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trait update, I think - x - J'adore - 01-11-2018

With immortality being a 0 space trait now, I think I'm able to make Gunsynd's self-phasing trait genetic again? Correct me if I'm wrong!


RE: trait update, I think - Kyra - 01-12-2018

Hi J'Adore,

So I'm trying to find an update post from when it was changed in the first place to see what his traits should be, but I can't find it. So questions, because all his traits are still listed as genetic. He has a total of 5 genetic spaces of traits now (technically he had 6 genetic until the immortality rule change), and can only have 4 genetic spaces of traits. Were any of these already non-genetic and it's just incorrect in the database? If not, he'll have to keep one of his traits as non-genetic.

Immortality (0), Self manipulation (3), Self phasing (1), Transparent wings (1)

RE: trait update, I think - J'adore - 01-13-2018

That's so weird, I looked too and also didn't have any luck. Not sure how this keeps happening.

It was my impression that the self-manipulation and wings were the genetic traits and that the self-phasing and immortality were the non-genetic traits. 

Now as I write that I realize that immortality would be the only option to add on as genetic. So I guess make the self-manipulation, wings, and immortality genetic and leave off the self-phasing?

Will that work?

RE: trait update, I think - Kyra - 01-14-2018

That works. Thanks!