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I Was Lightning Before the Thunder [Ivar] - Klaudius - 12-26-2017

So, they call you King of Loess I hear.  
Well King, I challenge you to a friendly duel. 
 Water versus Sky.

Role-Playing [standard length]

At Stake: first born daughter to reside in alters kingdom for one year after their first birthday.  Let's call it a friendly swap to further their cultural education.  If you agree say aye

Challenger stats:
8yrs old
Hybrid/TB type build
Wings, Earth Armor

Battle stats:
Strength: 7
Speed: 7
Agility: 5
Intuition: 7
Accuracy: 1
Experience: 1

You have one week to answer the call @[Ivar]
(Also one week max between posts.  Let's keep this moving along).

Ladies(that's you) first;

1) Ivar attack 1; 
2) Klaudius defense and attack 1; 
3) Ivar defense and attack 2; 
4) Klaudius defense and attack 2; 
5) Ivar defense and attack 3; 
6) Klaudius defense and attack 3; 
7) Ivar defense.

*Please include a definition of your trait as it is not in the database.*

RE: I Was Lightning Before the Thunder [Ivar] - Ivar - 12-28-2017

ivar’s stats:
- smokey black dun tobiano stallion
- 5 years old
- 17.1 hh
- build is most similar to a trakehner
- equus kelpus: dragon scales, sharp teeth, tactile hypnosis, supernatural attractiveness, the ability to breathe underwater, and looks like this underwater

strength: 6
speed: 5
agility: 7
intuition: 10
accuracy: 10

i'll use you as a makeshift gauge of how much to give and how much to take
With the more enjoyable part of autumn come and gone, Ivar is on the hunt for alternate forms of entertainment.

The idea of engaging in diplomacy briefly entertains him, which is why he had gone to Ischia in search of Krone. The novelty of that had faded quickly – there was neither enough fighting nor fucking to keep him interested in politics for any length of time. That was why he’d given the responsibility to Heda, after all, one less thing to be responsible for.

Instead, he is making his way to the challenge grounds to search for something a little more invigorating than destroying the sharks in Nerine.

He is unstoppable in the water, but he has never pitted himself against something of equal value on dry land.

The creature within him argues that such an exercise is pointless; why practice for something that he’ll never need? Yet the piebald kelpie enters the challenge grounds with a shake of his still-damp mane. He makes eye contact with the first horse he finds, and when he recognizes the lavender pegasus he grins widely.

What fortunate luck.

Their battle begins as many do, with Ivar circling the winged stallion. This is the advantage of the first move. Chivalry is useless and was created by weaklings; Ivar would never give up the chance to take the first attack. Each step he takes allows him to limber up, something he does not truly need after his jaunt here from the southern sea. The two of them strike up an agreement for a far distant future; Ivar wonders if Klaudius might have altered the terms if he knew that Ivar has been futilely trying for children for nearly three years and with hundreds of women.

No reason to tell him that, Ivar think idly as he studies the other stallion. There is little difference in their heights and neither are especially extreme in any equine aspect. The most obvious difference between them (beside the purple against the black) is Klaudius feathered wings and Ivar’s mantle of defensive scales. Neither would be truly comfortable in the other’s true element, but here on the flat and bone dry clay of the Challenge Lands, they seem an equal match.


This battle will determine the truth of that.

Ivar attacks without warning, shifting from just another step on his circling trot around Klaudius to galloping toward him at a full canter. The late afternoon sun is behind him, not quite dipped below the western horizon. The sharp left turn he has taken points him directly at the lavender horse, who had previously been roughly a dozen yards away. It seems as though the piebald stallion means to simply run Klaudius down (and truly some part of him does want to see the other man cower in fear and turn tail), and not until he is only a few feet away does his angle change.

At that same moment, he digs in his hooves, stopping as quickly as he can. Meanwhile, his grinning mouth is now wide and gaping, reaching for the joint where Klaudius’ left wing meets his body. Jagged and sharp, the teeth that line the kelpie’s jaw are meant for shredding, and that is what Ivar would try to do if he made direct contact with his opponent’s wing. He has no intention of making this easy for the other stallion, nor of playing gentle as though this was a simple mock.

Ivar fights to the death or to submission; whichever comes first.

Regardless of the way the other horse moves or reacts, Ivar’s sharp teeth reach for the softness of his nearest exposed flesh, knowing that a debilitating wound on the wing will be most useful, but willing to settle for any spilling of blood he can achieve.

This is so much better than the nap he’d been thinking about taking this afternoon, Ivar thinks as his teeth close down (on some part of his opponent, he hopes).

king of loess
minimal smoky grullo tobiano | equus kelpus

RE: I Was Lightning Before the Thunder [Ivar] - Klaudius - 12-28-2017

After their brief introduction on the white-sand beaches of Ischia, his thoughts didn't travel far from the scaled stallion.  The way the creature moved silently through the salt waters, creeping onto the shores of the kingdom unannounced, gave him an unsettled stirring in his gut.  Questions as to why the pied stallion chose to seek out Krone(Keeper of Ischia) cluttered his mind.  Perhaps it was only politics the King of Loess wished to discuss with her but something convinced him it was maybe more.

So he traveled to the land of blood and bruises. A gentle breeze swirled up a cyclone of granulated earth.  Pushing it to travel across the battlegrounds.  His lavender coat contrasted immensely against the drab browns that surrounded him.  As does the sheets of armor that clung to his frame. Metal plates fastened to line along his crest.  Tendrils of lavender mane intertwined within the breaks of silver.  A solid mask of iron had formed around his face and down the bridge of his nose.  A ridge of spikes, near a foot in size, appeared on his staffron and down the length of his crinet.  Covering his back and sides were a mesh of steel.  Held together by cords of leather that secured them in place. Leaving spaces only big enough for his set of wings. The armor wasn't resistant to puncture but at least now he had evened the score. 

His regal head swiveled from left to right.  Someone challenge worthy must be lingering, he thinks, so he may hone in his battle skills. They may be needed to protect his sister, his home and his progeny.

The sun had dipped just to hover above the horizon when a glistening light shimmered off an incoming figure.  He squinted into the sun's yellow casting of light to view the familiar markings of the King of Loess.  A grin curled at his lips. 

How perfectly, perfect.

He drew the attention of the scaled king, whose path of travel and eye contact made it clear he had it.  A war cry emitted from his vocals.  Stating his challenge to the younger stallion. "Funny... I was just thinking of you Ivar," an entertained chuckle followed his words.  Silver-hazel eyes trained on the king's movements as the kelpie-shifter circled around him.  Watching for any sudden changes to his opponents path.  

Just when he was getting bored of the scaled ones taunting, there was a sharp turn in his direction.  The boldness of the young king's move caused the grin at the corner of his lips to grow even more.  He turned himself to face the incoming attack head-on.  Arching his neck to bring his muzzle to his chest.  Pale purple wings held loosely at his sides.  Using his left one, he stretched it out slightly farther than the right to draw the stallions interest, like the red cape of a matador to a charging bull.  An injury to his wing may bound him to the earth but it would be less catastrophic than an injury to a limb or vital organ.

He miscalculated the agility of the equine.  Before he can twist his body and wing out of reach, the stallion clamped his razor teeth down on the bridge of bone of his feathered appendage.  Scraping away flesh and feather alike. The tightened jaws around his wing is meant to rip muscle and shatter bone, so he outstretched it to give slightly into the pressure boring down onto it.

Upon contact a high pitched grunt vibrated in his chest. Blood begun to form in droplets that stained both feather and earth.  Through the pain he continued to move away from the stallion.  Pivoting on his right forelimb in hopes to slide his wing free from the kelpie teeth.  His rump swung to the right, so once he is freed the young king can't aim for more flesh. 

With the close quarters of the pied stallion he can now see the true slick of his flesh.  The scales looking every bit of any fish he has ever seen.  Even if the scales had been penetrable, his dull plant-eater teeth wouldn't grip easily.  Luckily for him though he didn't need his teeth.  The metal cones protruding from his armor were good enough.

His hooves gripped into the dirt as he leaned to his left.  Swinging his armored head in the direction of Ivar.  With his new weapon, he targeted any flesh he could obtain.  His aim was blind though, as the mask hindered his vision.  Silver eyes peered through the cut-out holes on either side.  A black and silver body was all he could account for and he hoped it was enough to land a jab from his silver horns into the water horse.  If he should miss, at least the forward momentum of his heavied head may knock the king off balance(in hopes of finally releasing any grip the stallion still held on to his wing).

I was just born this amazing


RE: I Was Lightning Before the Thunder [Ivar] - Ivar - 01-03-2018

i'll use you as a makeshift gauge of how much to give and how much to take
The taste of Kaldius’s feathers is satisfying, but unfulfilling. Better is the blood from where Ivar’s teeth have found more than fluff and cartilage, but the purple stallion is quick, and rips the wing from Ivar’s grasp as he pivots his lavender hindquarters away. Caught up in his oral fixation, Ivar has allowed Klaudius to relocate, and as Ivar spits a feather from between his teeth he sees – too late – that the other stallion is attacking.

There are spikes coming toward him, carried on Klaudius’ crest, and Ivar reacts without conscious thought, uncannily intuitive. The kelpie leaps to his right, propelled by his heavily muscled hindquarters. He is agile – remarkably so – and while the other stallion might be innately faster, he is also hauling around an impressive amount of steel. Ivar manages to get his head and neck out of the way of the oncoming spikes, but his thigh is not so fortunate.

The physics of land are more cumbersome than he’d anticipated.

Water is easy, fluid and forgiving. In the water, this clash would have been a slaughter rather than the fair match it is. Kladius’ unprotected belly would have been immediately shredded to a bloody pulp, torn and devoured in an instant

But instead they are bound by gravity, and he can move only in ways supported by his four hooves, with no reliance on the embrace of the water. Ivar grits his teeth, and as the tines of the purple stallion’s armor make contact with his side, he squeals sharply in pain. Ivar’s forelegs land on the dusty earth just as Klaudius strikes. His hide might be impenetrable, but it is not without nerves. There will be bruises instead of blood, deep into his muscle. For now, adrenaline mutes the pain, and Ivar is fortunate that such focused points of impact make the effect of the attack less detrimental than it might have been. There will be no broken bones, at least from this attack.

As soon as his forelegs have landed, Ivar lashes out with his back hooves. He does not kick high (though that is less of a precise aim to avoid the armor and more of a result of their close proximity) but he does kick hard, grunting at the unexpected pain as the battered muscle of his thigh protests. He’s likely to hit the stallion’s breast and forearm, unprotected by the heavy steel, but that is only if the other horse doesn’t move. Ivar is hopeful, but does not linger to see if he has been successful. Instead, as soon as his back hooves are on the ground again, he moves away as quickly as he can.

Ivar hops awkwardly on his injured left hindleg, trying to keep the weight off while counter-clockwise to face the other stallion. He pivots on his good rear leg, and keeps an ear on his opponent to listen for movement even before he can turn to watch him from a distance of a five yards.

king of loess
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RE: I Was Lightning Before the Thunder [Ivar] - Klaudius - 01-04-2018

With his wing now freed, the lavender knight doesn't dwell on the sharp tinge of pain that pulsated through his body.  No, he stewed on the now dirtied feathers he had spent hours preening to perfection!  Not to mention the balded spot.  That'll take weeks to regrow. The reward is worth the pa... extra grooming, he convinced himself.

Putting his head back in the game, he grinned at the wailing screech of the injured King.  Bingo! The toss of his cumbersome head, landed a blow to his opponents buttocks.  It was something at least.

He isn't one to celebrate prematurely.  With the scaled stallions forelimbs staked into the ground and beginning to heave hindlimbs into the air, he pulled himself in close to the onslaught of incoming hooves.  The short distance between them should give the kicks minimal strength, along with the injury sustained to the muscles there.

They strike him mid-chest regardless, and what strength does land causes him to gasp for breath.  His barrel heaves with a few deep inhales.  Even with his wings tight to his sides, the labored breathes are apparent.  The pause in attack, allows the water horse to slip from his reach.  His teeth gritted, as he wished he had been able to rip a chunk of scales from the stallion that had retreated a short distance off.

Finally he regained air enough to take a staggered step forward.  He shook his lavender crown to refocus his mind. His silver eyes finding the black and pearl figure.  Through the iron shield covering his face, he watched as Ivar limped onward, back facing him.  Never turn your back to your opponent, he thought with a grin creeping along his lips.  

His hooves gripped into the earth, surging him forwards.  Each stride not without great effort for his shortened breath.  Muzzle was brought to his chest.  His head gear aimed to hit the stallions good side as the King leans to pivot right.  If Ivar was to turn to face him, he'd hope to catch him midway into his turn.  Was he quick enough though?

I was just born this amazing

RE: I Was Lightning Before the Thunder [Ivar] - Ivar - 01-12-2018

i'll use you as a makeshift gauge of how much to give and how much to take
Ivar has no witty quips to motivate him; he relies on physical prowess and intuitive action. The kelpie was not taught the useless advice to never turn his back to an opponent; why would he need to protect his back? He has ears, a nose, and the side-facing eyes of an equine. Klaudius remains well within the scaled stallion’s line of monocular vision, and when he accelerates Ivar is totally aware of it the moment the charge begins.

When the purple horse’s head lowers, Ivar interprets it as a clear warning sign that he means to use those bothersome spikes again.

The scaled stallion allows his lavender foe to labor under the delusion that he’s somehow invisible (or perhaps vulnerable?) and does not react until he absolutely must, relying on his agility and almost-perfect sense of intuition

His hindlegs kick up while his front hooves remain planted, but rather than lash out at the oncoming horse Ivar instead throws his hindquarters to the side, rapidly making his body parallel to that of the charging stallion. Ivar is limited by his wounded leg, but he is far from hobbled. He is able to get most of his body out of the way of the purple horse, but a single tine glances off his left buttock (as he had been turning counter-clockwise and that must surely be the side Klaudius was intending to hit, unless he somehow passed Ivar and circled back to attack his uninjured right side) and makes the stallion hiss at the second assault on his already bruised hindquarter.

The kelpie does not take the time to nurse his injury, instead he is reaching out to bite Klaudius even as his rear hooves return to the ground. His head snakes to the right, aiming for the unarmored flesh on the purple horse’s lower left side. It should be quite near, though if he is faster than Ivar expects, his target might end up being Klaudius’ lower buttock rather than his belly. The sharp teeth (still flecked with bits of lavender pinfeather) seek to rip and tear, ripping at horseflesh in a way he has only previously treated his aquatic prey.

This time he does not turn his back, but it is only because he hopes to see Klaudius lamed and submissive, and that’s a sight most preferable when witnessed head-on.

He does pivot counterclockwise (to his right) on his forelegs to better see the other stallion, and there is a delighted grin on his face despite his heaving sides.

king of loess
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RE: I Was Lightning Before the Thunder [Ivar] - Klaudius - 01-15-2018

With his armored face lowered and his sight hindered, he must have mistaken the Kings lean to pivot on his uninjured back leg(right) that would have turned the scaled king clockwise.  Or perhaps it was a swift change of direction he had unanticipated.  Even so his forward momentum can not be changed so swiftly.  As he crosses along Ivars left side now, a pressure within his face mask tells him he has grazed something.  What, he could not be sure.

He has no time to think further into it, when the kelpie fangs are reaching for his belly.  Had he slowed his forward motion to soon, the scaled stallion may have ripped apart more than he did.  Catching his left flank as he passes. 

The sheer surprise and pain of the bite causes a squeal to erupt from his vocals, as his forelimbs stiffen to slide against the rocky terrain.  Lavender parachutes at his sides, open slightly to aide in a more sudden stop.  His hunches buckle and he skids to a halt just shy of the kelpies rear.  Pushing up with his hindlimbs and forelimbs still stiffened, he bears the added weight to his front.  Bending his heavily armored head to the ground, then launching his rear hooves at Ivar.  Not seeing the kelpie turn this way or that, his hopes is to land a square kick along any part of the King within reach.  Also in hopes that the stallion moves away to put some distance between them.

As his rear hooves contact the ground once again, he collects them under him.  Turning quickly to his right, he now faces his competitor.  Favoring his injured hindquarter with a noticeable given.  Blood trickled down his leg from the gaping hole.  Luckily for him, his wings would bring him back home quickly to heal.  Deep, heaving breathes are taken in and quickly expelled, revealing his exhaustion.  He was not submitting but if the stallion wanted more he'd have to come at him head on...     

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@[Ivar] thanks for participating! Hopefully I didn't misinterpret directions too bad XD