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    version 22: awakening


    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer

    [open]  Bloodfeather || Vulgaris, Leliana, Any ||

    it's just what happens when your heart goes ablaze

    If she is uncomfortable with the topic they discuss, she does not show it. If she wants to shift with her discomfort with the reminder of the war and the families torn asunder, she gives away nothing. Instead, she remains still, her face impassive and her gentle features clear as she listens to Wolfbane talk. She angles her head as she tries to comprehend it, her gentle heart swelling slightly in response to his pain.

    She may not trust him, and she may not understand him, but she can empathize with him.

    And it is the only thing that her healer’s heart knows how to do.

    Still, she says nothing until it is clear that the stallion is done speaking. For a moment, she continues to stay quiet as she contemplates the mess that he has laid out for them. She picks up the various threads of the narrative—trying to piece them together as if she may be able to sew the entire picture herself. As if she may be able to put them back together so that she could complete the entirety on her own.

    This is not her decision to make, she thinks, and thus looks to her husband for a moment longer. She studies the strong lines of his face, the way that it has weathered so much over the years, seen so much, and yet somehow managed to come out whole. She leans into him, pressing the feeling of trust into his breast, and hoping that it would be enough for him to know she will follow any decision he makes.

    But then she pulls back slightly, her gaze sharpening on Wolfbane’s.

    “Perhaps there is something I could do to help,” she offers, gentle. “You say there are forces that are changing within you. Perhaps I could provide you with something to help you control it.” She rolls a shoulder, suddenly uncertain about the strength of her own gift. “I have never tried before, but I could.”

    A smile, gentle as she offers it.

    “Try, that is.”

    — Leliana —

    V u l g a r i S
    He remembers warning Wolfbane of the trouble to come, when Leliana’s magic had at first consumed her. He knew very well that his brothers could perish beneath the weight of her wrath and they only had him to blame for it, back then. Would every war be the result of some mistake he had made, he wonders? The tired king nods when his friend asks if he remembers his vow and it comes to him as clearly as this moment.

    Vulgaris frowns as his friend tries to explain whatever dwells within him but he can only begin to understand. Was it anything like the curse his family bore? Was it something much darker than even that? But he does not pry, choosing instead to let him continue to speak his mind comfortably. A slow sigh leaves him as Wolfbane asks only for a bit of time to make things right once more. His faith in his friend is eternal, but he does not know how well the rest of Tephra might take to such loyalty. After all, they had burned together when they last tried to tangle themselves with Loess.

    He watches as his wife speaks up, her voice gentle and soothing like clear spring water. She had, after all, plucked Vulgaris from death and cleansed most of the darkness inside his heart. Leliana had faced a plague and lived to speak of it. His belief in her could dwarf even his bond with Wolfbane, he knows.

    Tephra will not move against Taiga for now. We want only peace for our people. So long as we are able to maintain that, we will initiate no wars and issue no challenges,” he says finally, though he worries if others will do the same. “I believe in you, Wolfbane. I know in my heart you will do what is right for everyone.

    His sage green eyes watch him, though they remain kind and unthreatening as he speaks. Part of him wonders what measures Wolfbane may go to in defending Loess from threats both beyond its borders and within, but that is a conversation for another time. Instead, he chooses to focus on matters they can solve in the nearer future.

    But what of this force, Bane? How can we help?
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