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    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer

    Sail on, silver girl; Any
    the sun, it rises slowly as you walk away from all the fears and all the faults you've left behind

    For little Ciarran, life was a game.  An adventure.  However, she was also discovering that life was lonely when you had no family to share that adventure with.  Little pitchers had big ears, however, and she'd learnt of this Adoption place by the simple act of eavesdropping on passing adult conversations in the gathering places of Meadow and Forest.  Accordingly, the sooty buckskin had set her hooves on a beeline path for the orphan-sanctuary.  Here, she was bound to find a family, horses to learn from and run and play with.  All she has to do is wait.....and wait.....and wait.  And then, wait some more.  Was she invisible, without knowing it?  How else to explain why no adults were approaching her?

    With a typically childish short span of attention, Cia looks around for something new to serve as a distraction.  Her eyes gleam as they settle themselves on the little brook that bubbles its way through the Den, and she eagerly trots towards it.  As if made for her, there waits a series of large rocks protruding from the water in a line, like beads on a chain.  She quickly makes a game of it, hopping from stone to stone with the aid of her wings to make her jumps even bigger.  Initially, this works just fine, and she is giggling like a fiend, having completely forgotten the original reason for coming here.  But then her forehooves slip against a wet stone-surface upon impact, and all of her ends up in the stream, the game done and over.  Soaking wet and quite indignant, the dusky filly makes her way back to the grassy shore.  Huffing threats against the rock and all of its friends and relatives, she flops down on her stomach, all six limbs spread-eagled in hopes the autumn sun will dry her off.


    She had never been drawn here, but somehow now, she finds herself here. Within the depths of series silence, within the den where children are lost and forgotten she wanders. Something pulling her forwards, forcing her lavender limbs to trudge forwards, step by step, shuffle by shall. All that was to be heard, was the steady steps of a graceful wanderer, within the arid atmosphere.

    Her hazel glaze flickering too and fro, in search of movement, but why? She had no need for parenthood, no need for children, she was a nomad. She held a sweet prolific life, all on her lonesome, wandering her days aimlessly through the common lands, never stopping, never settling. She had no need for children, for she knew a child could never keep up with her movements, and although she may seem self centered, the purple painted mare, was perhaps more selfless than any other, one would come across, despite her rather care free demeanor.

    But some how, she is here.

    She trudged forwards, her pastel mane, liquefying slowly, as drops of her body slowly dripped away. Her essays still surveying, until she finds herself near stream where, a small sooty body lay near. Her nostrils flare, as she moves forwards swiftly, lowering her pale violet cranium, allowing droplets of her own mane to collect within the blades of grass, as streams of alabaster toned water dripped down her forehead.

    The aroma of wet dog is thickly layered in the air, as she nears the child, with such hesitance, as if she were afraid of the child, the nares of her pink nostrils flare gently against the child's damp side. Her pale velvet muzzle, inches away from touching the child but she restrains herself, maternal instincts gingerly block all of her senses. 

    "Hello, are you lost?" She breaks the silence, her words are sweet and rough like whiskey. As her pearl lobes, swivel towards the child in curiosity.
    It started as butterflies but now it just hurts
    the sun, it rises slowly as you walk away from all the fears and all the faults you've left behind

    She hears someone approaching, and with sudden excitement she turns her dark-furred head to see who her visitor was.  Upon seeing the pale mare, Cia's tiny jaw drops open with surprise.  This lady....she was literally melting!  Dripping bits of herself down upon the grass before the filly's widened eyes.  How was that even possible?  She is quickly finding out that the world is much, much bigger than she had expected it to be, even though she was barely past weaning and could count her life experiences on the tip of one sooty feather.

    The watery mare speaks, and the sodden pegasus' mood quickly shifts from curious to indignant.  "I'm not lost, " she huffs out while donning a pouty expression.  "I'm wet! That rock over there, in the stream.  It tried to drown me! "  She aims a glare in its direction, then looks back at the adult horse.  Uh oh.  What if she ends up driving away a potential parent, the thing she'd been waiting to come along for what seemed like an eternity, with her snappish tone?  She lowers her ears and head in a gesture of conciliation.  "I'm Ciarran, who are you? ", she asks with a much more polite tone than she had used previously.  The sun felt so good upon her wet wings and fur that she finds herself fighting off a yawn as she waits for a response.  Taking a nap could wait; there was a much bigger event unfolding just now.


    Despite The little girl's rather sweet, and perhaps even adorable appearance, she has quite the attitude, in fact Felicity is even tempted to walk away, she hardly had time for a child who protested to her every word, especially if this kiddo was to come wandering with her, it would be quite the burden to drag a stubborn child through Beqanna. Her gaze forms a glare, hard and stone cold as she is not very pleased, with the little filly's attitude. Her nostrils flare, and her body ceases to liquify, revealing her vivid spindle like body frame dotted with very angular white patches.

    The little girl then rants on why she's wet, her tone rather whiney and plumed with sass. Proclaiming that a rock tried to drown her in the rather shallow river. Her eyes roll, as her decision to leave seems defiant now, as this child is not worth her time and effort. 

    Felicity lifts her cranium without haste, her limbs moving away from the child, but just before she finds herself to leave, the girl has a change in heart as polite vocals enter her lavender lobes, and it looks like the girl has quickly caught on to her disgust, changing her tone and position within the rather short conversation. She introduces herself as Ciarran, a rather peculiar name for such a "Polite" child, her gaze returns to the filly, remaining silenced for moments before her words are released, "It's a pleasure to meet you Ciarran. I am Felicity." The introduction is short, and simple.

    She pauses for a moment, pondering, so far the girl has showed little respect, and that attitude of hers is rather appalling, but despite her flaws she seems nice enough, and she is quite intelligent in her efforts to catch onto Felicity's annoyance, and disgust. Before concluding, on the idea of perhaps having this kiddo as company on her travels, she must know one thing. if this kid isn't lost then how the hell did she wind up here? Her eyes flicker about, "Well, if your not lost. Then how did you wind up here?" She questions, her body beginning to relax once more and liquify as it had previously.  
    It started as butterflies but now it just hurts

    Ughhhh it's crap, i know
    the sun, it rises slowly as you walk away from all the fears and all the faults you've left behind

    It seems that Ciarran had really managed to mess up her first and perhaps only shot at winning herself a family; the watery mare seems quite annoyed and has turned away with apparent intention to quit the Den itself.  This terrible realization has the damp filly up and on her feet as fast as she can manage, her little heart thump-thumping against her thin chest with desperation and fear.  She attempts to chase after Felicity, not realizing that the mare had stopped in response to the sooty filly's words, and manages to tangle her back feet up with one of her wings.  Now sprawled upon the ground once again, she lets out a whimper.  

    "I'm sorry if I made you angry, miss Felicity.  Please don't leave me?  " The mare asks Cia what she's doing here in the Den, and she manages to boost herself up to a sitting position before answering.  "I just wanted to find a family, a home.  I'm tired of being by myself....Are you going to take me with you?  Where do you live?  " Felicity seems less irate now......hopefully the little pegasus had managed to win her over.  Maybe a bribe would help?  She carefully tugs at a loose feather she had noticed on the trek here until it comes free, then holds it carefully by the shaft as she stands and ventures closer to the aqua equine.  She tilts her small head up, offering the dark feather to Felicity.  "I'll give you this if you let me go with you? Please? I don't want to stay here.  "  


    Dripping lavender lobes flicker to the little winged girl's words, her gaze still unchanged, cold, hard. Yet it does begin to soften, like ice does under the pressure of heat. Her maternity instincts continue to soften that gaze of hers, and some how she caves a smile forming upon her pale lips. "I won't leave you." She responds words sweetened by the girl's sudden change in heart.

    She chuckles as Cia adds on, "And yes, I'm taking you with me. I couldn't just leave you out here, could I?" In her mind she scowls at her sweet words, what was this? This warm feeling bubbling beneath her surface, and affection pouring out every pore within her body. As her instincts take full control of her mind's choices, her body's movements. "No, I don't have a home Cia. I go where I want on my own terms, I never stay in one place too long." She hints to the future that Cia will be following in, perhaps Cia will even grow to enjoy such a thing, as working on her own terms. 

    But when the girl reaches for one of her feathers and plucks from her own skin, her thoughts halt, silence engulfing her, and only Cia speaks. Her words echoing between Felicity's ears, as she watches the girl extend the feather towards her, her dripping body hesitant to take it, but with a quick movement she grasps it between ivory teeth. Gingerly reaching back, pressing it against her lavender toned pelt, grazing it across like a paint brush, dying the feather of her skin tone. Before reaching towards the girl, with one step forwards and a gentle touch she tucks the feather behind the little girl's left ear, entailing it in her mane."It's yours." She states simply, turning her body in the direction of the exit of this.

    Her cranium twisting towards the girl, "Well come on Cia."
    It started as butterflies but now it just hurts

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