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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    Dawn of the dragon - ALL - kingdom meeting
    The dragon leaves the Taigans behind as soon as he knows the kid is in good hands, and turns back north on a swift wintery current. Spring is looming, he knows, but that doesn’t mean that the Taigan fog or the icy northern winds allow many to actually feel it; not so soon in the season at any rate.

    He flies across the south-western parts, examining the forest from above. Black and grey colours greet him from below, though to his surprise, some green is there as well. The dragon swoops down to inspect it - Icelandic moss, he finds, and some trees dare to bring forth a green stalk or two. Most bushes are not that eager, and he can’t say he disagrees with them. Time, then - it will take more time.

    He ventures north in the direction of the ever-flame, it’s blue glow an attraction for those who stand the cold and the ashes long enough. He doesn’t actually go so far; he spies no heat signatures there, though he might miss out on one that wants to stay hidden. Instead, he curves back south towards the granite plains. His ice breath proceeds him, and when the ice dragon finally lands, he does so on a frozen platform of icicles; his weight shatters most of them into a tiny dust of snowflakes, ash, and other icy bits.

    He calls them - all of them. It’s time to organize them, and discuss their options. It's time they make a new mark on this scorched earth.

    ”Tell me your desires,” he addresses them shortly. ”Tell me what you need to reach those goals. We’re here to reinvent ourselves, this land, and our world. So do it. Time to get a move on.” Let there be no excuse heard as to why they’ve fallen silent after the last dinner - they have heads and legs, don’t they?
    nothing burns like the cold

    For all of you - this is an activity check! I know we had one last year but I intend to revise the rank board with actual ranks. Anyone who wants a job (like visiting other lands!) please respond! I’d prefer IC btw, but if you can’t make it please reply here!
    Also - check out our discord channel please! ^^

    Edit: added a lil’ speech and tagged you ppls
    Chemdog Hexen Ivo KAMALI Jesper
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.

    dead men tell no tales

    Ooooh. A herd meeting already? Why, the mare finds herself positively tickled at the prospect of meeting the rest of the sorry sacks of skin that call this Isle their home. 

    Hexen moves like a silk dress flowing in a warm tropical breeze. She is not a small woman, standing at nearly seventeen hands, and her coat generally makes her stand out in a crowd. But here, she finds, the blues and whites of her coat match her surroundings perfectly, making her difficult to find, at times. This time, though, she is not hiding. 

    The spotted mare appears in the wind, emerging into the clearing to look up at the ... admittedly impressive beast before her. A quick glance around confirms that Chemdog has not yet arrived. Hexen switches her tail, holding it away from her body briefly, before clamping it back down. Cold girly bits just won't do. 

    "Salutations," purrs the woman, casting her eyes on the dragon. "I am afraid I am new here; forgive me my greenery. I am Hexen... Chemdog failed to tell me your name."

    H E X E N

    The sooty Buckskin listened as his new herd leader, Leilan spoke. Kamali's heterochromia eyes landed on the mare walking towards the silver roan dragon. The blue roan mare was something to be seen, but Kamali snorted snapping himself back to the present issue at hand. The young stallion waited until the mare was finished before turning his attention to Leilan.

    "My desire it to help and serve my herd." Overo stud answer, though he kept it to himself that he would also like to find a mare, but since he had just joined Leilan, Kamali thought it best todo his part first then find love.

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