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    Aela -- Year 216


    "So she smiles prettily and steals away when she can. Feels the brutal pounding of others around her with a savagery that she has never comprehended—their emotions so vast, their hearts so wicked. It warps her more than she was already warped. It presses a thumbprint of cruelty into her darkness, shaping her into a thing of shadow, a thing of longing, a thing carved from the darkness between every breath." --Baptiste, written by Laura

    Forum Announcement: Magic Entity
    Nikkai brings to her land a waterfall. This waterfall heals the residents of any wounds they may have, but will work better on smaller wounds than larger ones. If a horse wants to heal another horse outside the land, they must post at the waterfall seeking this one-time power (they do not need to wait for the Entity to reply as all requests are granted, but the post is required). Additionally, any horse who lives in her land may automatically have twins, and will have a higher chance of rolling triplets if requested. “Those who belong to the land” is defined as any character who has the land icon next to their name.