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    version 22: awakening


    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    [private]  take my hand, we'll dive into the sea; Olver

    All of the voices inside of my mind will never be silenced

    It’s easy to lose time underwater. Easy to lose all sense of those things that seemed so important on the surface. And when she had overcome the fear that brought her back time and again, it had been too easy to forget why she would even choose to return. Down here, in the heavy depths of the sea, silence reigns. Not just the silence of water muting and distorting sound so effortlessly, but the silence in her own mind.

    And that is perhaps the most beautiful thing of all.

    Here the voices do not reach her. They do not disturb her every waking thought, nor do they stir her from the soundest of sleeps. She does not need to constantly work to press them out, to wish so fervently her mind might one day be her own. No, here beneath the waves, her world is beautifully, blessedly silent.

    But she has discovered just how lonely such isolation is. They had not been made for life without companionship, after all. And it is that loneliness that drives her to the surface. The soul-deep ache is perhaps the only thing that could make her forget, for a moment at least, how the voices clamour.

    So she moves from the depths of salt and coral to the murky flow of the great river. Though the endless barrage of thoughts are not so muffled here, they are quieter. Manageable. And now, in the low light of the dawn, the sun only just beginning to fall over the land, there is a hush fallen over the surface. Though she knows it would not last, for a moment she can almost pretend.

    When finally her pearlescent hooves sink into the muddy banks, she pulls herself above the water. A great exhale expels the water from her lungs, and her next breath stings with the clarity of the air. Once the transition would have sent her into great, hacking coughs. But time and practice had taught her how to better avoid that particular discomfort.

    With a soft sigh, she looks above her, gaze taking the blanket of stars above as they slowly fade beneath the growing light. The soft murmur in her mind is, in the hush of the early morning, gentle, almost comforting. It wouldn’t last, of course. But for now, she would accept the boons as they came.

    until I can find a way to let go of what we left behind


    The seasons rush through Beqanna in all their glorious force. Some blowing in on gentle winds and others such as this winter storming her lands in a torrential downfall of soft, cold flakes.

    No matter their entrance Olver had accepted each one with a smile upon his velvety lips. It was a cycle that needed to happen and the assurance that the world was following its path and the end of it was still far off gave him comfort in his nomadic travels. 

    He followed the winding river watching the water travel effortlessly beneath its glass case towards freedom at its mouth. When a clearing of the bright night sky presented itself he watched the twinkling stars mirrored on the glassy top of the river, his auburn reflection staring back pulled him from his wistful daydreams. 

    As he drew closer to ocean the sky began to lighten and with it a frown. It had been many seasons since he had regained his voice.... no that's not right, you can't regain something you never had... It had been many seasons since a voice in the night had been gifted to him.

    But what good did it do when you had noone to talk to. This feeling of loneliness hit him sometimes, out of the blue, and with it memories of the few conversations he had ever had in his lifetime. 



    Sadness crept into his belly as he continued to follow the silent river. Others wished for solitude, complete silence. Olver wished for anything but. His mossy green eyes looked forward, that was all he could do he supposed. 

    Just as he did so the auburn, green stallion was frozen where he stood. It couldn't be. A seafoam beauty, emerging from the edge of the world before him. "Pers.." ..ea he began to shout, his words stolen mid breath as the sun broke the horizon. Persea, it couldn't be. he was imagining her. His first true friend emerging before him just as he was about to lose himself all over again. 

    He couldn't be that lucky.


    All of the voices inside of my mind will never be silenced

    Of the many things she might expect to herald the dawn breaking the horizon, her name drifting, interrupted, through the air is not one of them. There are few enough who know her that to stumble upon someone nearly immediately after such a sustained absence is surprising. As she shifts her gaze, blinking, it takes her a moment to register the verbal exclamation that had ended on thought rather than breath. But when her eyes settle on the familiar green and gold form, her immediate delight is tempered by a momentary confusion.

    Moving slowly through the shallows towards one of her oldest friends, she glances briefly around, brows furrowed. Still, it cannot halt the spread of a smile across her lips as she greets him with familiar warmth. “You are a sight for sore eyes Olver.”

    After a moment, when she sees no one else around them, her lips dip briefly into an uncertain frown. “Is it just you here?”

    Her seeking mind feels no one else nearby, but she knows there exists those who have natural defenses against her ability. But as her attention returns to Olver, his thoughts as clear as his voice despite her years-long attempts to suppress her ability, she realizes belatedly that perhaps what she had been seeking had been before her this entire time.

    Suddenly, eyes widening faintly, she exclaims gently, “Your voice!’

    until I can find a way to let go of what we left behind


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