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    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer

    [private]  Bloodfeather [Pt. 2] || Vulgaris, Leliana ||
    The lives they lead as immortals are a tangled web, intersecting and overcrossing one another from an epicenter that becomes lost when looked at from far away. At one point or another Wolfbane, Leliana and Vulgaris had been at the epicenter together; now the strands of gossamer silk are stretching and furthering themselves. Just because the trio might be able to recall a common core, it doesn’t mean that Bane coming here and asking for favors wouldn’t leave tremors of unrest throughout their carefully woven web.

    What they discuss today affects a much larger population.

    “Thank you, Vulgaris.” Bane exhaled. Turning, the visitor considered the interwoven threads all around them but eyed Jakub first with a courteous, stiff smile. Having been largely silent on the matter of everything thus far, the shapeshifter from Taiga highly doubted he would have much of anything to say from here on out. While it’d been an uncomfortable thing to talk about Castile and his wife, Lepis, in front of the minotaur, Wolfbane figured that divulging any more information - especially information about his … problems - would go above and beyond polite accommodation.

    “I hope you don’t mind,” He told the large, black stallion, “but I think the four of us make a crowd.” Bane’s lip jerked into a polite grin. For a moment it was his old face, the one that wore fangs and always seemed a bit rakish. “I’d like for Vulgaris and Leliana to show me their work on Tephra.”

    He shrugged. His wings felt heavy and cumbersome, weighed down by condensation but the blue-barred pegasus shifted among the tall vegetation and slapped his tail against his beautifully marked hide. “I’m open to any of your ideas Leliana.” The suddenly solemn horse mused, his head smoothly bent aside to eye the King and Queen distantly. Anything to give me hope, “And I’d be more than happy to explain the… situation… I’m up against.” He hesitated only once, finding the right words a bit hard to come by.

    His body settled comfortably again, now that the urge to just shift away his wings had passed. In the silence following his request the cry of tropical birds lifted, filling the already tight space between green trunks and leaves. Wolfbane blinked and breathed steadily, the light from above glinting off his shimmering blue eyelids and plush, sparkling nose as he did.

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    [Image: wolfbane_by_cowgirlconrad-dcokq5p.png]

    it's just what happens when your heart goes ablaze

    Leliana is quiet as the conversation continues and, when Wolfbane clearly indicates that he would like some more privacy, she turns toward Jakub. Her face is apologetic—uncertain about how to proceed when the request seemed reasonable and yet, she herself would never dream of dismissing the man from their presence. “Find me later, Jakub,” she says quietly, angling her head so that her haze eyes could better study him. Her smile is gentle. “There is so much that the two of us need to catch up on.”

    But the conversation does not pause and she cannot extract herself from it just yet.

    So, she gives one more apologetic smile, dipping her head, and then moving forward with the other two stallions. Her shoulder brushes gently against Vulgaris’ and the trio walks in somewhat silence through the thickest of the growth that explodes around them—the marks of the Loess war long faded in its wake.

    When they finally do pause, she finds herself tangled in her own thoughts, in her own concerns, and in her own questions. “I don’t know yet,” she answers honestly, never ashamed of the own limits she has found in her gift. Magic was not an unending well of power and it was certainly not without its cost.

    She knew that more than most.

    “But I imagine to give you some restraints, something for you to feel more in control, there would need to be some sort of counterweight—something to help with the balance.” She rolls a shoulder, unsure of herself and her abilities, before bringing her hazel eyes back to him, letting the honesty play out there.

    “It would help to know more about the situation,” her gaze slides to Vulgaris, studying his familiar features and wondering what he might think of the situation, before returning to Wolfbane.

    “And perhaps just seeing for myself what we are facing.”

    — Leliana —


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