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That I may hail thee queen of birds - Roseen, any - Leilan - 08-03-2018

Your beauty is beyond compare -
oh, if I could hear but one song from you
I shall hail thee Queen of Birds...
Tephra stinks, as usual.

Of course, Leilan had been born in the Jungle, strolled through a meadow-like landscape outside of Beqanna, and was now living in Ischia which was basically a salty kind of Jungle, so he was probably biased. He liked a humid heat better than a dry and ashy one, but, he supposed that if there had bene horses living in a Desert way back then, then now there could be some living near a volcano.

He looks at the sooty bay mare. Perhaps she would fit in better than he. It sure seemed like Tephra could use some more residents, so a young mare like Roseen joining might be an opportunity for them. Of course, she still had 4 more kingdoms to visit, before she would decide, so honestly he just wanted to introduce her to someone in here who could tell her more about what they stood for. Other than being loosely allied with his own kingdom, Leilan knee near nothing about the Tephrans other than that the purple family had moved here.

”So, here we are.” Obviously, it is not his preferred choice of lands to live in, evidently by the way he tries to not breathe in too much ash and then tries not to show. Failing, of course.

Looking around the barren landscape, he shrugs a little and whinnies to make their presence known. ”I suppose that I should be climbing this volcano at some point in my life. Let’s see what the rest of the kingdom is about.”
there's something here that doesn't make sense
let's go and poke it with a stick

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RE: That I may hail thee queen of birds - Roseen, any - Roseen - 08-10-2018

I want to swim away but don't know how
Sometimes it feels just like I'm falling in the ocean
A volcano was far from what she had expected from Tephra. It was hard to breath with all the ash, and the heat hurt her throat, as well as her skin. Though she had experienced severe heat before on earlier journeys, none of them held a candle to this place. Or, perhaps she was just wimpy and thought it was hotter than it actually was. That would come as no surprise to her. She was weak with everything else after all. And, the idea of a volcano nearby could certainly be messing with her mind.

With a quick gander Roseen took notice of the lack of green. There didn’t seem to be much food to go around, which was certainly something that caused a lack of interest. A nearby volcano that could possibly erupt, the ridiculous heat, and the lack of food all made Roseen want to turn around to look elsewhere for a place to live. So far there was nothing about this place that was worth calling it home. But she would continue onward to see if there was anything she missed; she would give it a chance at least. Who knows, the horses there might be welcoming and kind. “Such an interesting place,” she muttered beneath her breath, eyes wandering over her surroundings. 

She of course took notice of Leilan as well. He too seemed to be having trouble breathing with all the ash, and his following words made her realize that he probably hasn’t been to Tephra before. Blinking slowly, she put her thoughts into words, “Have you not been here before?” She didn’t mind of course, as long as they didn’t get lost.
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