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I need a man! - butterfli - 02-11-2018

Blood Bay
Trait Genetic Code: TEGteg [mind control][immortality] **edited to add TGC**

She's my last kid out of my favorite character and she's too old for me to keep realistically playing her. I want to let her go but I need a baby out of her, it'll be her one and only.

She isn't going to fall in love so it's either force-breeding or someone smooth enough to convince her. We can play it out or just let me know what your stallion would do so I know what she'll be thinking later on.

Or if your guy is looking for a baby momma and wants to force her to follow him back home or wherever she is the type to obsess and bend easily to a strong personality so that works too! She used to follow Eight everywhere, thought the sun rose and set at his command, so I could see her developing that kind of attachment (non-romantic) again.

Would love an active stallion or has kids or some family that might be willing to adopt the kiddo because I don't plan on Amanita living too long past the foal being born.

[I've posted her in Taiga if your interested in what she's like!]

RE: I need a man! - devin - 02-11-2018

I mean, Brennen would be an obvious choice here. (Pretend this is an upside down smiley face) he likes to sweet talk the ladies and loves raising his kids, so.... Wink he’s got lots of kids/grandkids/great grandkids running around right now at least active or semi-active, and he’s active in Ischia.

Arabian Hybrid
Bay/will gray (Ee/Aa/Gg)
Immortal, Wings, Bone-Bending, Ice Manipulation*
tegteg [WINGS][IMMORTALITY][BONE-BENDING][ice-manipulation*]

RE: I need a man! - Neo - 02-11-2018

Offering up Klaudius who can either sweet talk the lady or force himself on her.  He is very family loyal so he would seek to keep the child with him.  The foal would have three half siblings from last season, Karat, Kromium and Kwartz.  Klaudius has many active siblings as well; Kolera, Kasanova, Kryptic, Kaurma.  If you were interested in him killing your mare as well I'd be down to do that too(maybe she tries running away with the child).  He currently resides on Ischia but he can be anywhere at anytime since he has wings.  

If this interests you, let me know Smile

RE: I need a man! - Levi - 02-11-2018

Levi could be a possibility. He is in the middle of some drama with his sister but he will be traveling so it would make sense for him to run into Amanita. He isn't one for romance and mush really, but he could be up for a one night stand, especially in the fall when hormones are raging. He is 5-6 but just lost his v-card and ready to experiment. He could force breed if she started out half-into. I just don't see him jumping a random mare, but he could push it further than she intended if they were heavily flirting

He is a broody, immortal, fire-wielding ass hole.
deep down he is just confused and looking for affirmation. I can see him having a soft spot for his future kids... which he will probably have a few of this season (in Tephra)

Anyway, He lives in Tephra. There is a really good community there, so a foal would be well taken care of if you wanted mom to drop out of the picture.

After this season I won't be breeding him for a while. He will learn his lesson xD
But I would love for him to have a few active kids running around

RE: I need a man! - kahzie - 02-13-2018

Merrik maybe?

I know they are current just chatting at the moment, but he'd also be down for raising the kiddo if you want the family life. i'm not entirely sure where said family life would be just yet, of course Tongue

RE: I need a man! - butterfli - 02-13-2018

Oooh! So many good choices! I think I'll stick her with Merrik since they're already chatting it up in the Meadow. Thank you for offering your awesome boys though Smile