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    Mazikeen -- Year 214


    "“Content to admire you from afar.” Well that’s just bullshit. She wasn’t *content* to be admired from afar. She would rather not see him at all then be tortured by a buffered distance." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt

    [private]  oh, if they dusted me for prints

    Elegance has traveled to many places lately.

    It had started with her father when the Hersir of the Isle had finally agreed to take her with him on a diplomatic trip. She was supposed to be learning something about the etiquette required for traveling from kingdom to kingdom but the nearly all-white filly had gotten distracted by the jungle, with its vibrant palm trees and the odd structures that looked like trees but were not trees. There had been even more to see and though there hadn't been many horses (the leader - the Chief - she had learned, was a relative and so the growing pegasus considered the journey more a family visit than a political one), she had been glad to meet horses outside of the North.

    They could be too stuck in their ways sometimes.  Change was coming to Taiga - thanks to their Uncle Yan - but even that change was still too slow for Ellie.

    She'd been out exploring again. More hours than she had intended but the blazing sunset she had seen on the Tephran coast had been worth it. To watch the view from (nearly the top) the summit of the volcano, even more so. But when she leaves the Western kingdom, her pale coat has the stench of sulfur clinging to her and if she comes home smelling of the deed that she intends on keeping a secret, her father will make the next trip that much harder to take. These escapades of hers have only been made possible thanks to the triplets distracting Noel and Nashua; two pairs of eyes were needed to carefully three sets of small bodies and that left the twins to their own devices.

    Night has fully enclosed Taiga by the time she creeps home. Elegance is careful to move quietly and use her vision to see if any horse was nearby (to run into Father would ruin everything and if it was Uncle Yan, well, Elllie imagined the horned stallion would merely chuckle and say that her secret was safe with him). She is lucky to go undetected (or so she thinks) and when finally returns home, the striped filly moves to join her twin sister in their usual sleeping spot. As she brushes past wingless Luminesce, something catches on where Ellie's white mane has knotted.

    The adolescent jerks her head back while her fireflies scatter the air around her, cursing hotly under her breath: "Winds," and then does the only appropriate reaction. She yanks on it.


    image credit to insane<3

    Luminesce lmao so Ellie tried sneaking in after missing curfew and caught her hair on one of Lumi's chicken nubs

    She had returned late from the mountain, the small nubs that would grow into wings testament of the plea she had made. She couldn’t even pretend to be surprised Ellie hadn’t returned yet when she finally made her way to the small glen they usually slept together in. Her sister had been wandering more and more as they grew. Lumi desperately wanted to blame her even though she knew she couldn’t. Even though the lump in her throat had grown larger and larger every time she watched her sister fly.

    She hadn’t told Ellie of her jealousy though, despite everything else they shared. She’s not certain her sister would understand. And so, when Ellie had snuck away, so had Lumi.

    She had been pleased by the fairies response, but the nubs now sprouting from her shoulders were… a little embarrassing. They looked ridiculous, and she had spent a great deal of time trying to think of ways she might hide them until they grew into fully fledged wings. With these musings still rattling around her head, she had finally drifted off sleep.

    That is, until a sharp tug on the sensitive bud on her shoulder startles her awake with a pained shriek. The cluster of stars that had settled as she slept abruptly rise into a chaotic dance as she flails for escape. It takes her a moment to recognize her sister through the thrashing of her own limbs, but when she does, a scowl forms on her lips before she butts her sister. Hard.

    Ellieeeee,” she whisper-shrieks plaintively, “that hurt.” Scooting away from her sisters dangerously tangled locks, she shakes her head in an attempt to resettle her own mane over the small wing sprouts (as though Ellie might have somehow missed their existence in the midst of all that) before glaring at her twin. “And you’re late.”


    Elegance I am absolutely delighted

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