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wither [ lepis ] - Oriax - 10-11-2018

it'll only hurt for a second is my favorite fucking lie


The grey brute skulks throughout his new home of Sylva, evading curious eyes as best as his impressively dappled form can. He had only recently been introduced here by Mary, an incredibly naive and desperate girl (in his eyes, anyways), but Oriax had made great time in exploring most of Sylva’s offerings. What he had found most curious were the randomly strewn boulders that towered over him - their immovable carcasses sticking out quite painfully. He wondered vaguely what destruction they had caused upon their arrival - or were they here before the expansive forest grew?

Pale, milky moonlight pierced the treetop cover, spilling itself over Oriax in an eerie mask as he stood motionless near a thickly trunked hickory tree. It’s fiery aroma hung heavy in his soft grey nares, but he breathed heartily nonetheless.  For someone who had never learned emotions, his body posture admitted to others that he may be experiencing boredom. Oriax’s dull eyes stared impartially ahead, black rimmed auds pointed forward in the event that an intruder decided to pay him a visit. Though the dappled stag was normally listless, he was always alert.

The male cocked a back hoof, hips swaying closer to the towering tree beside him. “A quiet night…” He breathed, unconsciously swishing his salt and pepper tresses.


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RE: wither [ lepis ] - Lepis - 10-14-2018

I search the dark woods around me. Someone is nearby; I am as sure of it as I am sure of my wings. Just now they are tucked against my sides, but there is tension in each cream-colored feather, as though they are ready to flare defensively at the slightest touch.


Ahead, in the clearing. A dappled creature stands ahead in the shadows, and the silver of his coat is a quiet relief. I've taken several steps toward him with a growing smile before I realize that he is too tall to be my dappled husband. I freeze in my tracks, one foot hovering a few inches above the leaf-littered earth.

"Who're you?" I ask, the sharpness in my voice not at all reflective of the fluttering fear of my heart. I press it away as best as I can, forcing myself forward and closer to the unfamiliar stallion. His resemblance to Arthas is more than color, and my blue-grey eyes flick across his figure, taking note of his substantial build (far larger than I) and the boredom in his expression.

I am all too aware of what the monsters of these woods will do with boredom. I coil a thread of intangible emotion, fear and uncertainty in a potent blend, but I keep it in hand. He's not made a move yet, but I am visibly wary. Better to be over-prepared than a complicit victim.

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