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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

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    two things :)
    1.) Would it be possible to change Torrid's color from blue roan to black snowflake appaloosa? He doesn't have any kids and I haven't posted him very much yet. Over half of my active characters are blue roan thanks to Michaelis and it'd be nice to have something besides all of the roan variations that currently live in my closet because it gets boring really fast describing blue roan in every post I write lololol

    2.) I won both a color change and a 2-space trait for the December quest. Could I give Munroe leopard shifting and change his color to mother of pearl white with gold leopard rosettes and gold-streaked mane/tail? I'd still like for him to keep his quest marking (azure blue swirling designs on his hindquarters which mimic an appaloosa blanket marking) that he got ages ago (it was that wild toybox quest) but I'm not sure that it would be included cause I don't think it'd be genetic. But I wanna keep my ducks in a row.

    Thanks for your time! <33
    1) See auto-quests, yay!

    2) Yes, that's all fine. You can keep the marking regardless of whether or not it's genetic, but it just won't magically become genetic (given that I don't even see it in his teg, I'm going to assume it's non-genetic).
    Thank you, Kyra! <33

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