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    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    spark my muse
    I need something to spark my muse and get my ponies out to meet new faces. All my ponies are basically up for making friends, possible love interests, drama that is good or even traumatizing!

    Astrophel - Stallion - Profile | Detailed bio
    Astrophel has a strong love and bond for stars. He is shy and naive, but overly friendly and kind to others easily. He could use some friends (any star trait ponies he'd love to meet!) and maybe a love interest. He is currently in Tephra.

    Divest - Mare - Profile | Detailed bio
    Divest is the daughter of Sinner and Mary. She has spent her entire life on Island Resort and has only left once. She is effected by her mother "abandoning" her since, in her eyes, her mother left her on the island and hardly came to visit after she went to Loess. She is confident in herself, tries to hide her insecurity, and is very dedicated and loyal to those she becomes friends with. She loves the idea of building a family or community with friends. Sometimes she can be argumentative, blunt, and insensitive to others. Currently in Island Resort.

    Dracarys - Mare - Profile | Detail bio
    Dracarys is the first/love child of Sinner and Dracarys. Her personality is very much like her father - confident, strategic thinker, selfish at times, power hungry, etc. - but not as reckless as he was. She wants to make a name for herself. She could use friends, a lover, etc. She is currently in Loess.

    Loire - Profile | Detail bio
    Loire is very much the dream girl with her head up in the clouds always, always looks for the best in others, etc. She once had an outgoing personality, but after almost being drowned by a kelpie she met she developed a huge fear for the water and became more introverted. She is going to be leaving Ischia because she cannot stand being around water and feels like she is trapped on the island. So, she will be looking for a new home (once I get the post up Tongue). She could use friends or a love interest, and maybe someone to help her discover her sky manipulation ability if interested.

    Orion - Mare - Profile
    I am going to attempt to play Orion again. I need to get away from other Lion's lines LOL She didn't click with me right away, but I am willing to give her another try. She is about 3 years old now living in Taiga. She was adopted by Lethy and her family after losing her mother in a bad storm. For right now, she doesn't have a set personality. Perhaps neutral for now until I write her. She also has cosmic travel, so if anyone wants to visit places or go to the land of the dead, etc.

    A couple others I might drag out, but not really sure how my muse is with them, and some others if they spark your interest. Feel free to check out my ponies in the database as well.
    • Sinner - currently in Pangea
    • Wolf - Sinner x Dracarys, wolf shifting. I'm not sure if I'd bring him as a foal or a couple years older. I suppose it depends on the interest.
    • Eva - Leader of Ischia
    • Egwene - Newborn filly, Velkan x Eva with Wendigo mimicry
    currently playing
    Astrophel | Eva | Divest | Dracarys | Loire

    Hmmm I miss Shelbi words! But all I’ve got is Bean lol and a new baby named Gwendy. 
    Wolf is tempting... if I brought May out to play because she has wood manipulation so that could be interesting between them.
    (and others)

    My ponies are up for basically anything.

    I have lilliana who is my well-intentioned trainwreck. She really does try to make everything okay and put out all the fires around her but they tend to turn into raging infernos. She is normally very even-tempered but is having a hard time keeping her temper controlled these days which is always fun to write. She is in Taiga/Nerine and loves to drag Nev into drama.

    Nashua is one of her sons being born this season and all I really know about him is he is going to be very headstrong and impulsive with a good sense of humor. He's got wings and will most likely flit around BQ once he gets the hang of them. I'd love some friends/love interests/interactions for him to help start shaping him as a character.

    I also have Brienna (Corban x Eurwen) who will be a bubbly, sweet girl who is in the same boat as Nash.

    We could also throw Divest and Allora (Kildare x Mary) together since they are half-siblings?
    Lilliana | Nashua | Aela
    Brienna | Tarian | Julia | Avocet | Celeste
    None of these are new faces but here's some ideas

    Astrophel and Isilya!!!

    also maybe Loire and Tamlin could meet up again now that they're all grown up??

    also also Egwene and Eugene. OR Egwene and Velkan because he's gonna have the Feels about her getting some wendigo traits
    Kirito still needs to meet grandpa Sinner:p

    But also Nolin can meet Divest?

    I haven't played her in forever but I have Carinae, who was raised in outer space (because why not), so she'd totally love to meet Astrophel lol

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