctuary for whoever needs it.


Quand on n'a que l'amour.

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RE: What chould i do now? - Casannia Beru - 01-13-2018

"That's okay." I said, lowering my head, I turned my head away from Amorette. I doubted Amorette, somehow I would like to believe in everything she told me, but I have always doubted strangers, one more than the other. It had almost gone and become a bad habit.
I had to get along, she just tried to help me, I could almost feel it. Though I was not much for it, I could feel that I was completely angry, lifting my head and looking at Amorette who stood quietly and looked around. Was it only a role she played, was I surrounded? I actually went straight into the trap.
I breathed deeply and made my mind out of my mind. then I answered Amorette "It's fine, just call me Beru. Can I call you Amor?" Amorette turned his head.
I began to be curious. "How do you not know if your home is beautiful? And how can you have your father after you've lost your parents?" I stabbed her head closer to Amorette and easily pushed her ...

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RE: What chould i do now? - Amorette - 01-13-2018

The dapple mare’s words and actions conflict with one another. Amorette had tried to break the ice, using nicknames that were much shorter than their full names would do so nicely, but Casannia Beru’s whole body language was off. She said one thing, but her body told a whole different story.

It conflicts the dark woman and she doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Her intentions had been all good. Tephra was an amazing place and the dapple grey mare had looked so lost. Clearly less lost than Amore had thought. When Beru asks the same in return, she can only nod. ”You can” she confirms with a smile.

She blinks, a bit surprised but then smiling. It takes her a little effort to hold back a chuckle, but she manages. ”Oh, no. Tephra is beautiful. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and someone else might very well not like it as much.” She had yet to meet someone who disliked Tephra, but Casannia Beru might very well be the first one.

Amorette allows the dappled woman into her personal space, but only for a brief moment. As soon as she can claim her personal space back, she does so smoothly. It is not that she dislikes the other mare, but they weren’t yet close enough to seek out such contact. ”Would you like to see Tephra for yourself? Just a visit, you can always decide that you would rather live elsewhere.” But Tephra would always be there if Beru was to change her mind.


Quand on n'a que l'amour.

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Also, I decided to not answer the question about Amore’s father. There is no way Beru could’ve known that (Amore doesn’t speak of it, only thinks it). Hope you don’t mind?