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Didn't Get to Say Goodbye- [Titus, Despayr] - Venus - 05-21-2018


They were still newborns, legs still wobbly but when they shifted it was easy to travel. Venus was flying low, close to her brother, a small brown sparrow, but she she unexpectedly shifted back to her equine self and thudded to the ground. She was still working on controlling her shifting, it came and went. She laughs as she stands up, shaking the dirt from her champagne pelt, Come on Titus!

She laughs as she bolts off, they were close to the border of Nerine, dangerously close. Mother and father had warned them to stay in the heart of Nerine, but they were so young, they truly did not understand. There parents warning did not even cross her mind as she carried on, she slid to a halt just at the border of Nerine Titus! Titus were are you?! She calls out looking for her lighter colored brother. 

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RE: Didn't Get to Say Goodbye- [Titus, Despayr] - Titus - 05-21-2018

Barely new to the world, they were already making their mark quickly.

Titus and Venus were inseparable—at least Titus made sure they could not be. He loved being around his younger twin, and he made damn sure she knew he was the oldest out of them. They were quick to find their wings, their shifting, and explore the land of Nerine.

Mother and father seemed to be pleased with their adventure, and letting them wonder in Nerine (although some places they were surely not meant to go), but they went anyway! How could they know the world held dangers? Simply innocent and not stained with the darkness that laid outside of Nerine was all they knew.

The spotted winged-boy stumbles after his sister, although his landing is a little less comical than his bird-like twin. Titus laughs when she cleans the dirt from herself as he lands. “I’m never that far behind!” He says, but can’t helping but laugh at the mess she has made of herself.

But she is gone in the blink of an eye, bolting towards the border of Nerine. Titus as well does not think of the warning from their parents. It easily slips his mind when he is with his twin, enjoying themselves in their adventures was more consuming then thinking of their parents and their rules.

He bolts after her, not caring how close they have made it to the border. “I’m right here!” Titus pipes up at her as he comes to a halt behind her. The spotted champagne boy pokes his little nose at her, “Tag, your it!” He says running a couple paces away from her. His tail swishes with excitement as his nutmeg eyes light up with mischief.
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RE: Didn't Get to Say Goodbye- [Titus, Despayr] - Despayr - 05-30-2018

With the first signs of labor pains coming and going, I begin my trek to anywhere but Loess.  I had to make sure my child was fit for a king before presenting it.  If it was even slightly defective I would leave it to its fate.  

Only the strong survive...

When the child arrives I inspect it carefully.  All in all it is a lovely child with fetching coloring.  I am pleased but as it turns to look up, I see a foggy tint to its eyes.  It is neither of the earth or water.  I test my theory and move behind it, but it does not see.  My heart sinks as I know my failure and now have to conjure up a plan B...


It wasn't far before I was trailing along Nerines border.  I know this place like I know most of the others by my wanderings.  I observe the inner lands of the kingdom as I pass by.  My thoughts turning as to what I do now.  I could just disappear into the ocean again.  Only to surface when I see fit to explore more.  That is when a sound of tiny hooves catches my attention and I stop to view the happenings.  Two foals, nearly new are frolicking about.  I look about, expecting to see parents nearby but none surface.  Lingering a bit longer and the longer I pause the faster my ideas come...

Crossing the border is easy and I do it with little effort.  A soft nicker flows from my sea foam lips to greet the children.  They are busy in their games but surely they would stop to say hello... 
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@[Venus] @[Titus] Nicole, she is abandoning (Mary) at the river just fyi

RE: Didn't Get to Say Goodbye- [Titus, Despayr] - Venus - 05-31-2018


They were playing, I'm right here Titus calls out. He touches her shoulder tag your it! he yells out and runs a few paces away, a smile curled at her lips and she lunges after him. I'm gunna get you! she laughs as she runs after him attempting to catch up.

There was a tree, Titus went one way and Venus thought if she went the other way she would be able to catch up to him faster. A nicker rings passed her ears and she thought perhaps it was a nerine equine, although this is not what happened, instead of Titus she ran into an adult equine, one she had never met before. She slid to a halt just before the sabino mare, she gazed at her for a moment before anxiety ran through her body. She doesn't have Nerines scent...... she thinks to herself, in that moment her parents words echo in her mind stay in the heart of Nerine.

T...Titus! She calls out to him, desperately hoping he would come over to her. W...who are you? Venus gazes at the sabino, she steps back a few paces carefully.....slowly. You shouldn't be here... She warns, but she was just a mere foal. She frantically looks for Titus, but what could he do?

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RE: Didn't Get to Say Goodbye- [Titus, Despayr] - Titus - 06-03-2018

Titus tries with all his might to run as fast as he could. He did not want to be the sore loser this time by losing at their game of chase like he had been last time. Venus was smart and easily knew his movements like no other foals did in Nerine that he had played with before. Sometimes he thinks Venus has some sort of secret power she does not let him know about—he is definitely convinced she has mind reading or some other psychic power.

The young winged boy rounds the tree that he decided to go. He heard from behind him that Venus had gone the other way, which he prepared himself to be tagged just around the tree bend. However, he had been wrong. Venus was not there!

“Venus?” He calls out. Titus knew she wouldn’t suddenly disappear like that. “Come out! We aren’t playing hide and seek!” It would be something his twin sister would do in order to make him mad. He hadn’t even won this game yet! Stupid he thinks for a moment.

He then hears the soft call of someone—who could it be?

T..Titus! He hears Venus call out to him. The young boy quickly runs towards where he hears her cry out for him. “Oh no,” he thinks to himself this time wondering what she might have gotten into. It always felt like he was the one trying to get them out of the trouble they found themselves in. Then again, Titus always found himself trying to break the rules too but he would never say that otherwise.

“I’m coming!” He shouts back to her.

Titus turns around another tree, and a couple paces forward he sees his sister and another mare. Her scent reeks of another place. It is taunting, but also makes him want to run away. Titus doesn’t though, he couldn’t. He would do everything in his power to protect his sister.

The boy quickly comes to a stop between the older horse and his sister. He pushes his sister a bit back even if he has to. “Get away from her!” He yells at the mare.
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RE: Didn't Get to Say Goodbye- [Titus, Despayr] - Despayr - 06-12-2018

Children have always amused me in their naive innocence.  Not amused in a good way.  I found them annoying and though I had loved my children, I did not like them.  They were simply a venue to my own survival and nothing more.  I haven't seen my own children in decades and if they had perished than they had not been smart enough to survive...

Trying my best fake happiness, I smile as the girl sees me first.  Quickly it turns into panic and even more quickly I become annoyed.  The childs' immaturity is noted by the lack of her respect for elders.  Earth and water eyes look down upon the girl.  Hearing her call for her brother, my body strides forward in a loping motion.  Swiftly coming within reach, my neck extends to bring my jaws to the base of he fillies neck.  Blunt teeth gripping the girl as the colt enters and attempts to push me away.  If my mouth hadn't been full, I would have laughed in his weak attempts...

With a slight jerk, I toss the filly to the ground below me.  Carefully positioning myself above her so as she cannot rise and take off.  "Stop moving you little brats!" I snap at the filly, "You are coming with me!" My demand is met with a hardened glance at the boy, "Both of you... Or she dies!" The threat fills the air around them and I allow the filly enough room to stand before my muzzle is placed on her hip.  I motion us forwards towards Loess.  My shame in barring a blind child would not be allowed, so anothers offspring would have to suffice...

This time...  
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@[Venus] @[Titus] Moving this to Loess now and meet up with Arthas.