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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [open]  I can't afford fire, but I keep myself warm; any

    my nerves are turned on. I hear them like musical instruments.
    where there was silence the drums, the strings are incurably playing.
    The world has changed since last she walked it, but some things never change. This place seems to remain a constant, though the rest of Beqanna has been reshaped. She had not come here first – curiosity had driven her on restless winds to run the length of the world, or at least, from end to end and end to end again of the mainland. The familiar places of her time are gone, and the lithe little mare has no reason to believe that any familiar faces remain either. Kaite has no real recollection of the many decades when she was beyond the veil, but she did not lose the sense of the passing of time.

    Her body feels young again, not ravaged by the age she had attained before she died, and her soul calls out for her to keep exploring, that perhaps somewhere on this giant island she will find some remains of her family, or of the Brotherhood. The little mare would gladly succumb to those urges, except she is knows already that she is not alone. The thoughts of the children sheltered somewhere under her ribcage are not yet coherent, but they are vibrantly alive. She does not want to fend entirely for herself when she grows unbearably large with the burden of the twin souls inside herself, so finding a home before winter has taken on a new urgency. Once they are born and mobile on their own, then perhaps she can take them seeking.

    For now, her heart beats with the resolve to find a safe haven before the weather turns into howling winds and snowfall. The pregnancy itself is unexpected and somewhat disgruntling. The shock of being dragged across the tattered veil back into the land of the living had left her in a daze, and every experience in the flesh had been newly intense, as if she’d never lived the first time. He had found her half-collapsed into the sand after galloping from the east coast of the land to the west, and his touch had made her hungry for more and more. Kaite had been half-drowned when her mind cleared of lust and she started to hear his thoughts, and that had been when she had struggled free and fled back towards the familiar interior of Beqanna. But that had been all it took; and not one child, but two, as if her body insists on making up for lost time.

    She steps lightly across the tall autumn grass, each brush of the tips of the foliage across her coat making her shiver with sensation. Every breath she draws is yet again duller and her senses are slowly returning to normal, but for now the world around her is still a kaleidoscope of extra-bright colors and overly-loud sounds. That is why Kaite has come to the Field under the cover of the stars, when the sounds and sights are less overwhelming.

    darling, the composer has stepped into fire.
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    If I had done anything remotely notable since coming to Beqanna, it had been give life to the beautiful colt at my side in the place called Silver Cove. Without much hesitancy I had decided to call the land my home. For weeks I had traveled around the Cove with my son at my side and had yet to find the others that lived there. Though their scents clearly twisted in the wind.

    One evening the loneliness had been particularly strong and with a strong desire for socialization I made my way towards the common lands, eager to show Bert the world and maybe meet someone new to converse with. It seemingly takes hours, but with eager steps we step into the field. With a jump and a kick of his heels, the small colt runs ahead through the tall grasses, his wings fluttering as he giggles.

    A small smile spreads across my features as I watch him and a sudden burst of love fills my chest. "Bert, be careful!," I call out after him as I walk further into the field and chuckle softly. A bright eye scans the open land until it lands on a sooty bay mare. Anticipation fills my chest and the muscles in my shoulders twitch slightly.

    With a shake of my head and gentle huff, my legs carry me forward towards the unknown mare. "Hello," I call out as I make my way closer. "I'm Evarae," my voice is gentle and sweet as it dances in the empty space between us. Coming to a stop, I leave a respectful amount of distance between the myself and the other. "The stars are beautiful, are they not?" I glance towards the sky and take in the beautiful sight as my sons laughter breaks the silence.

    It's too good to be true, I ain't got nothin' to do with you
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