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Battle mocks/challenges? - Shelbi - 08-06-2018

Hello all,

I'm not sure who is around right now, but I am needing some experience in battle posts again and have Rome (Nerine) and Viserion (Ischia) who need some experience and promotions to gain towards. Tongue

Would anyone be up for a mock battle or even possibly actual challenges for kingdom visits. The visits doesn't have to be long. Could even stir up some drama between enemy kingdoms if anyone is interested.

RE: Battle mocks/challenges? - Sid - 08-06-2018

Kag volunteers?

RE: Battle mocks/challenges? - Leilan - 08-06-2018

I wouldn’t mind a mock between Leilan and Viserion. Mostly because he has so many flirting threads going on it’s good for me to have a change. And... He’s practically already insulting his fatness in Ischia, lol. I am not sure if he would, uhm, go a little further than intended, he has a lot of cropped up emotions so either this will distract him or he will lash out badly. If he so much as names fighting Breckin in the Tournament that would be one extra reason to flip (:

I would probably be a little slow. I have a full (5 days x 8 hrs +1hr drive) workweek this week, and my boyfriend comes back from La Russia on sunday evening, after which a small weekend off is being planned. So I basically have time on Saturday and my evenings. xD But if one post a week is good, that’s fine!

RE: Battle mocks/challenges? - Shelbi - 08-10-2018

@[Leilan] I love this idea! I definitely can work with just one weekly post from you since life obviously comes first Smile Definitely would love to stir up some drama and I know Viserion already wouldn't be pleased with him being called fat (I'll get a reply on that soon as well! Tongue)

@[Sid] Rome and Kagerus would be fun Smile He probably will feel a bit weird since she is a queen xD So likely a mock since their kingdom are allies? Yeah?

RE: Battle mocks/challenges? - Outlawkatt - 08-10-2018

I can offer Ardashir for some mocks. He needs to brush up on his fighting as well.