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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    Winter is here;
    She draws their attention, braced for an attack, but while she does find many of their eyes on her and their gazes are hungry, Noah doesn’t feel any aggression directed at herself, and she can see the effects of their hunger on their bodies. Still, she’s encountered smiling faces hiding dangerous ideas before, and she returns her green eyes to Leilan with some caution. “Passing from where to where?” she inquires of him, because it is clear he is leading these people. “We have plenty of resources here to go around,” she adds, but her voice is so polite it’s almost a threat. “As long as the safety of my people isn’t threatened.”

    Honestly, even if the dozen of them wanted to move here permanently, it wouldn’t make a noticeable impression on the resources available in the Pampas. She’s more worried about the fact that they don’t appear to be like most of her residents; she has nobody here but family, young people and vulnerable people and they are not fighters. More dreamers than doers, in contrast to this lot who even underfed and raggedy look like a bunch of doers and fighters. The Pampas does not stand on its own, and she wonders what the political landscape looks like, and whether there is a political reason she shouldn’t be helping them.

    But that’s not in her nature. She wants them to eat their fill, and then she wants them to leave.

    From within the group, emerges perhaps the least threatening of all of them; even the little red mare has to lower her gaze to meet the ice-blue of the fox. There was a time when she would have been uneasy in the presence of a predator, especially one with a fresh kill under his paws, but that was before the arrival of her cousin and his family. They have shared their second selves with her, and after being faced with a mountain lion, a bear, and a foal who turns into an adolescent feline already bigger than her equine form, the fox no longer makes her queasy. Instead she holds his gaze a long moment, silent, considering his words.

    “I might know somebody who can help you,” she finally murmurs, gaze flicking to Leilan over the top of him, “But the Pampas is not a free entity. We would have to consult with Loess before offering any more direct assistance to anyone. In the meantime, you are free to eat your fill as long as the residents are left in peace here.”
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    Jesper Leilan

    a dragon who couldn't be hurt on the outside
    could have so many ragged holes inside
    The roan stallion looks the mare over with almost an appreciation on his face. She is not like others, she wishes to have her own corner of peace in the world. Frankly, he hadn’t wanted to go to the Pampas for this reason - knowing the people there had done nothing wrong. But it was tied strongly to Loess, which had been a considerable part of the message he intended to send into the world. And it had everything in terms of food and warmth.

    It was good to start here - the best place to do so. Noah was simply one who got caught in the middle.

    ”Icicle Isle, and back.” he doesn’t pretend to actually be making a world tour. ”We’ll make it quick,” he starts and pointedly looks in the general direction of his bunch of food-deprived warriors to let them know he doesn’t want any of them to linger, “so we’ll be out of your hair soon without too much damage, if any. I’m sure your Loessian king will be able explain why we were here. Tell him Leilan and Jesper said hi, and ask him no to visit any more.” he adds, not willing to discuss the topic in detail right now. Besides, it is better if she tells her kingdom they were here after they are gone; and possibly she may vent some of her anger there. He doesn’t know if she’s the type to vent, but he isn’t planning on continuing to test her.

    He nods to her when she informs them of her decision not to help right away; he hadn’t expected any offer at all, so it is something. ”I’ll make sure they’re left alone.” he says; overlooking the bunch of grazing horses and the occasional predator going for game, he doesn’t think it will be an issue. They’re too starved to cause trouble - at least, as long as they don’t get interrupted. And Leilan certainly has the most to gain by not letting this thing get out of hand.

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