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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    i have all these kids that need things to do

    Clarissa: baby angel dragon shifter, Carnage x Candle. She's a pale teal with golden swirls, and in her dragon form she's pure white with a gold underbelly, wing membranes, and horns. She's going to be sweet and pure and happy (.....i hope) and live in Loess and be raised by Castile and co since she's family. Ghaul is going to be obsessed with her and they'll eventually live happily ever after but she needs stuff and lots of friends.

    Cieran: baby equus plantae kiddo, Valdr x Japhette. I need to figure out what his equus plantae characteristics are going to be but I think he's going to be the nerdy kid that everyone pretends to like but secretly makes fun of, because guess what? He's literally allergic to himself. He'll probably be quite shy because of it. He needs friends and a girlfriend maybe? And a place to live.

    Austra: Isilme's twin, Litotes x Dawn. She's a lion shifter with a Malayan tiger companion named Cybil. She also breathes fire but I don't think she's discovered that yet. She lives in Silver Cove with most of her siblings and is mostly quiet and reserved, the opposite of her sister. She needs things.

    Meraxes: Ophanim x Anabel, he's a dragon boy. Thinks Starsin hates him just for existing and he's probably right since he pranks her all of the time. Likes to get into dangerous situations because he knows he can just heal himself. Recently lost an eye in Djinni's quest but Malone won him his vision back. Lives in Loess and needs a little of everything, especially adventure.

    Athena: Clayton x Dawn, she was raised with all of Dawn's other kids and is pretty sheltered. Doesn't have any traits unlike her siblings so she's probably a little bitter about it. I haven't posted her yet but I need to soon! She needs to branch out from the Cove and make some friends.

    Dismay: Oxytocin x Khuma, hasn't been posted at all but needs something to do. Twins with Panic. I need to get her out and play her. She lives in Loess for now.

    Ember: dragon and fire mimicry gal I inherited from Venge. She's nice and very country and doesn't really know what she's doing with life. Eventually she'll need a love interest but for now just needs a home and friends.

    I have SO MANY OTHERS as well but I figure this is a place to start.
    Dawn | Cress | Oxytocin
    Sarkis | Xyrem | Meraxes | Austra | Ember

    draco & clarissa plzzzz

    maybe meraxes & saint??

    just toss em all together and see what happens
    PICK ME!

    Someone to Catcher. -heart eyes-
    I have a bunch!


    Beulah (lala): ophie baby who basically used her cuteness to make starsin adopt her. oops. super nice, happy girl - babbles when she's stressed.

    Fern: flower and plant obsessed little green girl. hasn't figured out she has plant manipulation. can be a little bossy/sassy.


    Vela: appears 3ish? she's a fallen star so shes a big idiot right now. claustrophobic. no friends.

    Sidhra: old ass immortal fairy who's trying to get her voice back. can be cranky and patronizing at times.

    Heloise: sassy/sarcastic avian shifter who just came back to BQ.

    Thia: still in the cove. still figuring her out. lmao.
    Well I'm crap at responding to everything buuuuuut

    phaetra yes yes and yes I will add these to my to do! Clarissa is going to be friends with all of the bad boys and Meraxes and Saint can bond over dragon stuff.

    Avion yes!!! I lose track of everyone and everything but I still owe you a post to Catcher. I'll throw Meraxes at her asap!

    Kiara Maybe Beulah and Clarissa can meet? Clarissa is in Loess so she's pretty close to Sylva! Also Vela and Meraxes can definitely hang out, they're about the same age and he's pretty outgoing so he can maybe bring her out of her shell a bit?

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