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    Firion -- Year 217


    "She approaches the cave and there is nothing but that anticipation and her ever-present fire inside her. No fear, no flickering echoes of love. It’s all been consumed for now. She is a wildfire contained only by the thin layer of her flesh." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt

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    Cryptids Do Lurk
    Q U E S T

    It is a rare autumn that passes that the Hero Rebel Fairy does not longingly listen to her ghostly podcasts, decorate her mantle for frights and prepare herself - spiritually and mentally - for the High Holy Season. She loves the season so, and many a Beqanna pony can find themselves drawn to her as she decorates for autumn with such flourish. She sings her haunting songs and whispers her enchantments and...

    Oh, bother, she's done it again.

    Through her mindless chatter she's gathered all the horses of Beqanna who listen to her side, peering at her with wide, waiting eyes. She watches them, mindless in the sway of her magic, and a smile slides over her face.

    Goodbye, Hero.
    Hello, Rebel.

    The second shoulder of the famed fairy turns to the crowd and closes her eyes, ushering up the magic in her soul. With one quick flick of her wrist she'd turned each horse before her into a mutant strange cryptid creation. She delights in this - look what she's done! Oh what wonders!

    G O A L S
    To write from the perspective of your horse as a strange mutant cryptid. This can be a real cryptid (big foot, the moth man) a scary famous creature (drogon, frankenstein) or a new cryptid entirely of your own creation. Pick one, outline its traits - its strengths, weaknesses, what it does. Make sure you know it well.

    R U L E S
    -1 post per horse
    -Unlimited entries per player
    -400 words maximum
    -October 30th is the deadline

    P R I Z E S
    -1st-3rd will get a prize related to their cryptid
    -2 randomly selected ponies will get a temporary defect/weakness related to their cryptid (this will last for 2 RL months, or as long as you want)
    -Those who don't follow the rules will have a permanent defect

    With a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more.


    There was a hushed chant in the haze filled air tonight.  A melody that commanded the souls of Beqanna.  Forcing the innocent from their slumbers.  Enticing the damned from their scheme's...

    Come little children, I'll take thee away.
    Into a land of enchantment...

    Without thought his blackened soul arrives before her.  A winged mythical creature humming the tempting melody.  Crimson eyes observe the temptress as she twists to find the dark and demented gathered.  There are many but he sees only her.


    A twitch of her figure ignites a change in tides.  Haunting screams fill the murky night air.  Crushing of cartilage.  Bending of backs.  He does not offer such sounds of terror as his own body crumbles.  Every marrow-filled bone within him morphs.  Transforming him into a more compact creature of darkness.  Long limbs shorten and where there had been a solid, cresent-shaped hoof, now were four toes.  Each having a raptor claw and leathery pads.  His onyx tail shed it's long tassels to nothing but a slim, flesh covered extension of his spinal column.  His slick, black coat became dull and patchy.  Most of it fell to the ground like acidic rain.  What remained were tuffs of brittle hair along the bridge of his skull and down the curvature of his vertebrae.  Leaving the rest of his epidermal layer hairless and taut over his protruding skeleton.  A once chiseled profile turned sickly and narrowed.  Beady crimson eyes seated in a forward position in his skull.  Making him now predator, not prey.  Razor sharp blades filled his lengthened muzzle.  A leathery tongue traced along his new assets as he stood hunched on all four paws.  He was now the beast he was always meant to be...

    El Chupacabra... "Goat Sucker"

    The magical Pegasus smiles at her creations and he too sports a manic grin.  The darkest crevices of his mind awaken at all the possibilities he now possessed.  How easily his claws would rip thru flesh.  How deeply his fangs would sink into the throats of his prey.  Sucking every last drop of crimson fluid from their veins. 

    The need.

    The want.

    Foam frothed from his lips as his jaw snapped.  Fine scissor cut of his fangs aligned with precision.  The howling of the night wind warped around him, coaxing an eerie bray from the deep confines of his larynx.  Thrusting his jawline upwards he calls to his master...

    Wanna play a game?

    Word count: 400

    His cryptic transformation is that of the Chupacabra of the Americas.  

    The increasingly common version of the chupacabra is more like a strange breed of wild dog or coyote. This version lacks the hair of a dog, but features the pronounced spinal ridge or “spikes” similar to the reptilian chupacabra. The four-legged, dog-like chupacabra is also known for some fearsome fangs and claws used for draining animal’s blood.
    -Wiki definition-


    An enchantment of song and reckless magic beckons her forth from the craggy stronghold of Hyaline. She comes, as small and quiet and almost as elegant as the deer she chases after. Before her is a creature of myth and magic that stops Keeper dead in her tracks and in between a blink and a shiver, magic extends out to her - them, there are others nearby - and Keeper is not so much herself any more but something else that she never imagined she could ever be - -

    First she feels a cold wind blow around her and even right throw her; snow seems to swirl around her skin and in her haunting black eyes until she is the swirling snow and then she is something else - Wendigo. She can feel it come up in her, malevolent and supernatural until she is the cold and she is starvation. The change is painful, as it must be to match the thing she is becoming. Keeper is cold and she hungers but it is a hunger that knows no satisfaction however much she might eat and she wants to eat!

    During the change, her bones lengthen and she gains a giant’s height until she stands tall, towering over the other cryptids. In the midst of this, her skin grows desiccated and tight until her bones push against it and she begins to resemble a giant gaunt skeleton more than a wild little mare. Her mane and tail grow sparse and more unkempt than before, and her black eyes sink further back into her head until they possess a supernatural darkness from the depths of her eye sockets. Suppurations in her flesh appear and her smell begins to reek of corruption and decay as if she has arisen fresh from a grave in some forgotten corner of a forest full of worms and dank loam. Even her skin has lost it’s pale buckskin tint and grown gray as ash in its thinness.


    Keeper’s hunger builds even as she simultaneously starves.
    She kills; consumes; is never satisfied because of the gluttony and greed in her.
    Keeper can never be full and her tattered bloody lips part in a cannibalistic smile towards the fairy. She is already thinking of her next meal and the one after that. Venison perhaps, because deer have ever been her downfall.

    not knowing how deep the woods are and lightless

    strengths - supernatural speed and strength, immortality, agile, clawed and sharp toothed
    weaknesses - always starving, never full, cannibalistic, nocturnal (hunt at night) and prone to hibernation
    *they are associated with winter, starvation, famine, greed, gluttony, and the cold/snow
    a ghost in the darkness.
    He is preparing for his great festival when he hears the song. It is haunting and enticing, there is no choice but to follow it. Winding through the autumn leaves, he soon leaves his kingdom and heads towards the long forgotten mountain. There is a spine tingling element in the song that weaves such distance, of course he is tantalized by someone new he may be able to collect. A siren power of some sort perhaps?

    Arriving, he notices others and at the center of their focus comes the owner of the voice. Irritation flickers over his features, a fucking fairy. Great. He hadn’t seen them since the birthday party debacle (the murdered fairy’s wing had been dissected since then and remains buried somewhere in the forest) and doubts they had forgotten their lost comrade. He’s still not sure if they knew it was him but it was best not to take chances.

    Before he can slink away, the fairy turns and there is a sudden blast of energy as her magic takes hold. He begins to morph and shift until he is no longer himself. The white of his hide begins to blacken, his fur elongating into a disarray of shagginess. His size stays much the same as his hooves change to large furry paws. Canines elongate and he can feel a real growl rumbling in the back of his throat. The only thing that stays the same is the gleaming red eyes.

    Perhaps the fairy had known his past transgressions after all.

    Keeping true to himself, magic has turned him into a ghostly black dog, an english legend of old. ”A Black Shuck.” A dark omen of death where if one saw the haunting image of the black dog with the flaming eyes they would fall to their death within the year. How fitting. How appropriate. A guttural howl escapes his lips as he throws his head back and bounds off through the trees to the dark forest beyond. With no graveyards to haunt, the shadowy trees will have to do. He keeps to the origin of the lore, not one of those that helps lost travelers or escorts woman to safety. No, he is an ill omen. A talisman of death. And anyone that hears his bone-chilling howl shivers with fear and closes their eyes. Hoping the shaggy black dog doesn’t cross their path.


    400 words.
    Gryffen has changed into a Black Shuck. Another reference would be Harry Potter when Sirius Black morphs into a big shaggy black dog that everyone thinks is a "Grim" which was based off the Black Shuck as it also predicts death.
    The creeping feeling of being without purpose is loud and deafening. The dragon man does not know what it means..Fo ages he ahd been by Nayl's side, he guarded for her, bled for her, satisifed any need she may have and yet he still felt as though he was a ghost. He contains the dragon part of himself and tucks it deeply within his body. He is nothing more than a simple dark man with matted hair and heavy hooves, breathes coming jagged from his wide chest.

    But something doesn't feel right. Ears prick and his skin crawls at the touch of the cold. It is a stench of decay...cold and wet. Silver eyes widen as he watches a moisure, a mist engulf his surroundings. "What-?" Before he can finish it is cralwing down his thread, filling his head. Oh God! It's unbearable! Lios feels himself slipping as he attempts to turn but ut feekls like he is in quicksand. He attempts to call for someone, anyone but he is choking. His eyes roll his throat swells shut as he feels his body burn, wriggling and writhing as though possessed.

    ...But as quickly as it happens it is over. Lior stands in the smae place with the same bit of grass in is mouth. He spits it out quickly as he can not seem to comprehend what has happened. Where is the mist? What the fuck just happened? Was he dreaming? Tne male goes to move his legs but they feed od. They are slimmer, his body almost weightless. Silver euyes looks down and see his is wet.. A large breath is taken in surprire but qhen when he inhales it is not through his nose. He can feel an expansion near his ears...the male can remember seeing these before on...on... "Stillwater." Then it all makes sense. The wetness, the freak mist, his strange body. Lior now occupied the body of a kelpie.

    "Oh shit." He thinks before nearing a lake that calkls to him, the seaweed looking must more delicious than the gras on the land. The black horse, with his tangled mane, and sharp breathes, decides to plunge into the water to slip in as though it were a second skin.
    I want you to remember

    376 words
    Lior has changed into a kelpie. Slick black skin, seagrass bits in his hair (human or kelpie), attempts to lore women away from their land/home/husbands to drown them. A typical kelpie
    Weakness: Silver, anything blessed, elongated periods of time on land (just to add something more than the other two since silver and blessed items may be hard to come by)

    I am awoken to the feel of an itch on my ear. One leg lifts, scratches, I lower my head back to the cold ground.

    Wait a second.

    I open my eyes and see I have paws instead of hooves. I should be surprised but I can not feel it. I lurch from my resting place and inspect this body. Thick, black fur. Long dirty nails. I run my tongue over and around the sharp dripping teeth. I am not frightened but I am almost alarmed. I move with speed I have never felt before and am almost in the cool river that I sought to look in. It lashes against my toes as I peer deeply into it.

    I am a beast with deep, glowing red eyes. I have fangs instead of stained incisors. My snout is long and my fur is wild and rough. I lift my eras almost comically to see if it really is my reflection. i feel a heat burning deep inside of me and I can see a glint of fire way back deep when I open my jowls.

    I am a fucking beast.

    I wonder what trickery has been done though I am not upset. Infact I am pleased and it brings a curl to the edges of my lips. Finally. I have been waiting for a moment like this for a very long time.

    I didn't want to post Karsi's html and make the thread mature so I post this plain stuff.

    Also she is a hellhound now! Some fire abilities, ghostly, massive black dog/hound.


    Little fish, big fish,
    swimming in the water...

    What had she been doing?

    Nyxa blinks, shakes her head. The first thing to hit her is the smell; by god the rancid stench gags her and sends her into a fit of coughing.

    “Prrrrrrtttttttt….” She farts, expelling another noxious cloud brought on by the coughing episode. She can’t help it - the back and forth of coughing, farting. Why, the Hero Rebel Fairy had only sprinkled the last bits of her magic over the small filly when she’d decided to have her fun, and so the girl has been turned into something effective, but altogether gross.

    She’s built like a toad; fat, squatting on thick hind legs. Her once tender fur has turned rough and sallow green, it even oozes a ghastly slime that spreads in a slick web as she pulls one forelimb away from her body to inspect. “Oh my - BUUUURRRRRPPP She tries to say, but her words are cut short by the blast of a leftover meal. Pooting, hiccuping a burp now and then, and self-moistening, little Nyxa is about to cry when she flings herself away to hide in a nearby bush and ends up leaping a good fifty feet further from her destination. Tumbling, she rolls to a stop and rises once more.

    “What am I-BUUURRRRPPPPP She says, before another small toot squeaks free from her hind cheeks.

    Nyxa is a new sort of Cryptid which I call: The Swamp Sapo Suge or, the Toad-Snake.
    *The Swamp Sapo Suge: A dog-sized toad cryptid that emits noxious gas from front and back, covers itself in a toxic slime, and is utterly repulsive. Sapo Suge have forward-facing predator's eyes, sharp, needle-like teeth, and can leap/swim great distances. They're known to drag unsuspecting victims to the bottom of murky waters for feeding frenzies, much like piranhas do. Unable to live long without a source of water nearby, Sapo Suge must moisten their bodies often and are susceptible to normal death, as they don't grow very large.

    A haunting song drifts to him on the autumn wind. Levi finds himself drawn by the melody and he tracks it like a scent trail. The seasons orange and red leave flurry around him as he takes great long strides through the forest, hoping to find the singer before her enchanting song is over. It leads him to a mysterious cottage which he finds simultaneously spooky and cozy. 

    But before he can continue his investigation he feels himself being transformed by what he can only assume is powerful magic. He feels no pain, but his hide cracks and his skull split behind each ear. The fire within him suddenly ignites ten-fold and jets out from the cracks in his skin. The heat causes his flesh to harden and blacken into tempered armor and ram's horn spiral out from the broken places in his skull. His vertebra each sprout an obsidian horn and he finds his weight sifting back, back onto his haunches until his front half lifts up to hover poised on his two rear hooves. Alarmed, he glances down just in time to watch his hoves split and split again until he has five onyx fingers where each hoof has been. 

    The fairy suddenly seems to realize that something has happened and she turns to face him, the would-be peeping tom, helplessly caught in the sway of her magic. But as her eyes find him, what she sees is not a stallion of Tephra, but a hulking Balrog.

    She smiles.

    She has remade him, and she seems to find him adorable - judging by the glimmer in her eye. He takes a moment to look himself over, flexing his fingers and toes stretching his wings. He was a powerful stallion, like his father, but the strength which he can feel coiled in his... muscles? magma? is beyond anything he had experienced as a horse. He feels powerful enough to rip the side off of a mountain. He wears a shadow like a cloak and as he takes a step, a little wobbly because of the spell he is under, the earth trembles. The Volcano of Tephra personified -

    he smiles back at her. 
    so scream you, out from behind the bitter ache.

    Balrogs (from Lord of the Rings) can manipulate fire and shadows. They are powerful creatures roughly the shape of a man but much larger. They have horns, streaming fire manes, and wings . They wield a fire whip or sword and are very difficult to kill but several died by falling off the tops of mountains.
    She is coaxed away from Tauber and her mother by the melody; it crooks a finger at her, drawing the small teal filly into the forest. She glances back at Sylva (but only briefly) with wide amethyst eyes and then suddenly she is gone, off on another adventure. Her trip is short, or so it seems, as the ominous songs pull her further and further. She stops only when she comes upon the unique collective, a group of misfits who have heeded the call.

    The fairy is beautiful, awe-inspiring. And even as the foreboding, magical music trails into silence, Shirad can't help the whimsical smile that has found her lips.

    There is a loud pop, and suddenly she is very close to the ground. The teal girl tries her hardest to look back over her shoulder, but finds that she can't, for her anatomy has changed. The daughter of Aditi squeaks, bolting forward (hopping is more like it) towards a small spring she had spotted. The young girl peers into the mostly-calm water and goes slackjawed at the sight. Her body screams rabbit, but the feathered wings, antlers, and fangs say otherwise.

    Her purple eyes are wide with fright and confusion, but... those wings seem pretty cool, she realizes, and soon Shirad is opening her rabbit-mouth wide to see the fangs that protrude from her gums. They are razor sharp and she runs her tongue over them gingerly before spreading her small wings out, wondering of what use she will be in this new miniature body. She could be a spy, perhaps - she was small enough now, and had grown to learn stealth in the undergrowth of Sylva. The young girl sighs in acceptance of whatever magic the fairy had dusted over them all, wondering now if she will have special shadow powers, just as her twin does.
    If the morning light don't steal our soul, we will walk away from empty gold.

    It had been many long days of travels since leaving the mountain with her instructions.  She traversed as swiftly as her earthly body would go.  When finally she reached her last destination - finished her last task - she rested.  The auburn fauna tucked herself away under the girth of a fallen redwood of the Taiga forests.  It saddened her to see such carnage but she was so very tired.  She'd tend to it soon enough she thinks as she drifts into wispy dreams…

    She is awakened not by the humming but a twinkling of sounds.  Fluttering her sienna eyes awake, she lifts her dished crown.  Ebony ears twisting to the enchanting noise.  A tilt of her crown displays her confusion at what she sees approaching.  Glittering lights drifting along the breeze towards her.  She watches as they wrap around her, lifting her into the atmosphere.  Ivory dipped limbs scramble to reach for the ground but fail as she is suspended in a whirl of lights.

    A tingle surges through her.  The mighty pines suddenly grow larger, or had she grown smaller…?  A pressure on her skull - causing her to wince - pushes a set of pronged antlers placed between her ears.  Swinging her head she feels a brushing across her spine.  A set of translucent fairy wings unfold, golden sparkles falling from them as they flutter.  She commands them to bare her weight. Once they do, the swirling luster that had suspended her disappeared.

    Looking about she couldn't help but feel rejuvenated.  Deep auburn eyes notice the shimmering golden dust , falling on the lands, were giving life to the deadened plants.  Dormant grasses turned all the shades of emerald.  Bare brush grew waxy leaves and vibrant forest flowers sprouted amongst the greenery.  She dashed right.  Then left.  Each place she went, life sprung from under her.  Even the giant pine forest was strengthening.  New saplings arose from the dried pine-needle covered ground.  She flew about with super speed until every plant was breathed new life.  She smiled at all she had done…

    As the morning sun warmed the earth once again she woke refreshed from such a beautiful dream... Or had it not been a dream at all?
    Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.

    Word count 366

    In light of her new trait and her quest for Taiga I thought it'd be fun to turn her into a Forest Nymph.  Many forest nymph legends sport a pair of elk antlers.  I chose hers to be fork white tail antlers.  She shrinks to the size of a cat but remains in her horse form.  I picture her wings to be like Tinkerbells'.  With golden pixy dust falling that spreads her flora revival over the fallen kingdom, renewing it to it's former glory.  I'm posting it as being a dream but I wouldn't be objective to it having actually happened Smile

    I'm also just entering this for funsies and don't want to win or receive anything for entering it.  Thanks for the fun quests!

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