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    Reave -- Year 219


    "She did not wake up one day healed, she was simply moving and she realized that somewhere along the way grief had stopped stabbing her every motion. It’s a strange feeling. She is lighter and heavier at once. She doesn’t know what to do with the time that’s opened before her, what to do without wounds to claw open." --Cordis, written by Cassi

    [private]  the clock is ticking and we can't stop

    m a z i k e e n .

    Mazikeen’s grin brightens further when Myrna mimics her face, a soft chuckle escaping her. And there’s another when Myrna’s disbelief over the existence of Agetta is so obvious. But even though she laughs, a little bit of guilt seizes her. The little fact of her parents existing probably could’ve come up a little sooner, right?

    Not that Mazikeen had seen either of them in a while but maybe it was time to start telling Myrna of all those that were part of her family - blood and otherwise. All those faces she hoped would be friendly again one day.

    “Of course I have a mom, you silly goat.” She reaches down to brush her muzzle against Myrna’s forehead and the little horns nestled next to the filly’s short mane. “Her name is Agetta. She lives somewhere else though... the last time she was here I wasn’t very nice to her.” Mazikeen had wanted to make sure Agetta wouldn’t come back, and it would seem she had done that job very effectively. For a moment she frowns, looking out across the lake. The sensation of missing her mom isn’t one that she has experienced often. Her parents had raised her until Maze started wandering and then she had found a new, different family with Daye and Sochi and Breach. And though she had visited with her mom and dad up until things started to unravel, it's only now that she begins to want to see them again.

    She finds a smile when she looks back down at Myrna and squeezes lightly with her wing again. “I bet she’d like to meet you, though. She's who taught me how to shapeshift.” And then, after a small pause. “Your eyes are almost the same dark blue as hers.”


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