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like the dawn, you broke the dark - kag - Solace - 11-08-2018


Solace drags the clean, icy air across her lips and a contraction ripples across her abdomen. The frost was thick around her, reflecting the moonlight in minuscule fragments. Likewise, the water of the bay is alive with silver light; everything around them seems to be painted in the cool colors of winter.

The child was early, just by a bit, but Solace hadn't had time to worry. Tangerine had told the mothers to be that another princeling would be among them before spring, and with that information, Solace had let thoughts of her pregnancy fall away from her mind - making way for more pressing matters. Between the plague, kingdom shuffling, and missing children there had been plenty of fires to be chased. But nature will not be denied, and now that the process of birth has been set in motion there is no denying it.

But the late winter air feels good on her skin as she walks along the shore, lifting her wings to let the breeze caress her sides. 

Another early contraction causes the pale mare's eyes to flutter and her pace to slack, but when it has passed she knows it is time to find Kagerus. With their three youngest believing themselves grown, their nest had been relatively empty, and she finds her mate alone as she had expected. "Kag?" Solace calls into a stand of naked birch where they had spent the night before. "Come take a walk with me, and keep my mind off..." she draws another sharp breath as her belly jumps, and she gestures with a toss of her head back towards her barrel, "this."

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RE: like the dawn, you broke the dark - kag - Kagerus - 11-10-2018

{ and in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times }

To say that I am grateful for the harmonious nature of mine and Solace's relationship would be an understatement. Ever since our fight - the only one of real consequence over the years, the one that left her immortal and I facially scarred - we've plied ourselves to understanding and compassion, to patience and to trust. In the face of all these changes, those qualities are invaluable: we stand alone as the sole kingdom in Beqanna to have fully conquered our fourth of the continent, with not a drop of bloodshed nor barely any spitting of heated words.

As such, although the stress has been an enormous weight on our shoulders, the seamless foundation of our relationship has allowed Solace and I to effectively ignore her pregnancy. Not in a neglectful way, but one in which we simply allow it to come to us instead of worrying over it as we have in the past. Hell, this pregnancy has been a breeze compared to all our other ones combined. First mine, when we thought I would be dying; then her twins with another stallion; and then our triplets. Indeed, having one child that is not going to kill one of us feels almost like not being pregnant at all!

At least, until labour kicks in.

Snow still lines the floor of Silver Cove, winter's last attempt to make us Beqannans cold and miserable. But when Solace finds me today, misery is the last thing on my mind; I am trotting excitedly towards her before my name even leaves her lips, the scent of her having wafted downwind to me before she needed to.

"Solace," I call in reply, the syllables of her name resembling manifestations of love and ardor more than vocalizations. She asks me to take a walk with her but I'm busy tangling my nose up in the locks of her mane, pressing my chest to hers and leaving a trail of kisses down her sweaty neck. When her stomach jolts with the pain of a contraction however, I draw back (her mane stuck on prongs of my antlers and getting ripped a little indelicately as I yank myself free with a good-natured chuckle) and consent.

"Where to, my Queen? The ends of the earth?" I kiss her cheek and nuzzle her around, such that we begin walking back the way we came. I gesture grandly with my crown of bones, towards the bay and to the mountains of Hyaline. "I fear that I cannot grant thee this wish, oh love of my heart - but I can walk you along this place that you have banished me to, for fear of my health, though you are the antidote to my every ailment."

My eyes find hers, and for a split second, I manage to keep a straight face - but then I am laughing, the excitement of our coming child writ in every line of my face.