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Blood is Thicker Than Water //Ketzia/Any\\ - Kromium~Karat - 06-24-2018

Kromium ~ Karat
Blood is Thicker than Water

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall.  More often than anyone truly realizes except those who have been left stranded by the need for power.  The first time they had been too young to realize exactly what had happened and why they had to leave their island home.  By now though, they are familiar with the why of that day.  Things had changed and they were disposable remnants of an old ideal that was no more.  So as their parents had demanded, they made a long journey.  Funny how history repeats.

Once again their father instructs them they must leave their home.  Again things are changing and they are not safe within the territory any longer.  This time their leave is precautionary and for the purpose in securing them a home without the rise and fall of political strong holds.  When Krom is informed that he himself would be entrusted to protect those living within the new idea of a true sanctuary, it is unsurprising.  He has always been true to himself in protecting his family(or at least try). Protecting those who seek asylum from the tyrants of kingdoms would be more than an honor for him. For now though, he is satisfied with securing a safe haven for his wards now.  His twin follows closely on his right and a new half-sibling he has come to know, follows on his left.  Their journey is long by foot and when they show signs of tire, he seeks out necessities.  Food was becoming scarce as they traveled.  These lands were different than the tropical islands they have known.  A strong hold was slowly consuming these lands and soon they would now the trials of winter.

They rest before heading into the giant redwood forest.  Karat finds a place to lay and invites Ketzia to curl into her for warmth.  It was chilly here at night.  The temporal regions of Tephra had kept a winters coat from forming upon them.  Her lavender muzzle draws the child in closer, tucking the filly into her chest.  Krom is indifferent to the regions weather.  His body had transformed years ago, leaving him without the sensory feelings that others were burdened with.  Perhaps that's why his empathy was so much stronger than most.  

Standing very near to where his sisters have come to rest, he watches the happening beneath the forest canopy from the brush-line.  It was quiet here.  Maybe too quiet.  They would rest on the border for the evening and then continue into the land in the morning...

@[Ketzia] @[Mura]- if you find muse Smile

RE: Blood is Thicker Than Water //Ketzia/Any\\ - Ketzia - 06-29-2018

And if the stars aligned, would it be you and I?
Everything was different. Mama was gone, papa was gone - Kove was gone too. For the first time in her life, the lavender freckled filly was uncertain of what would become of her. Without her twin by her side the world took on a new form. Harsh and unfamiliar and too cold. Left to the care of her newly discovered older siblings, Kromium and Karat, Ketzia did her best to stick close to their sides. Fear gripped her as everything she had known slowly faded into oblivion behind her.

Numb to the changing of the scenery, she trailed behind her elder siblings, confusion and fear tumbling around inside of her. Of course, she could have followed her mother and Kove across the sea to the island oasis, but that thought had paralyzed her. The big water had not welcomed her warmly upon their first meeting and it appeared to her that they had not been compatible forces. She could not return willingly into its cruel embrace - saying farewell had been easier. Land was safer. Land was solid.

Exhaustion was heavy upon her as their little caravan of purple and green came to a sudden halt. Stumbling slightly forward she teetered unsteadily upon her too tall legs. The day was yawning and Ketzia was eager to rest. Her lavender and grey sister wasted no time in claiming a spot within the shade of a large tree. Eerily quiet, no one cared to speak and, as Karat's eyes beckoned the young filly to join her, Ketzia was quick to comply. Nearly falling to her knees she nestled into her sister's warmth, shivering against the frozen wind that surrounded them. Throigh heavy lids, Ketzia watched as her older brother stood nearby, his eyes trained to the shadows in search of the first sign of danger.

Through heavy yawns she managed to ask, "Are we almost there?"

Or would you bid me a celestial goodbye?


RE: Blood is Thicker Than Water //Ketzia/Any\\ - Kromium~Karat - 07-02-2018

Kromium ~ Karat
Blood is Thicker than Water

It had been a traumatic event that had taken place just before they had departed Tephra.  The young twins had caused quite a ruckus but thankfully they were safe.  Ketzia though had refused to cross the waters to get to Ischia and so she had come with them.  They had enjoyed the island paradise that was their birth home but they were unwelcomed sights there now.  Cast into the bitter cold of the mainland and solidarity, they had made the journey to Tephra and now again they are outcasts.  Left to roam the bitter cold in search of someplace to call home.  Their father had instructed them to go to Taiga, the abandoned kingdom, until further notice.  So they did as they were told...

It had been nearly a day of travel when they finally reach the great forests.  Unblessed with flight as their mother and father had been, walking was always slower and more effort.  They had grown accustom to it and unlike their brother Kwartz, they were not holding anyone back.  Ketzia traveled by hoof as well and even slower than her grown siblings.  They set their pace to match her though, knowing the stresses of abandonment weighed heavily on the filly.  They were no stranger to that feeling as well and so they empathized for her.  Krom, on occasion, brushed his slick muzzle over her as they made quick stops here and there to refresh themselves.  Eventually they find themselves at the watery borders separating forests and settle in for the chilly evening...

Karat curls the child in closer, offering warmth and a soft place for Ketzia to rest her head until morning.  The filly yawns and speaks of their location.  Karat smiles in response and assures her sister they are here, "We are." Nudging the spotted girl softly she adds, "Now get some rest Ketzia.  Tomorrow we will find ourselves a home here."  The lavender trimmed mare curls her neck to rest over the child and ignites armor across her back to offer them warmth for the evening...

Krom watches from his stance nearby.  Emerald eyes scanning the dark forests for any signs of impending danger.  A flick of his tail is all the more movement he makes when his twin lights the flames along her back.  They are dim and nonthreatening, so he settles into the glowing flicker of light.  A howl echoes in the distances...

Watching. Waiting. 


The night passes without a hitch and morning comes as it always does.  Today the skies are not clear and threaten a flurry.  His gaze scans the clouds overhead and calls to his sisters, "We best get moving.  Storms are coming." Is all he says before he is turning to lead them towards the shelter of the woods.  Karat rises first and extinguishes the flames she had held all night.  Their purpose served and need no more.  "Good morning Ketzia," she whispers as she nudges the filly to stand.  Ready to start the days endeavors, she turns to follow Krom to the channels edge that separates the Forest and the Taiga.  Krom waits for his sisters and looks across to their destination. "We will have to cross here," his deep voices riddled with concern for the youngest of the trio...

He is first to test the waters.  Finding it chilly but not more than hock deep.  Easily, he crosses and once on the other side he turns back to look at the girls. "It isn't too deep," he shouts to them.  It wasn't too vast of an expanse either.  Karat looks down to Ketzia and smiles nervously, "Ready?" She questions the bay girl...

@[Ketzia]  forgot they have to cross water in order to get to Taiga lol this should be interesting XD I imagine they are right by the T of The Forest on the map

RE: Blood is Thicker Than Water //Ketzia/Any\\ - Ketzia - 07-09-2018

And if the stars aligned, would it be you and I?
Dawn came too quickly, and sleep clung to Ketzia as Karat’s gentle arousal seeped into the restlessness of her dreams. Blinking groggily her eyes strained against the filtered sunlight of dawn. The ground beneath where she lay felt frozen despite Karat’s attempt to warm them. Frosted grass and pine needles littered the forest floor, it’s melted liquid clinging to the soft down of her baby fur. She knew the routine well, Krom rarely liked to remain in one place for too long during their trek deeper into Taiga. Stumbling upright her joints groaned in protest, feeling stiff and unfamiliar beneath the strain of her wobbling weight.
Already she could sense her older brother’s restlessness as they prepared themselves for another day of travel. There never was much conversation between them during the early hours. Satisfied that they were both alert he started off, karat following him loyally and without question. Her heart tumbled in her chest as she grieved the loss of her simple life back in Tephra. She missed her mother and sister and father. Memories of summer sun and lazy afternoons warmed her only to remind her that such things were lost forever. Dragging her feet through the slush and mud, Ketzia slowly brought up the rear her nose looming just above the ground.
 Weaving deeper into the burnt bruised forest, the soft gurgle of water gently invaded her hearing. Jolting her head upright her ears pinned themselves forward, her heart slowly intensifying its pounding within the cavity of her chest. She could smell it, the briny taste of water nearly choking her with the force of her newly acquired memories. Moving more jerkily than she had been previously she pressed forward, hoping that the sound of the lapping current was nothing but her own mind playing tricks. As they broke through the thin line of evergreen trees her heart nearly stopped at the sight that flooded her vision. Feverishly she glanced to both sides of her praying that there were other options than the inevitable one presented. Kromium did not hesitate as he chose the gentlest crossing, stepping confidently forward he crossed without so much as a stumble. Nausea rose up from the depths of her empty stomach, the idea of having to follow in his steps frightening her to her core.
Karat’s encouragement set Ketzia to jumping nearly out of her skin. They wanted her to cross next, she realized with deepening hesitation. She sensed their empathy as she trembled uncontrollably, her eyes watching the white capped current. Exhaling slowly, she pushed all thoughts of drowning from her mind she stepped away from the comfort of the bank. Eyes glued to Krom she concentrated on the progression of her steps, the slippery footing rising concern from within her. If her siblings had been talking to her, she would not have known as the sound of the water sparked the memory of it’s cruel fingers as they reached down her nose and threatened to choke her. Suddenly, she froze, her legs no longer listening to her logical reasonings. Stuck within the deepest point of the river, her panic took over. Jerking backwards her steps became labored and clumsy, her hoof scraping fruitlessly upon the murky bottom. Plunging into the unforgiving grasp of the river she thrashed wildly, her body bobbing and sputtering as the current carried her downstream away from her siblings…

Or would you bid me a celestial goodbye?

@[Kromium~Karat] Thought this would be a good time for Krom to become her knight in shining armor as well...and start the whole crushing ark. xD

RE: Blood is Thicker Than Water //Ketzia/Any\\ - Kromium~Karat - 07-19-2018

Kromium ~ Karat
Blood is Thicker than Water

They watch with tensed muscles and jerky movements, but they try to keep their voices calm.  Knowing what the young filly had just been through, they were unsure how she would react to facing her fear so soon.

It isn't long before the fear grips Ketzia, sending her into a downward spiral.  They see it first in her eyes and then her movements.  When all forward movement stops karat reaches out to nudge her younger half sister encouragingly but that only causes the purple freckled girl to panic.  Karat watches wide eyed as Ketzia sinks into the waters.  Shouting for Krom to help but he is already moving.  

His metallic and emerald body lunges into a gallop along the banks to position himself in front of the icy waters that carry his sibling away from them.  "Ketzia!" He shouts, "Keep your head above water... I'm coming..." The thundering of his iron hooves along the shores is muted by his deep voice as he tries to comfort the girl.  He pushes onward with determination.  Focusing on the form of Ketzia within the slight current, he leaps into the channel.  The cool waters part around his solid frame with ease and he reaches the path in which the filly was forced to travel.  "I've got you!"  He assures her.  Calling to the metals of the earth, he fashions a linked chain around the fillies small body that seems to be one with his shoulder.  It pulls taunt as he begins to pull her towards shore and to safety...  

Karat is already across the river and headed down the bank when she sees Krom pulling their sister to safety.  Relief immediately overcomes her and she slows just slightly.  Coming to a halt beside them as they reach land, she reaches her muzzle to nudge Ketzia, "Are you ok?!  Are you hurt?"  She has genuine concern for the girls welfare and is happy to see she is not harmed physically... Mentally not so much.

@[Ketzia] Sry took so long... let the crushing begin Wink

RE: Blood is Thicker Than Water //Ketzia/Any\\ - Ketzia - 07-23-2018

And if the stars aligned, would it be you and I?

The pull of the river was strong and Ketzia felt it as it tugged upon her mane and tail, weighting her down with every passing second. Flashes of memory invaded her as she recalled her first encounter with water's heartless impact upon her. Kove had been the one to save her then, even small and seemingly frail - without her she would have surely drowned. Now, they were separated by the ocean and Ketzia felt the cruel twist of fate that she was not the one granted with water immunity. For a moment she considered how it would feel to submit to the current to whatever watery bed it desired. Slipping lower beneath the frothy waves droplets of liquid land upon her nose, tickling the soft of her nostrils with every inhale. Just below the reach of her hooves she felt the rise and fall of the riverbed as it carried her deeper and deeper until she treaded to keep her head exposed to the air. Desperately she searched for a foothold in the soft of the mud but was met with a gaping void.

It is the call of her brother's voice that serves as a reminder that she is not as alone as she felt. Kromium was near and she turned herself to fix her slivered lavender eyes upon him. Galloping beside the river he kept pace with her travel, his brow furrowed in concentration as he devised a plan. She knew he would find a way, just as Kove had in her innocence. Treading water she did her best to rocket herself nearer to him, fighting against the buffeting of the current. Amazed by his bravery she watched in awe as he threw himself into the water. They had only met a short time ago and, yet, he would risk himself for her...

Cutting through the water he neared her and used his metallic abilities to form a chain fastened around her waist. Summoning his strength he pulled her towards the shore and she did her best to aid him. Immediately relief settles upon her as her hooves catch a foothold and she heaves herself upright and further onto the shore. Dripping wet she stumbled forward, falling to her knees in exhaustion glad to be returned to the familiarity of the grass.

Lately it felt that all she could do was be rescued - and she felt suddenly ashamed. A hot blush creeped upon her skin and she kept her gaze lowered and away from her siblings. Karat was quick to find them, her worry made known as she questioned her younger sister. She sensed Krom as he lingered nearby she could not bring herself to look upon him. How weak he must think her...

"I - I'm fine," she managed quietly, still avoiding their glances. "Thank you..."

Or would you bid me a celestial goodbye?


RE: Blood is Thicker Than Water //Ketzia/Any\\ - Kromium~Karat - 07-28-2018

Kromium ~ Karat
Blood is Thicker than Water

Karat examines her younger sister for injuries but find only a hurt ego.  The bay girl lowers her voice and eyes from them and her rise to find Krom.  He is standing just to her other side, his control of the iron was fading and the chain disintegrates from the fillies body.  Kroms eyes harden on his lavender sister in response, "She's fine Karat.  Stop crowding her." With a snort, he nudges Ketzia before turning to lead them off into the land of the redwoods...

He drives them deep under the shelter of the trees.  Finding nothing for a shelter in the immediate area, he stops their travels.  His deep voice carries to them, "I'm gonna see about finding a home for us here... Stay put and I'll be back soon." His body turns to the river they had just crossed to set him a course south.  

Karat watches in silence as her twin departs, before turning to Ketzia with a worried smile.  She has only been without her sibling once and it did not go so well.  Trying to remain optimistic, she turns to the lavender freckled girl, "Well... What should we do until he returns?"  Her lavender tassels flick across her silvered pelt as she waits for an idea... 

@[Ketzia] Figured I'd split this to advance timelines.  Maybe they can both run into Kreep?  Krom can come in later...?