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I’m bad news in the best way [XENOS] - Beetlejuice - 06-08-2018

They are all here for a reason. The group had mutually agreed to go to Taiga after discussing their “plans.” Each step Zain took, another tree died, quickly shedding its vibrant green leaves and shriveling into nothingness. Beetlejuice stared in awe, wondering what it must be like to hold the power of decay in your hands. 

Little does he know, his gift will make this possible for him too. 

The towering redwoods of Taiga come into view, and Beetlejuice takes this opportunity to start building. A beginning to their fort, if you will. With a slight twitch of his head, the tall tree snaps. The resounding crack makes the once silent forest tremble noisily. 

He continues this endeavor, breaking trees and gathering leaves, piling them up until there was a thick barrier between the forest and the world behind them. He uses strands of thorns to wrap along the base of their fort, a warning for any who try to come in contact. Beetlejuice leaves a small sweet spot open, and looks to his group with a mischievous grin. 

“The password is RedRum…” He tells them. “No one comes in unless they say our password, okay?” As soon as everyone nods, the smaller horse wriggles his way through the hole, looking to Zain to finish their “decorating.”


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RE: I’m bad news in the best way [XENOS] - Rajanish - 06-11-2018

With four months of age Raj finds himself pretty adult-like, and his curiosity is a better teacher than even his own mother. However, what Zain and Beetlejuice are capable of, he is not. No power seems to have manifested in him, only the almost weird tendency to creep around and, okay to be honest, he’s quite good at keeping silent, at stalking, at moving unseen.

He has no need to with his new friends. Just like his creeperfriend he likes the ideas the older boy has, of making a second home away from all the adults, and just do what they want, have some fun. The blue-maned colt takes the lead, and Raj shrugs. He know his father is a god, but other than that he has nothing to show for it, and besides, he doesn’t need to be a leader. Too much sunshine for those anyway. He’d rahter just lurk, kill swiftly, and then dissect whatever he’s gotten his hooves on.

Maybe he’s just not the best in a group. But then again, he doesn’t need the group either, just like most horses living in Sylva could easily go their own way and wreak havoc.

All Raj really needs is for some easy prey to walk past his hideout now or then. Perhaps he can claim such a spot in this place of dead pine.


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RE: I’m bad news in the best way [XENOS] - Zain - 06-12-2018

Just after his poison has consumed the great forest backdrop, his mother had worked so tirelessly to resurrect, his red eyes look to those who now crept from the cracks of their world.  Each with their own distinct looks and untapped potentials, he is most certain.  His very own magic having only surfaced and his young friends growing stronger with each day.  It causes his lips to curl and eyes to ignite with the potential for greater things to come...

At the time they had been crossing through the meadow and into woodlands, he had not realized how deep within "The Forest" they had actually traveled.  Soon they had set up shop very near a flowing water source under the now dried needle canopy of giant redwoods.  Names were technicalities and he cared not for them.  His eyes flicker to BJ, who has begun to transform the location into a hide out.  They would conduct their meetings here.  Tell their tales and share their spoils with all who considered themselves an Outsider.  

When the barrier is erect and BJ turns to the followers, he also turns to view them again.  Curious creatures they were and he was to find out more about each of them.  Their talents and dislikes, passions and ambitions.  BJ announces their password and the mottled bay simply nods in approval.  No adults were to tell them how to behave any longer.  They would do as they pleased without consideration for others feelings or for a political agenda.  They would just live, just be...

Again he turns and slips under the protection of their creation.  Deadened trees lean across the top to create a web of branches that was impassable from above.  Scarce was the usual song of forest birds, with only the occasional scurry of some unfortunate varmint. A snarl escapes his lips as he eyes the annoyance but soon BJ casts a stone and bashes the creature in the head.  Cackles fill the air and then he turns to those gathered, "Thank you all for joining our cause... We have lots in store for you...and Beqanna.  My name is Zain." A grin tugs at his lips before continuing, "Find your strengths and master your craft here in the safety of our home.  When we are ready we will be displaying our talents for all of the world to see."  A throaty chuckle erupts while his head turns from left to right and settles on one of them gathered.  She had voiced herself before and he wonders who she is.  Cloaked in shadows and wicked temptation, he had dismissed her inquiry before and so now he enlightens them, "This is a revolution!"  Sharply he turns to exit the structure and leave them to their thoughts.  He would secure the area, marking it as theirs.  He is sure to find one of them later prowling about...

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