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    version 22: awakening


    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    there's a dark moon on the rise
    Name: Ghaul
    Breed: Hybrid
    Gender: Male
    Color: Buckskin with galaxy marking idc where (Ee/Aa/nCr)
    Traits/Defects: Horns instead of eyeballs. Like horns in the sockets. tegteg [EQUUS DRACONIS][GALAXY MARKING][HORN][comapnion animal][immortality]
    Parents: Litoes x Bible

    So Ghaul is the baby brother of my absolute most favorite character ever, Larva. His mom is doing to die giving birth to him and Lie is going to be left raising him like a good dad. But Lie is running Pangea with Dawn so lil baby Ghaul is going to get into trouble! Maybe he sets someone's face on fire, maybe he eats someone's companion animal, who knows! I need people to befriend him, a few people to see how awful he is right from birth and try to warn Lie that his favorite son is literally Satan, and I need people for Ghaul to stalk. Just anything bad really.

    Name: Meraki
    Breed: Friesian Hybrid
    Gender: Female
    Color: Bay will fade ot pearlescent whirw
    Traits/Defects: tegteg [EQUUS PALANATE][WINGS][flowers][self healing]
    Parents: Vulgaris x LelianA

    Meraki puts on a facade, unlike Ghaul, and pretends to be SUPER nice to people so they trust her. But really she's just trying to get them addicted to the plant pheromones she produces so they have to be her friend FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. She needs some people to practice this on, though, so maybe she gives someone too much and they become obsessed with her??? Or maybe she makes a friend who realizes what she's doing and they try to convince her she doesn't have to use that to make friends. Also many, many boyfriends would be nice.
    I'd be up to do something with my asshole mammoth baby once he is born! My Kelpie foal could also be up to something
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    She can use it on her adopted brother, Auston! Whatever you want, I am game.
    Stave is going to annoy them both and it will be perfect.

    He will be the type to have a creepy obsession with Meraki too. It's fine.

    Tessa can be friends with Meraki and be like ??? what are you doing ???
    Saint can be like I see what ur doing bitch to meraki since she’s a plant based creep also LOL
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    & way too many more
    Meraki should come visit Ischia... just sayin’
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    I have Zen who will be living in Tephra, so Meraki and him could be friends! I'm open to him being trapped into being one of the many victims... I mean boyfriends! Hahaha. I also have Aeolus too (sea serpent shifter) in Ischia.

    Ghaul could come bother Zen as well. He has sparrow shifting so that would be funny to see him try and like kill him. I also have some yearlings soon, which are Aeolus and Divest (she'd probably hate him haha) in Island Resort.
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    Did you want to plot with Ghaul, Meraki, or both? And what do you want to happen between them? If I don't have some direction, I'm bad about letting things fizzle out lol.

    I'm down for that!! I'll start a thread for you once she's born so maybe he can be her first victim.

    Yeeees Meraki will be like "oh no i gave him too many spores mom halp" and have to admit she's been bad. Maybe Stave can be Ghaul's friend who gets into trouble with him?

    I would LOVE for Saint to be the older sister threatening to tell mom when she's bad lmao. She can practice begging her not to snitch and giving her puppy eyes.

    what is she gonna get into in Ischia? I'll send her regardless lmao Angel

    Maybe Meraki can pester Aeolus while she's in ischia bugging cal's pony! That way Ghaul is free to chase Zen and scare his poor little sparrow heart.

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