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ReBeL jUsT fOr KiCkS [Any] - Zain - 06-12-2018

Time in the thickened forests of Taiga has been short since they arrived.  Followers of their group converged as they fashioned their nook deep within the redwoods.  Spending their days testing their skills, he had come to find many talents amongst them.  Some of fires and some of shadows.  Others were just by nature gifted as being stealthy.  They would all make a nice crew to wreak havoc on the lands around them.  

Today, he sends himself out into the neighboring lands to rustle up some more blood.  If  not that, then information would due.  He needed to learn the borders, the names within them.  Who had soft spots, leaving them vulnerable to an unsuspecting raid of mischief.  He had no interest in their thrones or even captives.  Those who would serve them best were willing participants.  

Nearing two years old now, he resembles much of his father.  A stocky build with thick locks and light feathering at his hooves.  The ridged outline of white mapping his body was distinctive of his father as well.  His powers though were of his mothers doing.  A trait she had wielded in her younger years but had given up soon after Hyaline raid.  He doesn't realize how much of Beqanna his mother had stroked with her powers, old and new.  He had only a few stories and none detailed greatly what she had all done...

Hoof after hoof indents the soft earth below him.  Blackened ears swivel to capture the slightest of sounds as he passes through the lands.  He has followed the length of rushing waters to find himself in a common land.  One that connects to Taigas' North.  The trees begin to grow weak in coverage and soon he is bare for all to see.  With a slight rise of his head, he slows to a stop.  Fiery eyes scanning the immediate area for someone or something of interest.  Intrigued on what other magic this world has for him to tap into...

ReBeL jUsT fOr KiCkS

RE: ReBeL jUsT fOr KiCkS [Any] - Sibella - 07-23-2018

She'd followed him with as much interest that could possibly manipulate her movements.  The time she'd spent between Sylva and Taiga was increasingly growing tiresome, the time not spent practicing with Mother was spent refining her skills in the confines of towering conifers.  A break was what she had needed, something other than working, time to just be a young girl.  The closest thing to present itself with the promise of a distraction and to catch her interest that day had been the eldest of the boys progression outside the borders of the forgotten forest.  Seemingly he has been following the winding river and so she follows him, not really bothering to keep herself hidden amidst the shadows.  Quite possibly he was already aware of her looming presence, but he does not show it.

When he emerges from the thinning coverage of the trees, she remains along the tree line, stopping just behind him.  Though she remains quiet as he does, her head dips a degree, watching as the large shadow the bay colt  casts upon the ground swells and attempts to break away from its roots of its living counterpart.  The flat darkness shifts to bend in the direction of the stygian girl, drawn to her lingering presence upon the fringes.  She does nothing to control this, it simply happens, having found it takes entirely more effort to keep the shadows from following their natural magnetic course.  Of course, she could have stopped it, willed it to stay put, but it just so happened to be the perfect way to fully announce herself, without having to say anything at all.


RE: ReBeL jUsT fOr KiCkS [Any] - Zain - 07-27-2018

His journey to this place is not entirely long, nor is it short.  The determination to satisfy his purpose, may fuel his energy and keep him from tiring, but it does not blind him to the movements within his forests.  Even shadows can't hide their lengthy draw as the sun dips from the sky, so living shadows cannot escape notice either.  He only watches precariously from the corner of his view as someone, something, follows him.  He takes their lack of advancement as nonthreatening and allows their trailing in his wake with no more than a snicker.

As he breaches the border of woodland and prairie, he stops to draw in the sights around him.  He finds scarce resources here and his thoughts reel back to the shadows of the forest he just left.  A shift of his shoulder and slight turn of his eye presents to him the figure that has been lingering.  A lengthy blackness follows and tempts him to turn more to view such a spectacle.  This tugs a devilish smirk across his maw, and he speaks into the darkness, "I was wondering when you would seek me out privately."  The bulk of his body begins to turn him to face where the stranger hailed.  "Won't you come out into the light and tell me your name?"  He is interested in what they have to offer.  What makes them tick...   

ReBeL jUsT fOr KiCkS


RE: ReBeL jUsT fOr KiCkS [Any] - Sibella - 08-02-2018

The yellowed haze of her eyes guages his reaction to the sudden increasing length of the shadows, studying his movements carefully with guarded interest.  Interestingly, the girl is gratified by his apparent lack of surprise and quick notice that he had lurking company;  she'd have been severely disappointed if the Xenos pioneer was deficient in the awareness of his surroundings.  He'd been expecting her to approach him eventually it seemed, and the corners of her mouth dip into a slight frown, slightly perturbed at her obvious predictability.  Immediately she recognizes the bitterness of distaste upon her tongue, noting that she did not like the way being predictable made her feel.  Perhaps deterring uniformity of her actions would be the subject of another lesson in her near future.

He has turned to fully face her, the untamed shadows having easily given away her position along the edge of the treeline.  The quiet that falls behind his question lengthens gradually, allowing the stygian girl to completely ponder his request thoughtfully.  Part of her is already becoming bored with the interaction, part of her wants to oblige his request and answer his question appropriately like a normal yearling girl should.  Ultimately, she settles for a middleground, deciding to exhibit a fraction of her capabilities to ward off the rising dullness within her.  

She remains firmly planted where she'd remained all along, "Won't you join me in darkness, so you'll remember my name?"  She leaves not time for him to respond before beginning to work upon the shadows surrounding them, feeding and fostering them until they grew to a single mass large enough to envelope them both into a darkness that should not be able to exist at this time of day.  The faux-nighttime shade is not large at this point in her young life, and it remains filtered with light enough for them to both make each other out.  Only when she is fully satisfied that they are both consumed by the weight of the shadows does she step closer to him, the severity of her yellow eyes contrasting with the darkness.  "Sibella," she divulges quietly into the encompassing stillness, "Who are you?"

@[Zain] Basically she casts them and the small area around them into darkness XD