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    Mazikeen -- Year 214


    "“Content to admire you from afar.” Well that’s just bullshit. She wasn’t *content* to be admired from afar. She would rather not see him at all then be tortured by a buffered distance." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt

    [private]  it's like we're on our own to figure it out | mazikeen
    this is going to break me clean in two --
    this is going to bring me close to you

    The smoldering markings across Mazikeen’s body blink out, leaving only the fiery coloration of her fur and feathers. The Curse is not watching her face, but it feels the shift of muscle beneath her skin where it remains pressed against her, and pulls away to better see her reaction.

    There is an uncomfortable clash of disappointment and desire at seeing her so swiftly change to suit its demands. The Curse had expected more of a fight - wanted one even, since it can’t yet pry the twins from her body - but the unconscious rumbling of satisfaction from his feline chest is unmistakable.

    When it sees the hatred in her eyes and the fire return to her skin, the purr turns into a satisfied laugh. That, it thinks. That is what it truly wanted: her submission. She will let it do what it wants, and will even participate herself if the rough tug at the lion’s haggy mane is any indication.

    “I don’t think that’s possible,” the brindle lion breathes against her cheek. With each word, a small puff of steaming air rises into the crisp winter morning, and each exhaled breath smells of a bloody breakfast that Gale could have never choked down.

    Despite its lies, despite her fear - the Curse has never lain with Mazikeen. Gale has never let it, fighting for her - for them - with an indefatigable strength that even black magic could not subdue. The fury with which he has defended her had left him weaker in a myriad other ways.  The Curse had slipped black tentacles into those thin crevices, widening the cracks and its control over its host.

    To have Mazikeen consent so easily is a rather splendid stroke of good luck. It would have had her eventually, but deal-making leaves it far less physically exhausted than the alternative of bruising and breaking her until she bent to its will.

    She had scoffed at the idea of its generosity before, but the Curse feels itself both kind and rather benevolent as it rakes its pearlescent teeth along her feathered shoulder and then her furred back and hip without drawing blood, and also as it slowly presses Gale’s broad chest against the base of her black tipped tail, and even more so as it moves forward so its chin rests along her feathered neck, and Gale’s lips place a tender kiss just below her ear before it speaks

    “It’s a pity he knocked you up so quickly. We might have had some real fun.” The lion’s front paws flex, and eight sharp claws dig into her shoulders deep enough to draw blood. The Curse wants her to feel the pain just as it generously shares with her the truth of her children’s parentage, and it uses the claws that Gale has hooked into his lover’s flesh to pull her closer against him.


    Revulsion hits her at the words and scent of blood on the breath that carries them, she feels bile rise in her mouth. What had the Curse been up to in Gale’s body last night? Mazikeen knows that’s the real line - the threat to others. She would not think it was time, not think things had become too much, for anything done to her. How could she, when any pain she experiences is her own fault for not being strong, fast, or smart enough to avoid it? How could she possibly think it was time when Gale had warned her she’d get hurt and she knew what she was getting into?

    Even though she had not expected this at all. She had been thinking physical pain.

    This is not Gale she tells herself as his body moves down hers, tracing her feathers and skin with its teeth and she can feel her body respond to this touch because it is familiar.

    This is not Gale she shouts at herself when he is behind her, when she feels that tender kiss that is both sweet and cruel.

    The words hurt more than the claws and there is a sharp intake of breath when they both dig in before a vicious snarl escapes her “I’m going to enjoy killing you one day.” Mazikeen is waiting for that white fury to overtake her, for her anger to swallow her up but when she reaches for it she can't grasp it. Maybe it is some stupid instinct that will keep her from tearing everything apart, including the children. So she burns alive on the inside instead, hatred for herself is outweighing her hatred for the Curse and it brings with it despair and shame. So much shame.

    This is not Gale she says again when parts of her instinctively react positively to the familiar weight, even while her shoulders sting with pain and blood drips down them from the claws that are hooked in her flesh.

    Her body burns with light the whole time, feeding off of the storm inside of her. And then - some of the cracks blink out of existence when she feels something break in her chest and in her mind, when she feels tears sting in her eyes and she closes them as a hollowness forms inside her where her fury had been.

    This is too much to give but she knows she would make the same choice again if it buys Gale a little more time in the light. Knows that if there’s any truth behind the desire for her that this thing feels, she will continue to use all that she had to keep it from hurting anyone else.

    But it is too much. She hopes Gale never forgives her because she will not deserve it. Not now.

    Willpower keeps her from vomiting right there afterwards, keeps that crowned head held up high. Mazikeen cannot decide whether trying to turn to hide the tears is worse than letting them be seen so she keeps her eyes closed as she inhales deep, ragged breaths and asks herself just what the hell she’s doing.

    this is going to break me clean in two --
    this is going to bring me close to you

    Mazikeen snarls a threat, and the Curse laughs.

    “I will very much enjoy your attempts,” it says against her ear, and this time it uses Gale’s voice, a slower and gentler tone. It retracts its claws and draws her nearer with the rough pads of its leonine paws, and as it has its rough and selfish way with her, it is an absolutely perfect imitation of Gale, right down to the kiss it presses to her nose at the end.

    Afterwards, it stretches lazily, glancing to its left where Mazikeen stands. Her orange eyes are closed, and it cannot see if she is crying. Boring. The coppery smell of blood perfumes the air, and the Curse yawns, and with a glance up toward the sun speaks in a casual tone.

    “Well, it’s daytime, and a deal is a deal.”

    The lion collapses, shifting as it does to a brindle horse. Gale is too exhausted to hold onto shifting magic, or to any magic at all. His glowing markings brighten, his conscious dimming of them released, and Erne circles overhead in slow and concerned spirals.

    Gale wakes slowly.

    There is an ache in his head like a flaming thorn, burning him from within. The Curse. He recognizes this sick nausea as a remnant of being possessed by the darkness. His eyes are closed, and though he knows it will burn to open them he does it anyway. Seeing is better than blackness.

    Mazikeen is there, just at the edge of his vision. He isn’t sure how he knows it is Mazikeen (the wind is not in his favor and he’s never seen her in this shape or color), but there is no doubt in his aching mind that the blurred figure is his beloved.

    “Maze?” He asks, his voice soft. Gale catches sight of the blood that remains where his claws had shifted to hooves, and a deep inhale reveals that it is her blood, and he blinks as rapidly as he can to clear his vision, but even that is worn and used up by the Curse. He lifts his head, then tries and fails to stand up. His heart is beating much too fast, and he manages to stand on his second attempt but can’t quite make his tired legs walk toward her.

    “Why are you a gryffen?” He asks, confused. Before she can answer, he realizes that he’s finally been freed to remember, freed to speak, the words pour from him like water down the rocky slope. “Maze, I think the Curse is worse than I thought. I think it’s taking my memory more often than I thought and making me do things I would normally never do. I don’t remember a lot of things.”



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