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    Reave -- Year 219


    "She did not wake up one day healed, she was simply moving and she realized that somewhere along the way grief had stopped stabbing her every motion. It’s a strange feeling. She is lighter and heavier at once. She doesn’t know what to do with the time that’s opened before her, what to do without wounds to claw open." --Cordis, written by Cassi

    Foal Stats
    When the button "Breed" is hit, four random numbers between 0 and 100 are generated. Each number represents something regarding the foal. The first number determines the amount of children. The second determines the gender. The third determines any traits. The fourth determines any defects. In the case of twins or triplets, the breed button will be hit again (or twice if necessary), the first number disregarded, and the following three numbers used to determine the additional foals. Magic and other very unique traits are not passed down to foals without prior permission.


    If 0, 20, 40, 60, 80: Twins
    If 100: Triplets


    Odd = Male
    Even = Female


    If 0: "Something Awesome" trait
    If 1 - 10: Traits shared by both parents
    If 11 - 20: Same traits as sire
    If 21 - 30: Same traits as dam
    If 40, 50, 60: Faerie's choice
    If 70: Immortality
    If 80: Wings
    If 90: Horn
    If 100: Invisibility


    If 0: Sterile/Highly sterile
    If 10, 20: Stillborn/Death of foal
    If 30, 40: Faerie's choice
    If 50: Deaf foal
    If 60: Blind foal
    If 70: Mute foal
    If 80: Very weak foal
    If 90: Faerie's choice
    If 100: Very weak dam

    Foal Colors


    Trait Genetics
    This is used to determine trait genetics for in-depth genetic breedings. The TEG is calculated once per foal. The MEG is calculated for each trait.

    Trait Expression Gene




    Lineless Characters TEG


    Magical Trait Gene

    Trait in Question:

    Does the other parent have magic?

    How many spaces does this trait take up?


    Mutated Magic Spaces


    Quest Calculators

    Personal Quests

    Trait Spaces:


    Land-Related Quests

    Number of Questers: