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It's 5'o'clock somewhere // Klaudius - Sabra - 06-12-2018

It was incredible how quickly life changed. One day you were editor of a powerful fashion magazine, the next you were waiting tables at Red Robin, trying to make enough money to cover rent and still afford food. Que sera. 

It had been another day of too few tips and too many screaming kids, and she was over it. Dinner would be drunk tonight, a luxury she probably couldn't afford but didn't care at the moment. The bar she'd chosen was quiet and laid back and somewhat greasy. It was the complete opposite kind of place she would have chosen a year ago. But tonight it was exactly what she needed. Sipping on something sweet, fruity, and with enough booze that it could double as paint thinner, Sabrina scanned the job ads on Craigslist, hoping something better than waitressing would turn up. 

The room was warm enough to dampen her skin, prompting her to tug the black t-shirt up and over her head. Balled up and shoved in her purse, the overstretched woman glanced that the tv,  contemplating the little men running around the screen, chasing after a tiny pixelated ball. Feeling a bit cooler in just the blue satin cami that had been under the shirt, she took another sip of her drink. 

It was starting to work it's magic. With every swallow, her anxiety lessened, leaving behind a fuzzy, tingly feeling that could be mistaken for contentment if she didn't look too closely. It had been a long time since she had been this low. She'd lost her job, her son had been sent to live with his father because she could barely support herself anymore, let alone a teenager. She'd had a taste of love again and then he'd vanished as soon as she'd let him in. Fuck... she had to stop thinking about that. She was not going to start crying in the middle of a bar over a man. Who the hell did that? Running a hand through caramel hair that she'd chopped short a few weeks ago, the rest of her drink soon vanished as well. Signaling to the bar tender for another, her sea blue eyes scanned the few occupants of pub, considering what to do with the rest of her evening. So far none of them screamed "one night stand material", but you never knew. 

Traitorously, thoughts turned to her ex. It had been years since they'd been face to face, and they didn't really communicate anymore beyond negotiating weekends with their son. They'd been young when they'd met. Young and a bit dumb. And his family... well, she'd been happy to get out when she had. Still, there was always going to be that question of "what if"... The second drink arrived, accompanied by a friendly smile from the not-bad-looking bar tender. She returned the smile, and nibbled the slice of pineapple that had been wedged to the rim of the glass like an afterthought. Closing her eyes for a moment, she took another drink. Another glass, maybe two, and for a few hours, none of this would matter anymore. 


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RE: It's 5'o'clock somewhere // Klaudius - Klaudius - 06-15-2018

Days filled quickly with photo shoots, meet and greets of sponsors, corporate jargon flowing over fine wines.  The hustle and bustle never slowed on his rise to fashion stardom.  It wasn't as grand as pop singers or reality stars but seeing your body on the cover of Men's Fashion and Esquire was pretty amazing(if I do say so myself).  Little time was spent on much else beside building a hefty profile and friends-in-high-places list.  He took to it easily, hardly noticing how it was affecting his relationship with his son.  It was also probably why every relationship he had, had been an epic failure.  From the very first to the last, his work had always taken priority.

Tonight is no different as he entertains guests of his newest contract, sipping expansive whiskey over award winning catering.  Making small talk about life like each other really cared what the other said.  Brushing off conversations with boughts of laughter as we part ways.  Onto the next person and then the next.  His silver eyes shift around the room to find the next on his list so he can get this over with and onto something less stuffy.  Adjusting the collar of his dark suit and loosening his lavender tie to breathe easier, his lips curl to reveal a flawless smile.  

Spotting one of the photographers, he makes his way over.  Extending his hand, as he comes into arms reach, and firmly gripping the young man in a greeting.  Introducing himself easily with a jest and smile.  Their chat begins to drown out as he thinks of the evening he had met Sabrina.  In much the same way as tonight, he had greeted her.  Charming her with his humor and good looks, he had remembered that conversation easily.  They had talked of where they had grown up, how they had come to be in fashion, their ambitions, goals.  It had all led to their next meeting and then their short-lived relationship.  Which resulted in their, now, teenage son.  At the memories his finger begins to tap on the rim of his glass, bringing him out of his haze.  With another smile he bids the young lad farewell for now, and motions towards the door...

ring tone: Thunder - Imagine Dragons

He had just stepped outside when his phone begins to vibrate and then sound.  His hands fumble to release the buttons from his jacket to reach the smartphone in his pocket.  Turning it over to reveal his nephews name.  With a puzzled expression he swipes to answer the call-

"Hey Zain, whats up bud?"

Hey Uncle K! Ya so look... I'm bar-tending down town right?  So, there is this chick here and well... I think its Sabrina.  I mean, I am sure it's her.  

"Ok... So why you calling me bud? We aren't together anymore.."

Right. Right. She's been drinking a few and... well... 

"Where you at?"


"Oh boy... OK. I'm not far. I'll be there in a few. Talk to ya in a bit."

Sounds good Uncle K. Bye

Ending the call with another swipe, he tucks the phone back into his jacket pockets.  Questions materialize on why she was at such a low class bar to begin with, but he doesn't know the details of her life anymore.  Fumbling for his car keys in his pants pockets, he retrieves them and presses the auto start.  Finding the sudden flashing lights and making his way towards it, droplets of rain begin to cascade from the skies.  Opening the drivers side door and hopping in, he puts it in drive.  He wasn't far from the bar his nephew was working at but he wasn't about to leave his luxury sedan so far away...

Arriving outside the establishment, he parks along the sidewalk.  His eyes searching through the trails of water down his window and into the bar.  Not making out enough details to identify anyone, he turns the engine off and exits the car.  Locking it with a click of his remote behind him, beep beep.  The rain was still falling so he shuffles quickly to not soil his new suit.  A couple liquored patriots stumble out the door and he catches the handle, allowing them to pass before he enters...

Compulsively he removes his stuffy jacket and folds it over an empty chair on the end of the bar.  His hand rises to Zain and he takes his seat.  They quickly greet each other with a friendly half-hug, "Good to see ya kid. What you been up to?" It was the usual response, work, girls, etc.   Then Zain motions over his shoulder to a seating area on the farthest side of the bar with a backwards jolt of his head.  There, a woman sat lost in her musings, finishing the drink at her finger tips.  It was fruity he knew.  Those were her go to.  He smiles as he watches her look about casually.  Looking for a late night fling maybe, but had she really stooped that low?

Deciding to grab his ordered drink and noting that hers is low, he tells the bartender to fix another of whatever she was drinking and send it over.  Making his way through the back of the crowd(hopefully undetected). Waiting for the bar keep to place the drink in front of her, and gesture to the sender.  He stands with his jacket draped over his left arm, allowing her to turn to see him before motioning to the empty seat beside her... "May I...?"  

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RE: It's 5'o'clock somewhere // Klaudius - Sabra - 06-16-2018

A familiar voice filtered through her boozy thoughts, and for a split second, it was her superstitious mother's. Something about being careful what you wished for. That had to be it, because there was no way on earth that he could be here. Not tonight. Naturally, the universe sought to disprove her theory by matching the voice coming from ther other end of the bar with the very man she'd been thinking about minutes before. So that was how tonight was going to go, huh? 

With a long draw on her straw, her eyes flicked up to the mirror hanging behind the bar. Aiming for subtlety she scanned the reflected room for confirmation of what she already knew. Quick enough she spotted him, chatting easily with the man behind the bar. Hell... Sabrina returned her attention to the beverage before her, knowing she was probably both too drunk and not drunk enough for what was about to happen next. Really, what was he doing here? This joint was nothing like the places she knew he frequented. This was not a champagne and caviar kind of place, there were no nubile models filling the seats, or paparazzi waiting in the wings for their next big scandal. There was a flock of college kids and a couple tired-looking blue collar couples. And her. 

He stood out like a dove in a nest of crows, as beautiful as ever. Not that she could be surprised at that. Short of living in a convent, it was impossible to avoid his image on magazines and on tv. A rich, handsome bachelor? He was what gossip columns survived on. She had been too, once. Certainly, their whirl wind romance had filled celebrity gossip sections while it lasted, speculation over every sordid detail and dramatic outing plastered for the world to see. And when they had spilt amidst rumors of her impending pregnancy, well... it had been quite the explosive story. It was the price of notoriety. One aspect of her old life that wasn't missed in the slightest. He seemed to thrive on it, though. 

With a quickly smothered curse, she started when a drink she had yet to order was placed before her. That couldn't be a good sign. It did, however, make the next event a bit more predictable. Moving like a panther through the jungle, he made his way across the bar towards her. Their eyes met for an instant in the glass behind the the bottles of alcohol before she slowly spun her stool to face him. There was that damned feeling she got whenever he was near, not dimmed by the time apart; Half way between throbbing sexual need and the almost irrepressible desire to take his perfect neck and snap it violently. He'd had that effect since day one. 

Maybe the rum was to blame, but when he gestured to the seat beside her, she nodded in consent. It had been a long time since they'd been this close to each other without a lawyer present. It had been a long time, period. "I guess mom was right about something after all..." she mumbled to herself, running a hand through her hair again. It was decently tousled at this point, which she was past noticing. Louder, she directed the next comment at the well dressed man sitting beside her. "Okay, I'll bite. This isn't your usual scene, K. What brings you here?" Concern for her didn't seem like the most likely candidate, more likely he'd had some sort of business meeting in the area. Or visiting his bar keeper friend... something other than the apparent. Because if this was what it looked like, there was going to be trouble. 


RE: It's 5'o'clock somewhere // Klaudius - Klaudius - 06-20-2018

Before seating himself he had taken notice of her attire.  Finding it delightful to look at, the way the light shimmered off the silky threads.  When she accepts his offer of company, his hand moves to set his drink down and then to pull the stool from the bar a bit before taking a seat.  His elbows rest casually on the counter as he looks to the bartender and nods gratefully.  Then his attention turns to his ex as she has already mumbled under her breath.  Kind words, he is sure.  A light chuckle leaves him as he listens to her inquiry of his sudden appearance here.  He shrugs, as he lifts his drink to take a sip before answering.  His eyes again straying the the collection of top shelf liquors, "I got bored." He states simply.  A charming grin curls the corners of his lips as he looks back to her. "And you?  Why are you here?" He asks in genuine wonder.  Speculations fill his mind and he is intrigued at what her answer will be...

Behind them the customers chatter and snicker, but he all but ignores them.  Possibly they recognize who they are but he doubts anyone in this establishment would, nor care.  So his full interest lies in the woman he knows and does not know.  His eyes scan the subtle creases of her face and the multi-toned gold of her shortened hair.  He remembers it as always being a bright platinum but this look suits her as well.  He wishes things had gone better for them.  That fame and fortune had not ripped them apart.  That scandals and company politics had not ruined them.  They had had fun, he remembers.  Their relationship hadn't always been wining and dining at fancy 5-star restaurants, and slightly he yearned for that again.  Curling up on the couch at home and watching an uninteresting movie, just to be delightfully distracted by each other(they could still say they tried to watch it).  Taking random trips to any dot on the map just to get away from the hustle and bustle of their professional lives.  The memories cause him to smile and if she were to ask him why he was smiling, he would tell her the honest truth...

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RE: It's 5'o'clock somewhere // Klaudius - Sabra - 06-20-2018

He got bored. Ah yes, she was familiar with him and his boredom. For a long time, it was what she had blamed for them falling apart in the first place. Boredom, wandering eyes, commitment issues. It was only recently she'd come to accept that a lot of those issues had been hers just as much as his. She was barely twenty when they had first met, graduating from her brief modelling stint into the business side of fashion. She hadn't been ready for the kind of relationship they'd thrown themselves into, let alone a baby. 

He was still the most charming bastard she'd ever known. Handsome, suave, generous. And he'd picked her from the crowd. The relationship that had followed had burned brightly, the fights had been just as intense and passionate as the lovemaking. Fuck... it was impossible to not think of that, with him sitting mere inches away. If there was a man on this earth who knew his way around a bedroom, it was Klaus.  With the way he was looking at her now, the still-familiar scent of his cologne... A delicious chill wrapped around her spine at the memory. Silver and blue eyes met over drinks as she thought about how to answer. Silence stretched between them as a flood of old, repressed emotions suddenly fought for center stage. Music played tinnily over the radio, something vaguely between pop and country. It was horrible, but it gave her an idea. "Me? I'm here to-" CRACK!! 

There was a scattering of shocked voices as the lights of the bar got very bright and then very dark.  
Oh my god, what just happened?! 
I dunno, maybe lighting got a transformer? 
Oh my god, you think!?
The college kids closest had shrieked at the event and were now discussing it in half sober tones in the near total blackness. Sabrina laughed nervously, moving to release her grip on K's hand. She had grabbed it in fright when the lights had vanished, though with how hot her face felt, she was thankful for the dark. He did not need to see her blushing like a teenager at the brief contact. "I came here to relax, which is probably not going to happen if that really was a transformer." She hesitated for a moment before choosing her next words. It was still pouring outside, but... something felt different tonight. She wasn't ready to say goodbye. "The power is probably out at my place too, and I've only got beer there, but... you wanna get out of here?"  It was impossible to read his shadowy expression. Heart thudding in her chest, she realized just how much she wanted to kiss him again. Maybe for tonight, the past could stay where it was and they could start again. 


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