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    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    A little light makes his way trough the kingdom; a child’s laugh follows as the bushes and his wings betray his whereabouts in the thick foliage of the fertile volcano’s ground. The colt is alone, plays alone as his caretaker sometimes needs to visit other lands or talk to people - adults - that are important in some way. The light-coloured Aztec stumbles through the tropical forest on elongating legs, his gangly gait more sure about his path with every new day. Today he chases a dragonfly, tomorrow perhaps a parrot or a lizard.

    He takes after his parents without knowing; without knowing them. He has been told his mother was on some sort of mission. It must be important, but it basically meant that she visited about once a month to check on him. She hasn’t really raised him, and so it is hard for the young boy to see her as his mother - or it would have been, had she not had those exact same wings he’s never seen on anyone else before.

    Isilya teaches him things sometimes. Things that are important. But most of the time the boy grows up lonely, befriending and playing with the animals that naturally live in Tephra.
    He finds himself running and tumbling through the dense foliage, black body ombre-ing into bright vermillion color blending into the diverse flowers beneath him. His ears swivled in all directions while a large boyish grin sweeps his face giving his vermillion eyes a sparkle of joy.

    He's done it.

    He has finally snuck away from his father's hulking form.

    And now he finds himself head swung behind him checking to make sure he was really triumphant, about to tumble chest first into his very first aquaitence.

    Maybe a friend?

    "Ooooooh! Watch out!" He shouts, head swinging forward again just in time to see a small, bright light spring up before him. He jams his front hooves into the soft earth beneath him forcing his front half to stop abruptly while science and the laws of physics continue on their proper way of yanking his butt over his head and tumbling him into that bright light.

    What's in motion stays in motion.

    And there was no stopping this new meeting of young boys

    There's only one thing in his mind - the dragonfly he's following through the thick jungle foliage today. As children can do, he disregards all the rest. For example, he doesn't remind himself to dim the brightness of his wings to non-existent, he doesn't look where he's going (he's still in Tephra, he knows by smell, so why bother further than that) and he's never met anyone who is playful like himself - thus far, if he met someone in one of these chasing games, they sidestepped with a snort and ignored him.

    A collision with Osiriis could therefore not be helped.

    The perlino with his sunlight wings only hears the black-and-vermillion boy when he shouts, but by then it is far too late for either to jump aside - the boy in front of him attempts a stop that Toivo notices is not helpful, but his last-millisecond noticing is not saving him at all. The black two-year old's hind now approaches Toivo, who only has so much time to squeal and duck his head sideways - but his back and hind still catch the other, and they go down tumbling in a frivolous display of legs entangled.

    Crashing into the bushes, Toivo might call himself lucky that his wings are made of light alone - warm and bright, sure, but they'll never damage or set anything aflame. Still, he lost his newest friend, and this guy better make up for it! ... if they can get un-tangled that is.

    Sides heaving, the perlino and sunlight boy snorts, then bursts into a laugh. "You watch out yourself, you." He giggles and shakes his head, but when he tries to move, he finds his hind legs under the other, and his front legs only gain footing in the softness of the other boy's side - which is to say, not enough to get up.


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