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Post its- - Neo - 02-25-2018

Threads: Updated 07-15-18

Deiti to Ivar in Tephra(trait appearance!)- O
Klaudius to Sabra(humans)- O
Klaudius to Wolfbane/Lepis/Wishbone in Nerine- X
Krom to Raj in Taiga- X
Krom to Belgaer in Taiga- O
Karat to Kreep in Taiga- O
Zain to Yggi in Taiga- O
Zain to Sibella in River- X
Kaurma to Wolfbane in Loess- O
Zed to Ast in River- O

O= Owe
X= Done
XX= Dead thread 
*= Special

RE: Post its- CLOSETING - devin - 05-15-2018

Hey if you don't have time to tackle her, do you mind if I put Cleary back in my closet? Just in case I end up with time or muse for her.

RE: Post its- CLOSETING - Neo - 05-16-2018

Go for it @[devin]

RE: Post its- CLOSETING - Vanilla Custard - 05-18-2018

Good thing I stalk enough to notice, My OOC has a Custard in it Wink

I'll kill Tähti some other way than with Kiwi around, no worries (my, that sounds awful of me xD)

RE: Post its- - Neo - 07-15-2018

Updated and I am behind

RE: Post its- - Neo - 08-09-2018

I will try to get done what I can but I have a feeling my closet will be filling up very soon.