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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    new babies.
    And, by that, I mean new-ish babies.

    Basically, I have some younger characters that I want to develop more because they are really pretty and deserve more attention.

    * Nikolaus - He was trapped on Icicle Isle for like a year after the Tephra war with a broken leg that healed poorly. His friend / crush Linnea told Leliana about it when she came back to life so Leliana found him and fixed him up and he’s back home with his Loessian family (he’s a Castile / Sochi baby). I think he’s around three now. He has a permanent limp from the damage and is quiet, reserved, but still mostly kind. Very loyal.

    * Despoina - She is a Sinner / Sochi baby who was abandoned because she was forced. She’s really pretty and has hellhound shifting but is very broken and shy and reserved because her mom didn’t even try to pretend she wanted her. She was abandoned and then adopted by the Wonderlocks and also has a very interesting relationship with Draco forming.

    * Tessa - She is a Jarris and Adaline baby. She is twins with Thomas who inherited her mother’s glass trait. She loves her brother very, very much and is scared to leave his side or feel guilty for not being able to do a lot because he is fragile. Because of that, she sneaks off when he is sleeping to adventure and lies about it. She’s very kind but rambunctious and dreams of a bigger world. She loves to fly and is starting to figure out her water manipulation.

    * Stave - He is a very well-adjusted Carnage and Ryatah baby except not at all. He has necromancy and is creepy as hell. Very possessive and demented and looking to cause trouble.

    * Aurorae - I need to get her out because she’s gorgeous and I love her. She’s an Ana / Atrox baby which means Very Much to me and looks like an aurora because Squirt is talented. I haven’t fully fleshed her out at all but I imagine she will be awake mostly at night for obvious reasons.

    Help me. Love me. Plot with me. <3
    SOMEONE PLAY WITH LALA (literally the cutest) OR FERN (sassier, nature weirdo).

    Okay Whiny McWhinypants.

    Clearly Desire and Stave.

    And I have lots of other babies too. Olderish ones are Kade (j x p), Rosine (Wonderlock) and Dove (Starlie). Younger ones are Eternal (Brether) and Lilt (Sofa).

    They are all girls. Idk what you want.
    Ryatah & her 800 relatives, plus Briseis
    Kiara - Maybe Nikolaus and Lala?!

    Colby - ur the worst. I already text you my answers.
    yes. please.

    omg those were supposed to be the eyes emoji
    savage - honestly I didn't know how to reply to all of your question marks.
    I need to get out my own babies from last season some more too - that’s three girls. I have one nice ice-breathing tomboy girl, a not-so nice ice-breathing ice queen girl, and a kelpie who will try to eat and may manipulate time to get another try if she fails at the eating or the luring in part, I guess

    Next season I’ll have the cute new Ilma baby. I think he’ll be cute anyway.

    Oh and Terhi. She’s three (?) and mostly awake at night since she suffered from plague nightmares as a baby. She recently got Sublimation which I haven’t played out yet.

    I really like... well oof, all of them sound so interesting!
    If you’re looking for a mentor for your creepy baby I can try posting Rajanish a bit more. He’s... investigating... and experimenting... on other horses mostly. Necromancy would be something he’d love to see. It’s just I post him like maybe once every two months on average. :/

    Oh hi! You know I would love more threads with you, if you'll have me Big Grin

    I'll have Bruxas born in the spring. Valdis and litotes triplet that is super pretty <3
    Cyprin is 4 and regal and sweet - a naylor
    Erio is maybe 3? Sweet hellpuppy - sinner and Valdis babeh
    Nathaire is a creepster that I've had a post written for the past month but haven't had html to use with it lmao. He is a skaide baby
    Adarra is the pteron and reia baby that kahzie and I agreed to push for this season since they were technically supposed to be born last.

    Adarra and Bruxas are clean slates so I dunno how they will be

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