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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    another one to bring out
    Someone needs to stop me from re-reading old threads cause I can't stop myself from wanting to play all of my previous ponies :|

    Anyways I love Munroe and I'd love to get the chance to further him along.

    Tiphon x Elah
    classic champagne dun mustang hybrid male
    color change and leopard shifting pending on approval

    I kind of dropped him after Yael and Sarah left because Yael was basically his entire world so he didn't really know how to proceed from there. Essentially, he didn't know his parents whatsoever and was briefly adopted by a kindly old mute mare in the meadow when he was a newborn. But she was violently killed by a pack of wolves not soon after taking him in and he found her remains. He was left starving and sick during a harsh winter season during his first year of life before Yael happened upon him and saved him from perishing. She brought him back to the Deserts and raised him with kindness and patience and he loved her greatly. But then Yael ended up going so that left Munroe alone and the Deserts are of course gone as well.

    Because he was raised by a mute mare at first and then left to fend for himself, he's pretty feral and has a simple vocabulary. He's very suspicious of strangers and can be hostile in a bid to intimidate them into thinking he isn't weak and vulnerable. Think of him as very cat-like: doesn't like strangers, independent, only comes to you on his own terms, and very much a only likes one person who he will cling to like his life depends on it type of cat. I plan on continuing to play him as a yearling so I'm looking for someone who would like to take him in and finish raising him. In order to make up for so much happening in his absence, I'm gonna play him as an amnesiac because of the trauma of Yael disappearing and his "rip van winkle" phase. I'm planning on using my December prize to give him leopard shifting so his memory loss will also help me sneak in his new shiny trait too.

    Would anybody be interested in adopting him?
    It'd be interesting for him to try and make a friend after being adopted too!
    if you haven't found someone already (or as an option for a future friend if you have) I have my mare Mazikeen maybe?? She's not exactly great mom material but I think it could be fun if she tried to help him out! She won't be put off by his feral behaviour and she is (usually) a shapeshifter - she's just currently without that trait while she works on a quest.

    It could be fun to toss them together when she's without her shapeshifting and kinda nudge her along with helping someone out when she's stuck as a horse or once she eventually gets it back and they can bond over it!

    Kahzie already laid claim in discord a couple of days ago with Gale but I'm more than happy to thread them together! He's really bad at making friends and he could definitely use a mentor cause he won't know much about shifting >:}

    damn GALE! but yes I would love for them to meet in the future and she'd love to help him out with his shifting!! <3

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