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Trait question - Neo - 06-12-2018

In looking at the database I'm intruiged to know more about Psychokinesis.  It's description is rather limited and it's been compared to telekinesis as being the larger trait version.  Ability to move animate objects(living organisms) and not just inanimate(rocks, sticks).  In the database though it says user has the ability to create, shape and manipulate matter.  I've been tossing around the idea of a similar sounding trait in my head and I'm wondering if they are one in the same.  Anyone have a more definitive description of Psychokinesis?

Please and Thank You!

RE: Trait question - devin - 06-12-2018

Hey Neo,

Can you elaborate on your idea of a similar trait? That would help us be able to determine if they are the same or a different trait.

RE: Trait question - Neo - 06-12-2018

Well I was looking into Creation type traits.  Which would be creating, shaping and manipulating organic matter.  I know there was some debate about Telekinesis being the smaller trait but that's just moving objects.  So is Psychokinesis moving but also creating matter?  

I guess wikipower description of psychokinesis is basically telekinesis, moving existing objects/matter telepathically.  So I'm just trying to figure out if the trait I was thinking of is same...
  • Organikóskinesis- the ability to create, shape and manipulate organic matter and organisms.  Wikipower definition

RE: Trait question - kahzie - 06-12-2018

The Beqanna trait database description for Psychokinesis is: ‘Ability to create, shape and manipulate matter’. So yes, psychokinesis does include the creation of matter as well as the ability to manipulate and shape it.

Telekinesis is a ‘weaker’ form of psychokinesis in that characters with telekinesis cannot create matter and can only move inanimate objects.

Our trait descriptions do not always match up with the Wikipower names and descriptions, so when in doubt always refer to the database description. In this case, what they call organikosnises is what BQ calls psychokinesis :)

RE: Trait question - Neo - 06-12-2018

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted to know... No point in thinking of a new trait if it already exists Wink