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    Aela -- Year 216


    "So she smiles prettily and steals away when she can. Feels the brutal pounding of others around her with a savagery that she has never comprehended—their emotions so vast, their hearts so wicked. It warps her more than she was already warped. It presses a thumbprint of cruelty into her darkness, shaping her into a thing of shadow, a thing of longing, a thing carved from the darkness between every breath." --Baptiste, written by Laura

    the diamond

    Age: 13

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Andalusian/Arabian Hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: Shelbi

    Divest is currently away. Reason: Hiatus
    Away Since: 10-14-2021 — Returns on: 12-30-2021

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    Color: Pastel green (#D2E7D6)

    Eyes: Silver

    Markings: Silver points

    Mane & Tail: Silver, long length

    Divest is a pastel green Andalusian/Hybrid mare standing at 15.2hh. Her physique is a graceful silhouette with harmonious proportions, including a well-shaped straight profile, a medium-sized arched neck, a strong and deep chest with a straight-short back, and long strong legs. With every step, Divest is portrayed moving with grace and elegant movements.

    Her pastel green coat color can be described as a pale delicate shade of green. She has silver points, a soft silver muzzle, and four knee-length stockings. Her mane and tail are a silver color and considerably long. Often her silver mane falls over her brilliant white metallic silver eyes. Her hooves are made of a clear crystal diamond stone.

    Abilities and Power Level
    Limitless self-manipulation: Beginner
    Self-healing: Intermediate


    Personality Type: ESTJ
    Strengths: Confident - Dedicated - Loyal - Practical
    Vices: Argumentative - Blunt - Inflexible - Insensitive

    • Confident – Divest doesn’t give up on her beliefs. She will defend her ideas and principles relentlessly. In order for her to change her stance, she will need to be proven clearly and conclusively wrong. Her self-confidence often is there to hide her insecurity.
    • Dedicated – It is natural for Divest to give 110% percent in all areas of her life. She will give up her personal time or preference than to go back on a commitment or fail at a certain tasks. This only occurs so long as it is the right thing to do and will be finished so long as it remains the right thing to do.
    • Loyal – Divest believes in truthfulness, reliability, and being patient. She has come to believe the world functions best when there is a sense of respect and duty between everyone, especially in her community of family and friends. When she says she will do something, she will keep to her word. She becomes very dedicated and loyal to those she becomes friends with.
    • Practical – She has a well-grounded sense of reality. Concrete results are simply more valid than speculations or intentions. Ideals and perfect worlds are not something she can truly believe in.


    • Argumentative & Blunt – Seeing the world in a practical way can cause Divest to be blunt and argumentative at times with others. She is not afraid to be very frank and honest when it comes to sharing her opinions and that sometimes can be seen has harsh or overly critical.
    • Inflexible – Being committed to her own way or perspective as objectively right can impede her own personal growth. Firmly standing in her belief and rightness will make her fail to acknowledge new or confliction information that could possibly lead to a better conclusion. It will also stop from being truly open minded and stifle her ability to see light in new things.
    • Insensitive – At times, Divest can fail to value emotions or taking feelings into account with her own or others. This can make her appear harsh and uncaring.


    Parents: Sinner x Mary




    Genetic Traits: Limitless self manipulation, Immortality, Diamond hooves

    Non-Genetic Traits: Self-healing

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [IMMORTALITY 0][STONE HOOVES 0][LIMITLESS SELF MANIPULATION 5][SELF HEALING*][hellhound 3][color changing 2]



    Beqanna Year 204, July 2019
    In Spring, her mother (Mary) gives birth to Divest on the tropical island called Island Resort. She and her mother meet Nodens on the shore of her home shortly after her birth. In Autumn, Divest meets and becomes friends with Vita on the small central island in the Resort.

    Beqanna Year 205, September 2019
    In Spring, she meets Drache on the shores of the Island Resort. At the end of Summer, Divest leaves her home to explore Beqanna, including parts of Tephra, Sylva, and Loess. In early Autumn, she ends up in the meadow after her first time on the mainland and meets Leilan. Shortly after returning to the Resort she meets Blue (Gale) who came to live on the island.

    Beqanna Year 206, November 2019
    Divest decides to spend time away from everyone on the Resort. She lives up in the mountains on the island for nearly a year. During this time Divest deeply reflects on her current life, especially in regards to her mother “abandoning” her since in her eyes her mother left her on the island and hardly ever came to visit since her mother went to Loess.

    Beqanna Year 207, January 2020
    In late Spring, Divest comes down from the mountain and finds Blue (Gale). She learns about his quest to find his family and offers to help him. Vita and Divest reunite on the central island they meet on in the Resort, learning about what Vita has been up to the last couple of years.

    Beqanna Year 208-217, March 2020 - September 2021
    Divest learns that Blue's real name is actually Gale and that some of his memory has returned. One day Divest decides to leave Beqanna and explore the world.

    Beqanna Year 217/218, September 2021
    n the Winter of 217, Divest returns to Beqanna to search for answers for what it means to live when you are immortal. She arrives in Tephra and finds her childhood friend Gale there.

    Last Updated: September 2021

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