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Design a new fairy contest! - Officials - 05-16-2018

Devin, our new officer, is in need of her very own fairy! The winners will be chosen by Devin herself.

Winners will earn a 1-space trait or a foal pick (including gender, color, twins) for each name + description and design that’s chosen. Each entry will receive a 0-space trait of your choosing. You can enter up to 3 times (3 names + descriptions and 3 designs).

Colored references do not need to be anything fancy (aka if all you have is paint, that’s totally fine). You can use the lineart found here or find your own lineart (though please make sure the rules allow for us to use the lines on Beqanna and you MUST give proper credit, including a link). If you want to draw your own, that's totally cool too.

You have until June 1st to post your designs. We won’t look at this until June 1st, so just make sure you post before it’s June 1st on the east coast of the USA (Eastern Standard Time).

1. Name the fairy + describe her physically & personality-wise
2. Color a reference.

Devin likes the color blue and drawing pixel ponies. Other than that, feel free to use your imagination!

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - Nicole - 05-16-2018

Humble Fairy! Because Devin is such a humble playing no

She is a gentle and kind-er fairy, understanding of struggles and more sympathetic towards others. Don't get it twisted though, she is not to be taken advantage of.

Humble fairy has a royal blue base with cream/beige tiger stripe markings on her legs. Wings that have the same color as her body with cream/beige tips, cream/beige mane and tail and icy blue eyes.

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - swxrdsandpxns - 05-16-2018

Karma Fairy - a vantablack fairy with glowing red legs (#BD0000) and eyes. Black bat wings. Mane and tail are black with the same glowing streaks of red and orange (#FF8407). She is one of those that likes to give people what they deserve. If a horse is behaved, she will give them a reward, if a horse is bad, she will punish them. She’s neutral, neither good nor evil, and peaceful unless provoked. She’s more of a draft-type horse. I’m sorry for my lack of skill. Printer broken + laptop broken = liv has to draw on her own.

Plague fairy – in the dark days of the reckoning, a fairy was born.She is stark white, with no eyes. She has no mane and very little tail. A swarm of locusts stay with her at all times, waiting for her to give them command. Her only saving grace is the haunting ivory wings that extend from her sides. She takes from the sinners and she takes from the Saints. No one is safe from her. More of an Arabian type horse. Little green things are her locusts. Again, I’m sorry I suck xD

Neither of these fairies “describe” Devin, per say, but I thought they were cool, and Devin is awesome so maybe they might work together Wink

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - Bruja - 05-16-2018

[Image: vfd27l.jpg]
Description: Pixelated true blue roan, with a frosted navy blue mane and tail. Silver eyes and hooves, with a twisted unicorn horn. Blue Jay inspired wings. Pixeled face markings and four white socks with pixeled gradient.

Avowa, the Covenant Fairy
Inspired by Devin's fair minded and loyal attitude. 

Personality: Avowa is the fairy of promises, of fealty, of reliability. Oaths made in her name are sacred, and breaking them risks bringing about the wrath of the fairy herself. She values loyalty above all else, and scorns those who are untrustworthy. Light or Dark, those who keep their promises are favoured by the fairy, and rewarded accordingly. Those who seek her for gifts are sealed with a promise, and most are not so foolhardy as to find out the consequences of dropping their ends of the bargain. 

Description: Avowa's appearance is a stark one. For her there is no grey, only black and white. Truth and Lies. This mindset is reflected in her coat: an equal balance of geometric black and white, with an ice blue mane and tail. Fine chains decorate her limbs, representing the binding contract which oaths to her signify. She has one black eye and one white, which do not impair her vision. 

[Image: 6jepv9.jpg]

Serendipity, the Luck Fairy 
Inspired by Mint Juleps, and the Kentucky derby, because Devin lived in Kentucky for a while. 

Personality: In any instance in which chance or luck come into play, Julep likes to be present. She thrives on uncertain odds and risky endeavors, praising those who test their luck. She enjoys competitions of all sorts, and tends to favor the underdog. Often times she will nudge Fortune in their favor. Those she prefers will find themselves fortunate in little ways, while those she disdains will find everything that can go wrong, will. 

Appearance: A pale mint green base coat with darker green points. Her mane and tail are decorated with gold ribbons and the occasional four leaf clover. She has a thoroughbreds build, and a smattering of honey brown bird catcher spots. Her wings are barred green, sparingly flecked with brown.  (Please forgive the lack of detail/shading in the image, I'm so tired lol)

Will update with images

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - Kuna - 05-17-2018

although this fairy might look relatively friendly with her soft colors, don't let her physical appearance fool you. she is a warrior at heart, gathering her energy from the mocks and battles and alliances that war on beqanna's grounds. she loves to see a good bit of physical action (traits and flesh and blood all rushing together) and she isn't opposed to a bit of mischief to see it happen. she can have a sympathetic side to her, but that side is rarely shown to beqanna's population.

a near opposite to the midnight fairy, this fairy has a much sweeter, more genuine personality to her. when she speaks, it is as if honey is flowing from her lips. she has a deep affection for all things snuggly and squishy and soft (namely the children of beqanna, whom she all treasures in her heart fiercely) and most of beqanna's population might find her in those soft, comfortable places telling daydreamy stories to whatever curious child might pass by.

NOTE: this was my first time coloring lineart, which is why they're both very basic, but i wanted to try my hand at some coloring for these two beauties! i had a ton of fun making these two fairies and, even if they don't get picked, i'm pretty happy with them. thank you so much for this fun opportunity, officials! <3

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - .splash. - 05-18-2018

Ice Fairy
(inspired by Brennen of course)

Base Color: Light grey
Secondary colors: Navy blue, blue, light blue in darker points
Markings: Snowflakes/ice crystals
Mane/Tail: Gray fades into light blue
Wings: White with slate gray/light blue points
Eyes: Navy blue
Hooves: Glittery cerulean blue

This fairy is fair and just. She keeps a cool head and, does not allow her emotions to interfere. She values Beqanna's history and traditions. She is protective of Beqanna's children. She does possess a softer, more sensitive side though, she hides it well beneath her icy demeanor.

*Medium: colored pencils. Base image: free lineart Pegasus from bronzehalo on

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - Sid - 05-18-2018

A couple ideas that I might work on reference wise later:

The Winter Fairy:

As one might guess, this fairy heralds winter - but not always in the same way. Sometimes she comes with laughter and twinkling snow to set atop the heads of children; but other times, she comes with a wrath in the form of blizzards. Mostly though, the Winter Fairy coexists with the residents of Beqanna, though they never seem to notice her; invisible in the summer, she blends perfectly into her snowy surroundings during the winter. This alabaster fairy is hard to spot, but easy to love. Besides controlling Beqanna's winters, the Winter Fairy's other responsibilities include protecting children in the playground from evil, and guiding the steps of those who wander towards their destiny - be that with a sharp cool breeze pushing them towards an unexpected lover, or with a burst of snow to trap them on their death beds. Behind her back, some might call her the Destiny Fairy - but as with most things, she simply brushes their whisperings off. She's too cool for that, dontcha know.

Enjoy a shitty reference hand drawn with pencil on the back of a paper that'd been handed out in a workshop that was very boring. The Winter fairy is completely white, with blue snow magic trailing from her unicorn horn. Very Arabian in build, with silky wings that seem to defy physics - mostly because of the magic, but also because I cannot draw wings. <3

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - ~Sapphire~ - 05-18-2018

The Dalia Fairy

Dalia means ‘fate’ or ‘luck’.





Please forgive me my photoshop skills. Ended up printing the image and coloring it by hand, which looks horrible, but one thousand times better than when I color it with paint. I hope my detailed description makes up for the lack of proper lineart <3.

The Dalia fairy represents the cycle of life; all different seasons from spring, to summer, autumn and winter. Through spring she represents new life, through summer she allows equine to thrive, during autumn she learns them to be humble, and through winter she is no stranger of death. She represents the beauty of life, and is kind enough to not let unnecessary suffering happen. Don’t mistake her as weak: The Dalia Fairy can be as harsh as life itself. Mother nature is sometimes plagued with decease, with the ultimate goal to keep the ecosystem balanced. She stands natural in everything.

Her abilities include the speeding and slowing down of the cycle of life: giving and taking away fertility, prolong life or shorten it, and helps equine to found their destined fate.

The Dalia Fairy is a Dryad, who’s appearance changes each season. Her base coat has a warm bay color. Instead of black her points are a deep brown that represent the color of bark. Her eyes are hazel-green, framed with the same dark brown bark color of her points. She has goldenbronze eyeliner, which ends behind her eye in a sparkling spiral. Her horn isn’t made of ivory, but is like a the end of a tree branch, and her wings are made of branches too. Tiny roots swirl up from her hooves to her front knees / hock. They also are to be seen around her shoulders, these are the roots of the trees/branches that are her wings. From her horn the roots spread across the front of her face, all delicate and complimenting her features. She has an Anglo-Arabian like build, a bit on the short and elegant side.

Her branch horn is bare during winter. Slightly touched by frost. Another option is to have the horn be like a pine tree during winter. During the winter season, her wings, too, are either bare or pine tree like, and frost touched. Her coat has a silvery white hue.

Tiny bright green leaves start growing in spring. Her horn represents this, together with soft pink blossom. Her wings are much like this, the branches full of new life and with the most spectacular colored and amazing smelling blossom to brighten her up. Her coat has a bright, light green hue.

During summer the leaves on her horn and wings are on their biggest, and colored a deep green. Her coat has a deep and dark green hue.

To prepare herself for winter, the Dalia Fairy cuts of the water/blood flow towards the branches. Slowly the leaves color into red/orange/yellow colors, showing a most beautiful pattern. During this season she also starts to lose leaves, which occasionally fall down from both her wings and horn. Her hue during this season is like a burnt orange.

Another option for the season changes are;
Spring: flower petal wings
Summer: blades of grass wings
Autumn: leaf feathers wings
Winter: skeletal wings

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - Andromeda - 05-18-2018

The Child Fairy

Essentially my idea is that this fairy represents the innocence in Beqanna. Appearing as a foal this fairy has no discernable gender and is made to almost appear like a diamond. Its coat changes color depending on the way the sun hits it, its wings are just pure white. Its job is primarily to protect the innocent ones. The children, the victims dolling out vicious wrath upon those that dishonor it. I thought this might be appropriate given the plots happening right now. I'm not too good at lineart so I didnt bother to attempt to translate this digitally. But yeah, that's it I guess.

RE: Design a new fairy contest! - Vanilla Custard - 05-19-2018

I will be working on the following concepts:

-Time(less) fairy

-Artistic pixie