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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    [open]  Ice forged in Fire; Kamali and any!
    We got older and I should have known
    that I’d feel colder when I walk alone
    He remembers when he really wasn’t good at recruiting, and now he found a second stallion to join their ranks within weeks.

    Really, maybe he should pay Cas a visit and thank him for burning the Isle. He’d definitely made it a more interesting place… well, alright maybe his own ideas of reforging it as not such a silent place as it used to be, helped as well.

    For now, he amicably leads Kamali north, through Hyaline, Taiga and Nerine, sharing a bit of information on the landscapes and the current rulers as they pass through, so that he may know if he can find enemies or allies there. He briefly tells the male about Loess as they converse, but doesn’t go in depth, stopping just at naming Castile as a former Nerinian and his part in the Burning of Icicle Isle and saying Lepis now rules it. He’s not too keen on making Kamali interested in the hill kingdom at all, actually - Taiga is much friendlier, with Lilliana, and Aten, though he knows he hasn’t visited the latter for a while and probably should. Nerine, as their mother kingdom at the time, is mentioned as a former home as well, and that much of his family is still at home within the rocky cliffside kingdom.

    He has to make some conversation after all.

    They swim to the Isle near the northermost point of Nerine and Icicle Isle, because the canal is the narrowest there. He’s quite sure the younger bachelor will make it, but it’s better to not baptize him in icy cold water for the longer swim from Taiga or south Nerine. ”Welcome to Icicle Isle - or what’s left of it.” They near the heart-shaped lake and the blue flaming tree on the way south, where most of the residents reside. ”It really needs some cleaning, I suppose.” he grimaces at the almost-familiar sight of soot.
    no. 7 | ice forged in fire

    KAMALI sorry it took so long!
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.
    Kamali watched Leilan turn from him and start heading in the direction of the place he would soon call home. The younger bachelor followed the older listening to him speak several facts about each region and its leader. Kamali took note on who he could trust and who to be more wary of. The stallion had a feeling Leilan was giving him a need to know version of the different regions, but it did not bother him as he knew he was an outsider and would soon learn more the longer he was apart of his new family. 

    as the two stallions reached the waters edge, Kamali glanced over at Leilan before following him into the icy water. The bachelor snorted as he swam not exactly a fan of the chill at first, but he knew he would grow used to it with time. As the reached the other side, Kamali gave a little shake before taking in his new surroundings. The stallions eyes light up as he saw the blue flaming tree "That is pretty cool" Kamali commented as he looked around Icicle.
    Her home has finally returned to white from its charred black look after the initial assault. Though, the white is a different shade; a slightly grey hue from the ash that blankets the terrain. The footing is dusty now and, even the slightest movement casts a light plume of ash up to your chest. The mint-spotted black huffs into the crisp air as her mint gaze searches for movement. Visibility remains about the same (let's be honest, a tundra has very few variation in its landscape) since the fire charred everything. The only difference are the fluttering bits of ash above the barren ground. Jesla blinks as one lands among her eyelashes.

    Sensitive olfactories soon pick up the familiar cologne of Leilan. Her eyelids flutter open as her mint gaze searches for the dark-pointed silver ice-dragon. Another scent reaches Jesla 's nostrils and, she decides to spring into motion. The other's scent is masculine as well. The timing of a newcomer startled the blanket appaloosa though, she has hope that he is an acquaintance of the frosted stag. She would find out soon enough.

    Although, the ash and soot is much less slippery than ice, the lean-built mint-spotted rump of the young lady only drives her limbs into a springy trot. Her two-beat gait is well-balanced and covers the ground easily. In no time, Jesla catches sight of Leilan, Icicle Isle's Freyr and, the tri-colored, younger male beside him. No one really looks great after swimming from the mainland. Leilan's build is thick and, when soggy after a swim, he looks mostly the same, except for his golden-streaked mane which plasters to his thick nape. The new guy does not look half-bad either. He bears a hide the color of dirty sand with a dark stripe along his spine. The dappled tawny hue darkens into a sooty brown just above his knees and the outermost points. His lower legs are painted white - a distinct contrast to the coating of ash at their unshod feet. Patches of white hair mark his shoulders, rump and face and, mixes of brown-black and white streak his tresses.

    Jesla, herself, offers a warm, welcoming smile and, her mint gaze is a soft shade of green. Bronze-tipped ears are the one aspect of her markings that is obviously her sire's. Well, those bronze tips and, the predominantly black pelt she sports. Flecks of ash dust her velvet fur though, the winter dullness is yielding to a sleeker set of hairs. The mare stands casually and, purposefully, positions herself at a perpendicular angle to the men. She had no intention of a confrontation so, why block their path? Her dad made she sure she understood how body language impacts a conversation. As this was the buckskin overo's first impressions of the Isle, Jesla thought it would be more representative to greet him with warm and inviting body language. Her tone is warm too. "Hello there, sir. I am Jesla. Welcome to the Isle." Her gaze flicks to Leilan before she offers him, "Welcome home, Freyr. Any sign of my father?" She trusted Jesper would return. The question now is, when?

    Leilan KAMALI

    It’s dirty, that’s certain, the isle of ice is no such thing. Well, suppose the dirt colored white was snow once, but personally, he wouldn’t even consider it to be anymore. Muck. Barren, sooty, he feels the grime coated in his nostrils, clinging to his flesh.

    Even now, he shows contempt, ocean eyes roaming over the flats. It is so very different here, nothing like his home, and currently- he isn’t sure whether that is a good thing or not. Ivo really should learn to show some gratitude, maybe a thanks, alas, he doesn’t seem to know better.

    Terrible company, this one.

    “You weren’t stretching the truth,” a simple enough statement, although it comes out of nowhere- much the same as his presence did. The indigo pointed bay, didn’t shy away from butting into their congregation. Rather, he waltzed right in like he was supposed to be there or something. Briefly the topic of fires had been touched on, that fateful day at the river, seeing it for himself- it looks all too familiar.

    “Is that your souvenir, the tree,” he gestures towards the flickering branches with his nose. An odd sort of momento, he could have sworn the other had been adamant for him to see geysers of some sort, although the tree itself isn’t lacking in the interesting department.

    It is only now that he really takes in the gathering, tracing the congregation with his sight and pulling his ears forward as he looks them over. “Could have done without the swim myself,”, and there it is, that sneer, how this man’s face is not sore from grimacing is beyond me.

    “Ivo,” the way he says it, tells all one must know about the indigo-haired boy.

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    We got older and I should have known
    that I’d feel colder when I walk alone
    The by now familiar form of Jesla appears on the horizon, and the ice dragon shifter can’t help but smile a little to himself. Ever faithful, that one - though perhaps she might not like his ideas of a good change for the future. But if losing her to a sister kingdom means many others may flock to the Isle instead, it’s a loss he might be willing to take. Still, he would prefer she’d stay, of course.

    ”Titles, Jesla, titles… Anyway, good afternoon. This is Kamali… and that one approaching, would be Ivo. They’re both new residents.” he greets her with a short nod, indicating he recognizes her greeting, even though she does so a bit formally for his taste. She knows by now that he doesn’t bother much with etiquette, and he knows by now that she will continue to do it regardless. ”Haven’t seen Jesper yet, but I believe officially he still needs to be in Loess. Perhaps I owe them a visit, but it’s unlikely that he will be let go of without compromise.” He knows Castile hadn’t let go of the Hyaline leader at the time, after inheriting the prisoner. There’s not a very great chance of Lepis letting go of her advantage on Nerine either, but perhaps she’ll feel like she owes them for Cas’ burning the Isle. Who knows. It’s worth a shot.

    Looking to Ivo and Kamali, he smiles a little. ”Cracks, soot, geysers, and a pretty tree. That’s what we’ve got here.” he shakes his crest. ”Maybe the night lights make up for the rotten ground a little.”

    Looking around the Isle, he has to admit it doesn’t look very inviting. In fact, there is a little problem with it that he feels he needs to discuss with the residents. He knows about Sabrina and Intoxication, too, by now. How does one feed a mammoth out here? ”There’s a bit of shelter between the rocks or in the burned forest, but if you need anything reinforced, I’ll make you an ice wall. Now then,” he says as he turns the party south, ”food will be our main problem. Now that you’re all here, I suppose we should discuss how we’ll go about getting it.”
    no. 7 | ice forged in fire

    Jesla KAMALI Ivo
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.
    The sooty buckskins attention was taken from the burning blue tree as his heterochromia pupils caught movement coming towards himself and Leilan. Kamali flared his nostrils taking in the approach creatures scent, it was a sweeter smell not like the musky one that came from a stallion. The buckskin stud could tell it was a mare coming in their direct, most likely a herd member coming to greet their return. Kamali returned the mint speckled mare's warm smile " it is a pleasure to meet you Jesla, I am Kamali" He greeted with a head dip.

    Kamali turned his head in the direction of the bay stallion that had joined their conversation. The sooty buckskin got the feeling Ivo would be an interesting stud to get to know. His personality was a bit dark some might call it being a downer, but Kamali decided to push passed it " Nice to meet you Ivo."

    As Leilan began to explain more about the Isle, the shelter, and food, the sooty buckskin stud listened in for what details would come form the silver roan stallion.

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