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    Assailant -- Year 226


    "But the dream, the echo, slips from him as quickly as he had found it and as consciousness comes to him (a slap and not the gentle waves of oceanic tides), it dissolves entirely. His muscles relax as the cold claims him again, as the numbness sets in, and when his grey eyes open, there’s nothing but the faint after burn of a dream often trod and never remembered." --Brigade, written by Laura

    No one expects an angel; any
    The wind can often speak more than words, and today is no different. It rumbles with fury, and a strength far greater than any storm Vilja has ever witnessed. The air is thick with magic, almost so that it stings her lungs with every breath. Yet she isn’t fearful, she is beaming with an excitement of a heavily peaked interest. 

    With curiosity festering in her mind, she allows herself to be drawn into the hurricane. Speckled wings unfurling from her strawberry kissed skin to embrace the storm’s intoxicating strangeness. It was a reckless act, perhaps even more foolish than she would like to admit but something within her told her otherwise. 

    She is pulled into the very thicket of the storm, ravenous winds lashing at every inch of her red toned body as sleet and rain begin to pelt her owlet wings. She knows she doesn’t have much time, her wings would soon become waterlogged and useless. Fueled by her hunger for knowledge, she allows her sky touched gaze to inspect the storm with haste. It was something of destruction, born from magic. That’s all she could gather before her brown flecked wings begin to give out. With water bearing an immense weight upon her wings, she gathers the last of her strength with one last hardy flap of her wings before they retract into her crimson dusted withers. Propelling herself onto a small patch of clouds before they are all swept away by the storm.

    She is swallowed by darkness, as the ground beneath her begins to shift and rock as she's swept away. Viljas balance becomes something of that in shambles, as the cloud teeters. Her excitement fades, and is replaced with worry, tarnishing her wild delicate features. Her mind begins to race, what would happen to the others? Would they be alright? Where was Taimas and Isogold? Surely they got everyone to safety... She should of fled and warned them, rather than facing the storm head on, yet as it often happens she was drawn by her own selfish desires.

    The movement beneath her suddenly ceases, as the dark clouds recede revealing the vibrant azure sky above her. The storm has been quelled, it's hunger for destruction and waste dissipated. It's quiet now, deafening almost so that the only sound that lingers is the thumping of her own heart, as worry wraps its wicked tendrils around her. Vilja's wide cobalt gaze wanders across the sky filled landscape, it was empty but perhaps they made it. They had to.

    "Timais? Isogold? Anyone?" She expels through hopeful breaths of anxiety, her mind stirring with concern. Please tell me they made it.

    OOC: Not my best but I'm still easing into her!
    There was no time. There was no time to run, no time to get others to safety, no time to prepare. In one moment the sky was clear and beautiful, and in the next, a tornado began but quickly became so much more that one could hardly call it a tornado anymore (though she had no better word for it, for 'storm' was such a weak word in comparison to what had happened). It had taken all of Isogold's power to calm the winds around her and those with her enough for them to land on some strange and unknown land where she could only hope they would be safe. As soon as they were there, she'd taken to the sky again, her power shielding her from the worst of the storm though it was a storm born of a magic far more powerful than hers. She fought through it, aided by the slightly subdued winds in her immediate vicinity, back into Stratos looking for anyone who might be stuck in their kingdom.

    The winds died down as she returned to Stratos and flying, at least, became manageable. Soaring through the air, Iso scouts for any who might be trapped or hurt. As she goes, a familiar voice calling her name catches her attention and she turns her course until she finds Vilja. "Vilja," she says, relief in her voice with seeing someone else who looks at least relatively unharmed. "Are you okay?" Physically, at least, because how could any of them actually be okay?

    @Vilja nothing happens - this time.

    @Isogold you have temporarily been given the defect "Cloud Vision" - small clouds encircle the head, often obscuring vision. They cannot be magically moved, shaken off, or reasoned with but in 2 weeks (or 5 posts, whichever you're vibing) they will decide they'd prefer to be elsewhere and dissipate.
    The silence after the storm is eery, as the vacant atmosphere begins to swallow up her thoughts. They had to be alright, all of them. It repeats sending tremors through her mind, again and again as her frantic azure gaze surveys the pure emptiness in search of anything, or anyone. They had to be alright... until, a voice filled with familiarity reaches her owlet lobes, Isobel. Thank god. 

    They were alright.

    Relief washes over her delicate features, grounding her worrisome thoughts. "Isobel." Vilja breathes, pulling herself together as she turns her strawberry touched cranium to meet her comrade. Her question is easily welcomed, "I've been better." she adds with a light hearted chuckle, unfurling drenched wings from her roan withers. It was hard to make light of what had just happened to Stratos, but it was better than anything than to dwell on the devastation that had just transpired. "What of the others?" She questions, if Isobel was alright the others must of fled when the storm had just begun to hurdle through their country. And as she awaits an answer she can't but allow her mind to wander.

    There's a feeling deep within her that speaks of change, it lingers within the air and the very cloud tufted ground beneath her. Something within Stratos and changed with it's sudden vacancy, and the storm had done just that. It was something her intuition couldn't pull upon directly, merely hidden beneath surface and despite her vigorous mental scratching it could not be unearthed. "Stratos is different now."  Vilja adds vaguely, as she allows her azure gaze to wander across the cloud dotted terrain, her mind violently swirling with an insatiable curiosity.

    @Isogold a little bleh lol
    It is good to see a familiar face. Calming, in some small way. Reassuring, as much as anything can be reassuring. Iso has no way of knowing what has happened to all of Stratos. All she knew was what happened to her and those near her. The fact that they were okay felt like it should bring comfort, but not everyone in Stratos could control the wind. Were they able to escape, as Vilja had? "Those I could find were alright. I was able to help some escape, though I don't know about everyone else." Isogold says. Stratos is by no means a small kingdom, and that was by no means an average storm. She still doesn't even know what to make of it. 

    Vilja voices another concern, one that had been tugging at Iso as well, though she couldn't put words to it. And then, as if right on cue, small clouds begin to circle Iso's head. The only reason she knows this is because they dance in front of her eyes, moving in and out of her vision enough that she feels like she might be sick as Vilja comes into view and then is blocked again almost as quickly. Her sigh is audible, and she closes her eyes. "It seems we have half an answer," she says, defeat and resignation creeping into her voice as she says it. It just feels like far too much. Their home destroyed, magic gone haywire, stranded in a foreign land with their enemy all around them. "What do we do, Vilja?" She knows the practical answer to the question, of course. They find Timais. They find their people. They get somewhere safe. But how? It feels so herculean a task and she can barely even open her eyes for the stupid clouds that circle around her, leaving her blind in more ways than one. 

    Just as she speaks of the change within their kingdom, she can feel a state of dizziness engulfing Isobel. Allowing her sky gaze to return to her comrade she can't help but feel perplexed if not a little worried, as small tufts of cloud encircle the golden woman's head. "A very strange answer..." she expels curiously, worry embellishing her words.

    Their situation was dire to say the least, a chaotic yet perplexing magic has plagued across their country, they were now in a strange land surrounded by old enemies and strangers. Yet she knew they would persevere, that's what they've been doing her entire life, and this was no different. And as Isogold asks of Vilja what their next action will be she is not hesitant nor afraid to answer, she knows her strengths as well as her fellow council members. "We need to find Timais and the others. We also need to find a safe haven for our people, just in the meantime until Stratos is deemed safe. But more importantly we must gather information about this strange land and who occupies it." She pauses to share a glance at the surface below their cloud tufted kingdom. "I will go to this land, and return with what I know." she adds, as she unfurls her owlet wings from her rosy withers.

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