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    Reave -- Year 219


    "She did not wake up one day healed, she was simply moving and she realized that somewhere along the way grief had stopped stabbing her every motion. It’s a strange feeling. She is lighter and heavier at once. She doesn’t know what to do with the time that’s opened before her, what to do without wounds to claw open." --Cordis, written by Cassi

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    [open]  One for All [Leilan, Nashua, any]
    The fox-shifter has been keeping to himself. He prefers it that way. Less drama, less risk, and less trouble. Although, historically, trouble has a way of finding him. The gent finds himself mildly bewildered, albeit entirely grateful, that he has been left alone. The takeaway here is, alone. Alone is lonely. Something that the loquacious and social steed can only bear for so long.

    Winter is a fierce and bitter time; but, here on the Isle, the season is exponentially more frigid and harsh. Jesper stands with his pointy black nose pressed into the wind. The blast that hits his silvery canine face does not pelt him with snow or, ice; however, it still stings. Standing just shy of eighteen inches, the male employs his fox-form to combat the bitterness. His ash hued fur is dense and comprised of many layers. It blankets his small-medium sized body with a greater surface area-to-volume ratio than his equine chassis.

    Thus, Jesper stands facing the northerly gusts. His sensitive olfactories sift through the various scents until he isolates two that are familiar. A smile tugs at the corners of his mouth as he recalls his past adventures with the dragon-esque knight, Leilan. He also detects the presence of the gold streaked chestnut, Nashua. A padded paw extends forward and, within a single breath, the fox makes his way towards the other males.

    His stride is calm and steady as he does not travel in haste nor, have a purpose. His fur lines lobes face his targets and, his facade denotes a gentle demeanor. When his sky blue gaze lands upon the familiar sight of the coppery varnished brute, Jesper lifts his head and his bushy plumage. His step becomes slightly more peppy as the silver and gray canine draws near. He offers a smile to Leilan before speaking, "I hope I find you well, friend. I sense Nashua is nearby. Do you think he remembers me?"


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