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    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    [private]  between the lines of fear and blame
    Her silence following his question is concerning. Had asking her been rude? Blue is a creature who enjoys considering possibilities, and it hadn’t occurred to him that others might not be exactly the same. The Island Resort is paradise, he knows, but is it the only paradise? Not everyone in Beqanna lives here with them, so surely there are appealing qualities to the other lands. Some certainly aren’t paradise - who would live in a froen land or near an active volcano?! – but something in the outside world must have been appealing for Divest’s mother to consider leaving her here. Blue has no children of his own, but the idea of leaving one behind is one possibility that he considers unfathomable.

    She doesn’t know, she eventually tells him, speaking of a plan to remain reactionary rather than causal.

    It is a fitting outlook for her, Blue thinks; why disrupt perfection? He stifles his curiosity and the subsequent questions that her answers elicit. What sort of thing might call her? How would she even know?

    “I think I’ll stay here too,” he tells her, “but I think I want to travel too. I want to see what the rest of Beqanna looks like, and maybe look for my family as well. Plus I have to go back to the Mountain eventually!” His smile is bright, and he shakes back the white forelock that the wind has blown across his blazed face.

    She has never found herself planning. The future was filled with many possibilities. A bright one ahead she hoped. Divest could only believe that the world would show her something—a sign perhaps if that was even possible. Although she isn’t sure what that entirely means considering nothing truly happens on the Resort.

    Maybe she will wait her entire life for nothing.

    Wait for nothing? She considers silently to herself. Spending her entire life waiting for something to come sounded pointless. A waste of an entire lifetime of doing nothing. It didn’t truly sound amazing as she thought it might be.

    Blue’s voice brings her back, her silver eyes quickly focuses back onto his finely chiseled face that she supposes many mares would find attractive like she did right now. He tells her that he thinks he will stay here. Divest liked that idea a lot. Then he mentions travelling. She liked that too. The pastel mare had not thought of that before until now. She had done it once before—almost had forgotten she had. Perhaps this quiet paradise would make her forget many things in the end. It was easy to get lost after all in the beautiful sights and sweet sounds from the ocean and tropical island.

    His bright smile made her smile just a little more. Divest was happy to see he is feeling cheerful, perhaps even hopeful for his future adventures. “To be honest, I don’t think I’d let you leave.” Her chuckle was light and laced with a hum of amusement. “That is true, you will have to go back sometime to see what the fairies say. Maybe even give you some more ideas where you can find your family.” She nods her head in accord. He had reasons to go back to the mainland, more than she did in fact.

    However, she wonders. “I think travelling would be a great idea too. There is a lot to see out there on the mainland. I only ever got a glimpse of it once.” She glances away for a moment, turning towards the direction where the mainland was, although from their view the tropical island covers it most. Perhaps she could see it again sometime. Turning back to face Blue, her smile softens a little. “If you ever need some company on your travels, I would be happy to come along.” She wouldn’t mind seeing the rest of Beqanna with him either.

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