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    "He watches her, noticing first the way she moves beneath moonlight, and he is reminded of a time before magic ran rampant as it does now. How back then there were some that simply seemed to be magic without actually having it, the kind that could capture your attention and keep it." --Eadoin, written by Colby

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    [complete]  Eyes turned skyward

    winter wonderland

     The stallion had started slowly losing hope, each time that he had visited the mountain resulted in a bone-chilling silence, no reply from the faeries nor anything in general.
    Though the stallion has reason to travel once again, hoping that maybe this time they will respond to him and his request, a request that will ensure him the ability to protect the resort and its residents, though now a new reason sparked the stallion's confidence for travelling to the mountain, his daughter Sande. He wanted to ensure her safety, a promise to keep his first daughter as safe as possible, ensuring her a bright future.
    The stallion reaches the base of the mountain, taking the now familiar route that he had taken before, quickly making his way up the mountain until he reaches the top.
    "I have come again to ask you of something" he begins as he had done before, exactly the same, his voice is loud and clear but remains warm and kind "I would like to be able to protect the island resort and its residents, to protect those I love and care about. I would love to feel the air under my wings, to soar above the clouds and join my past draconic family in the skies, I want to feel the freedom of the sky, to fly wherever I need, it is something I have longed for" he states, his head already pounding as he becomes nervous "I would like to be able to breathe fire, in order to stop those that want to harm the resort but help those in need of help. I want to give aid to those that are in need of it and form a sanctuary in the resort for those that do not want to fight or have to be involved in war. I ask that you grant me the ability to shift into a dragon, though maybe selfish of me, I swear to protect and serve, to do good in Beqanna, I am ready to give up the abilities I already have, this includes my companion, though our bond is strong, I feel like he would understand" The stallion says clearly.
    "On this visit I come with new reason, I want to be able to protect my first daughter Sande and her mother, I want to give her a bright future and make sure she prospers" the stallion closes.
    His speech has remained mostly the same as he closes, a shiver running down his spine as the cold reaches him, hope fading as he waits for someone to appear. 

    Ruinam would like to request Dragon Shifting, he is willing to give up his current trait (companion animal) 
    Posts which explain why he requests the trait are in these threads:
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    http://beqanna.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=24282 1 post in here that explains why he wants to be able to shift and also why he would want to shift into a dragon and breathe fire
    http://beqanna.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=24502 He would like to be able to protect his daughter too
    And these threads have the remaining five required posts:
    I added more than needed just to be careful
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    She is really tired of this nonsense about protection, and she is even more tired of dragons. Dragons, dragons, dragons. This was a land of horses, not dragons, and yet days went by when she thought about just asking Beqanna to change them all to the damn reptiles and be done with it. It might be easier.

    Yet, he has come back enough times that she feels sorry for him, and so she appears out of nowhere before the stallion when he’s done his little speech. It was vastly unimpressive, as are most, but still, she’s here and that is something.

    “Go and speak to three others with such destructive traits as dragon shifting, but who seek to protect. Find out from them what it is like to wield such destruction in the name of protection. How often does protection turn into unintended destruction, and how do they deal with the consequences of good intentions gone awry?”

    With that, she disappears, leaving him to travel back down the mountain and complete his quest.


    You have been granted a quest. Go speak to 3 other horses (you may use the NPC account, but you must have three separate threads) who have a destructive trait (dragon things, fire, magic, whatever that’s vaguely like that) and find out if there has been a time that they meant to protect and ended up destroying. Come back with what you learn.
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    He has learned a lot since his last visit to the mountain, having visited many different lands and learning the unfortunate happenings of their rulers, also failing to gain information on a few occasions which had been disheartening at first, but even with his blunders, there was a lot to learn.
    He felt like his mind was quite clear now and that he understood the task he was given, especially after having battled Maleficar, he had learned what raw power could have done in that situation if he had the ability to use it, and even though it frightened him slightly, at least he understood the situation with a little more clarity.

    The climb up to the peak of the mountain takes as long as it did last time, the cold and magical atmosphere hinting toward great power, something to be cautious about when approaching.

    When he had battled Maleficar, he felt as if he'd opened up a new section of himself, learning about a new kind of unbridled anger, or perhaps just fear. Though he knew he couldn't be naive, he had to quickly learn to control what he had felt, especially since he had not felt it before.

    He reaches the top of the mountain and halts, this time his companion is with him, and even though he has a thick winter coat, it seems that he feels bothered by the cold.
    He knows they will be separated if he succeeds, the feeling is bittersweet, but they have both accepted the fact and feel no remorse toward each other.

    "Faeries," he says, though he does not attempt to raise his voice over the breeze, he knows the faeries can most likely hear him anyway.

    "I have come back because I believe I have learned what it feels like to destroy something when you are trying to protect it" he pauses, looking back at his companion with a hint of sorrow in his expression.
    "I have learned that if not controlled, anger and misuse can lead to a wide array of destruction, usually weighing a heavy burden on whoever has caused the destruction," he says, his voice still finding it quite hard to battle the breeze.

    "Even if you feel like you have control, you can lose it all at the snap of a finger, especially when there is a loved one included. You want to do your best to protect them and make sure they are safe, but that often leads to anger and more than likely, fear, you can feel lost and because you wield power, you feel as if you can protect your loved one. And that usually leads to destruction"

    "I felt a hint of it too when I was challenged, I realised that anger and fear could lead me down the wrong path, render me blind and unreasonable" he says with a slight nod "And after it is all done, you can never really get rid of what you have done, it'll always be with you. But I feel like I have learned enough to be able to control that anger and help others instead" he says, stepping away from his companion.

    Here are all the threads!




    He believes he has come back and learned what he had been tasked with!
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    He comes back having learned, and yet still he seeks the power. She appears, because there is no reason not to. Already he stands apart from his companion. Wysteria takes the fox first. It is not some drawn out thing, but rather, one moment the fox is there and the next he is gone. It is not painless though, for to give up a companion animal is to give up a piece of your soul. It leaves behind a wound that cannot be healed, a space inside yourself that will always be hollow. “Let his loss be a reminder of what you have learned. You will need it.”

    Magic swirls from her, purple and glittering and entirely unlike the power that it grants or the fairy that it comes from. It settles around him, infusing him with a magic that he will still have to earn. It is his, at the bottom of the mountain, but there is no cheating here. There is no flying down. He will walk, and then he will be as he asked.

    Your quest is successful. Please post in updates to have Dragon Shifting added and his companion animal removed.
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