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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    adults or possibly non-adults needed
    So baby Always is going to be born sometime soonish and needs someone to adopt/raise her. This could be single mom, single dad, a group of wild heathens etc. What can she bring to the table? Well she can change her colour to match gourds (which are not pots). Yeah. 

    Anyone have anything?
    Ilma is always happy to take in a baby. She will do so every season she does not have a baby herself I bet. Just to annoy me so I cave and give her babies I am sure. Ijs she was always a motherly figure and would love them. Since she has no actual relationship beyond a crush on a man who’s not always around, she is sorta stuck and a bit sad so she fills the hole with adopts Tongue

    If you want to join the group of wild heathens maybe try Leilan and Breckin since he already has 3(-4) kids and they’re having twins.

    Or if you want the evil boys to keep her around until she is breeding material and then some, try Raj in Pangea :| But honestly that isn’t really adopting, and more a plot for after weaning tbh.
    Sooo if you’re interested in a different type of upbringing Oleander could adopt her with the persuasion of her soon to be born son Percival. Oleander is a super entitled prick who believes everyone and everything should bow to her simply because. I imagine her being a very present mom but also slightly abusive and embarrassing. Constantly telling everyone about her annoying kids habits and such. Basically a mom that constantly redirects the attention onto herself and makes every problem about her and guilts her kids.

    Percival will be servant minded. I will play him with his mom initially and he’ll be very apologetic to everyone about her. He will be a caretaker and just a nice self sacrificing guy who has to grow up fast. He would likely be a very adoring and protective brother- a lot like his grandfathers and great grandfather .. I think he’ll be gay like his grand dads or at least bi

    **Though I'd add Oleander would definitely be adopting since it would make her look good and gracious, not because she really cares. Though she will love her children, just not as much as herself. Baby's grandfathers though are super awesome
    El scorch is always up to adopt babes ❤️ Come live in Nerine!
    If you want a potentially sad but protective and loving Mom I bet Willa could. ^_^
    ACTIVE: Chaol. Graeme. Astarielle. Roma. Furia. Crynn. Taron. Lilette.

    SEMI-ACTIVE: Lieschel. Anani. Achlyss. Willa.

    INACTIVE: Alt. Phyre. Feyre. Ianto. Tiernan. Kyofu. Arzhur. Pazuzu.
    You guys are all amazing. Thank you for so many perfect choices! It was a tough call.

    Sprite I'd really love to have Always join Oleander. It sounds super interesting, plus we don't have any other words together and she doesn't live somewhere I already have characters so I think that makes sense.
    Yay! Im super excited Smile Nev let me know when Always is going to be born and can you give me a description for her? Im thinking about maybe commissioning some art. No guarantees- but if so I'd want to add her in
    Deal. I'll probably throw her up in the adoption den as early as I'm allowed to in November, but I'll tag you. That sounds cool! I picture her kind of an Andalusian build, but she's a hybrid. I'm not really sure who she's going to be atm so I dont know any finer details - scars, markings etc. Here are her stats:

    Name: Always
    Breed: Hybrid
    Gender: Female
    Color: Palomino Overo (aa/Aa/nCr/nO) with candy cane stocking
    Traits/Defects: tegteg[GOURD COLOR CHANGING][phasing][talons]
    Parents: Jingle x Alexiel
    Played by: Nev
    Due Date: November
    Breedable by: May

    * gourd color changing is mutated gourd shape-shifting with color changing. it is the ability to change color/pattern to resemble any gourd :|


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