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Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder | Edrahil - Locheed - 12-21-2020

Tephra was a good home for the young dragoness, all except for one thing. For all its tropical beauty and endless warmth, it lacked prey - at least when compared to the forests of other lands. It lacked the abundance of crawling things and burrowing creatures, all the little souls that no one would miss, the scurrying mammals that thrived in the leaf-littler and underbrush of darker places.

Thoughts of their tiny bones and little squeals drew her away from home often.

Locheed was becoming an adept hunter, although she would never compare to a true carnivore. The equine parts of her made her clumsy; hooves and too-long legs were no good for stalking. But she was learning to work around them, adapting, compensating for her flaws.

But she lacked patience.

And so, when the autumn winds turn cold and the chill seeps into her bones, she turned for home not having tasted blood.

When she crosses back into Tephra there is a scowl across her dark face. Her ears lie flat, pinned down on either side of the spikes which grow from her spine and hidden below a tangle of bone-pale made. She lets out a primal call, one her sister would know, neither fully equine nor draconic, unsure if she is looking for a companion or a fight.



RE: Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder | Edrahil - Edrahil - 01-04-2021

Ever since his parents and his hundreds of siblings moved out of Silva, Edrahil had felt a little lost. He was old enough now to make it on his own, sure, but part of him mourned the loss of that autumn wood. He knew it so well!

The only thing that he really knew was that he did not like winter - did not care for it one bit - so he drifted to the warmer lands and that’s how he ended up in Tephra. There was some vague awareness that he did not strictly “belong” here but as far as anyone knew, maybe he was a new member! Taking the ol’ kingdom out for a test-drive, as it were, seeing if it suited him.

With this humidity, he had a feeling that was going to be a big nope. But he figured might as well do a circuit.

And that’s when he heard the primal call that seemed to shake through the trees. Edrahil is not fond of risks so he tries to veer away from where the noise had come from. When he tramples through the forest and spots a scaled stranger, though, his desire to be known and seen wins over any suspicions that maybe he should avoid her for the sake of his own skin.

He straightens up, a confident smile in his golden eyes as he steps around a tree so they're more properly facing each other. “Well hey there. Sounds like there's monsters in these woods, huh?”



RE: Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder | Edrahil - Locheed - 02-21-2021

Her eyes are wild and fiercely blue, a stormy dark blue that is nothing like the pure cerulean of so many of her relations. They are cunning eyes, curious and sharply turning to pin him where he stands. There is something darker than just the glint of mischief in them, but only time, and possibly her peers, would tell if that something would blossom into true wickedness.

Alas, her sister is not the one to respond to her call, and little pegasus pushes his way through the trees and humid air. But he doesn't squirm, confidently facing her, smelling like somewhere she had never been and talking about monsters. This, she could do with. She liked to talk about monsters; she liked to scare her little sister with stories of them - especially ones that looked like her.

A hissing laugh escapes between her sharp teeth, and her ivory tail slaps across her slim haunches. "Disappointingly few, actually," she corrects, mildly. But again those eyes say more than her words, their hungry gleam possibly suggesting that her sweet tone is only a game.



RE: Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder | Edrahil - Edrahil - 03-07-2021

Disappointingly few, she says, and Edrahil’s initial grin slips into a frown. Did she not hear that freaky call that had just rang out? Something is in these woods and even though he is absolutely certain that he was not afraid that didn’t mean he was going to go around looking for excuses to get his beautiful skin peeled off of his beautiful body.

Or whatever it is that the monsters do - he was looking forward to hearing stories of others being idiots (maybe even a few of his siblings) but did not intend to get any experience first hand.

Something pretty close to scorn works its way into his expression and his voice when he responds - his opinion of this stranger threatening to slip from ‘boy she looks interesting’ to ‘oh so she’s insane’.

“You want there to be monsters?” The humidity had been strike one against this place but if all of its inhabitants were lacking some basic common sense that would definitely be another.



and @[The Monsters] let's do the thing with Edrahil's immortality!

RE: Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder | Edrahil - The Monsters - 03-08-2021

@[Edrahil] nothing happens to your immortality

RE: Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder | Edrahil - Locheed - 04-05-2021

His expression slips into one that she is far more used to giving than receiving, and her sharp jaw sets, and she abandons her facade.

"It's better to be a monster than boring," the girl contradicts, suddenly wounded and on the offensive as she makes assumptions. On that last word, her black lips pull back from a row of sharp teeth, and her draconic eyes narrow to slits. He would like Laia, she thinks, with a twist of jealousy in her gut. They could be pretty and scared of everything together. This does nothing to soothe the scowl on her brow, and she thinks about snapping at him to chase him off for good. But as much satisfaction as she feels from the idea of hearing him squeal, something keeps her standing and scowling where she does.

"But I guess if you're pretty, you have to worry about things like getting scratches on your perfect face." She dares to give him another glace between her short words, before averting her eyes to glare at a tree trunk.



RE: Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder | Edrahil - Edrahil - 04-11-2021

Edrahil’s scowl deepens when the scaled girl replies and he bites back “I’m not boring!” His golden eyes widen a little at her display of teeth, though he’s not sure why he’s surprised by them given the rest of her. Stubbornness stops him from showing any further display of fear, though, even though he’s currently wishing he had gotten better at running. He had just never seen the point of it before, there had never been anywhere he was eager to get quickly.

Away from snapping teeth might inspire a jog, though.

While he is momentarily soothed by the idea that she thinks he’s pretty, he doesn’t want to be seen as boring or a wimp so he doesn’t focus on that. “I’m not worried about that.” Edrahil replies in a petulant tone that suggests that he is actually very much worried about that.

His mouth twists into a frown and he’s really not too sure what to say next so he just speaks the first thought that comes into his head to fill the silence while she’s getting angry at a tree. “So what’ve ya got around here if you don’t have monsters?”



RE: Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder | Edrahil - Locheed - 05-01-2021

She gives a little snort at the tree as her thoughts are confirmed by his tone. He clearly was worried, worried enough that she was now going to have to spend her day alone. Locheed has a moment to regret her childishness as she waits to hear the sounds of his departure, setting her jaw against the inevitable. 

But instead of snarky last words and the sound of branches breaking as he retreated he asked a simple question. The little dragon-mare turns her head to him and surprise, and wishes she listened when her mother droned on about whent to do when they crossed paths with newcomers.

Show them her teeth, she was pretty sure, wasn’t on the short list. 

“Um,” she begins, dumbly, “we have the ocean, the volcano, and the waterfall. Everyone always gets really excited about the waterfall it’s supposed to heal you or something.”

She glances over him quickly, he didn’t seem in immediate need of healing. She had no particular attachment to the landscape of Tephra; the backdrop to her every day held little fascination. No favorite spots or enchanted groves come to mind as she looks at him, still too unsure to wipe the half-scowl off her face. 

If she had to pick a favorite feature of her homeland it would be the caves. But something tells her the same reasons she enjoyed their dark and mysterious passageways would be the reasons he disliked them.