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anywhere i go there you are; starsin, any - Hestoni - 01-10-2020

you are miles away but i still feel you


Quiet seems to have been the theme of his life lately. He spent years in the quiet backcountry of Beqanna, straightening out the heavy mix of emotions that Scorch’s words brought him. He spent a few quiet hours in the Meadow, walking the tightrope between the life of a loner and the life of a soldier. And now he’s spent quiet time in Sylva — though it seems the territory itself is a rather casual place — since Starsin had invited him in.

Hestoni has grown fond of the autumnal forest, especially the way the sunrises catch on the reds, golds, and yellows of the leaves. A restlessness he hasn’t felt since his time in the Jungle often startles him awake in the fragile early hours of dawn. You are ready, his soul seems to whisper as the weak sunlight breaks past the fog. Do more.

So he begins to patrol. It’s been at least a decade since he had last walked the length of a border, and yet the task feels natural. Hestoni’s tall, broad form pushes easily through the remaining fog, leaving thin whisps in his path. It feels good to stretch his muscles after the night’s rest… It also feels good to allow his mind to focus on the task, the healing of his heart making it easier to leave his thoughts of Scorch in the past.

The sound of a branch snapping draws Hestoni’s attention. His warm brown eyes search the inner-workings of the forest as his deep voice calls out. “Who’s there? Show yourself.”



RE: anywhere i go there you are; starsin, any - Starsin - 01-19-2020

and let me crawl inside your veins. I'll build a wall, give you a ball and chain.

Age should have dulled her, but it seemed to have sharpened her instead.

She spent too much time in these autumn-colored woods lately, and it was making her restless. Her family was always at the forefront of her mind, and they came before anyone – and any land or kingdom – and she did not regret that in the slightest. They were irreplacable, and she would choose Ophanim and their children over anyone. But that did not change the fact that she was still, at her core, that as she has always been. There was still that part of her thrived off chaos and destruction, that laughed in the wake of the dust she created when she turned something to rubble.

Without an outlet, she felt like a bomb begging for a reason to detonate.

She moves through the trees at a rapid walk, fully engrossed in her own world; searching desperately for any reason to not just blow up this corner of the territory, just for the sheer sake of watching the forest fall.

She does not notice when she is close enough for his own thoughts to infiltrate her mind, and when she does finally hear him, it is when he speaks out loud.

So rarely is Starsin ever caught off guard,  but today the unexpected sound of someone’s voice startles her. When the star-dappled mare whirls to face the sound, she does not mean to set off the small explosion that she does. Her shattering gift had been seemingly crafted for her, and she had learned to use it unnaturally fast, as though she had been born with it. It was uncommon for her to make mistakes, to accidentally set off something without intention, but today is an off day for her, it seems.

Her dark blue eyes find Hestoni’s familiar face first, and instead of being settled by that she is for some reason all the more irritated. “What the fuck, Hestoni,” she snaps, even though she knows he had not snuck up on her on purpose. It was easier to blame him while she still fought to regain her composure from being startled. And it is then that she sees the bright red blood that drips from him, and with a flustered sigh she says sharply, “See what you made me do? Now we have to find you a healer before you bleed out all over Sylva.”


it’s not like me to be so mean. you’re all I wanted.
( just let me hold you Like a hostage. )