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    Beyza -- Year 211


    "She kills him because no matter how far she has come from the bitter, angry young girl she had been, she is still Starsin, and if he wants to make her world burn, she will be certain that he burns with it." --Starsin, written by Colby

    you say that our love is draining and you can't go on; wolfey

    Her recent interaction with Skandar had left her mind reeling.

    And if that hadn't been enough, the recent baptism of fire in the East had sparked a desire in Aela to do... something. She had been unsure of what to do at first but the more time she spent in the company of Straia,  the more determined she became that she should do... something.

    Being young, her mind spun through the possibilities as she worked to unravel them all. Aela was no fighter. What had transpired the last time she was here was proof of that. And she was eager to go with the Dominus anywhere - to help spread the word and to start working towards the goal that Beqanna learn the name of its young diplomat (the sooner they learn it, the sooner they can start speaking it because Aela was determined that they would never stop).

    The blonde girl - after a few days of silent deliberation - decides on this: she will repay the most horrible thing in Nerine a visit. He had thought her stupid during their last encounter. And Aela had thought there wasn't enough space in all of Beqanna to separate them.

    But this idea, once it had dawned, lingered at the back of her mind. (Besides, if there was nobody that wanted him, Aela supposed she could try to tempt the aliens of Pangea into a snack.) She frowns slightly, marring her pretty face as she slips past the shadows of Taiga and crosses the border into the Northlands. The hills roll on in welcome and Aela moves effortlessly, gliding across the knolls with an ease that speaks of the self-assurance she always takes with her. It takes her some time to find him, but when she does (skulking along the craggy coast, because what else would the brute be doing?), she smiles.

    Aela chooses the pinnacle of their last meeting (and she knows there is a risk in this; but she is older as he is and much more confident in her abilities, in her assumption that they have grown as they have). It's a strong memory of Wherewolf that blazes white-hot with rage, as he swings around wildly while a smaller version of herself clings furiously to a delicate, dark wing.

    image credit to footybandit

    Aela, of Pangea, is attempting to steal Wherewolf, of Nerine, for one BQ year. (aka helping him move out of his mom's basement)

    Proof of Activity:

    [Image: 3f5E0A.png]
    you've got your roots
    and i've got the wind in my soul

    He has his mother's habit of walking the moors, of lingering near the edges of the cliffs and watching the waves, and her habit of glowering at the emptiness as if it is too crowded by the wind and grass. He seeks these wild places where one careless step might mean death to someone else, but not to him. Never to him. It burns at the center of him and feeds his brooding nature like a breath blown softly over coals.

    He rarely thinks of her these days, nearly two years have passed by since they met on the grassy knoll and fought in the mud. Wherewolf has had plenty of opportunity in that time to find others to goad into hating him, and the gold-striped girl was not even the first to claim that right - though she was, perhaps, the first to accept it so fully. Amarine still struggles with his nature, and his mother's feelings have never seemed to progress beyond indifference to her son. No, it has been some time since he has seen her and thought on that day, but it comes back in a rush when he spies her, strutting across heath like a jungle-cock, but if the girl is so sure of her own growth, she should expect that he has, too. His path does not change, but he does stop, and glare, with ears angled back and broad cheeks tense.

    Yes, he remembers. He also wonders. He is not an overly curious character by nature, if anything, Wherewolf makes an effort not to notice anything at all, but it is hard, when there is so much space between them, not to see. Not to notice something similar in her shape and build and color. Familiarity scratches at his brain but the picture does not come.

    She looks like someone.

    There's a glint of teeth. It's almost a smile, but it is not a friendly one.

    "Hello, Witch."

    And then he disappears.

    Image By Footybandit

    Wolfey says thanks but no thanks bc the rent is free here and the fridge is always full. Plus he doesn't know how to run a washing machine. (I'm not sure if wolfey hits the activity markers, but star has my permission to try to steal him)
    Aela rolled a 5

    Wherewolf rolled a 15.

    The steal is unsuccessful.

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