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    Assailant -- Year 226


    "But the dream, the echo, slips from him as quickly as he had found it and as consciousness comes to him (a slap and not the gentle waves of oceanic tides), it dissolves entirely. His muscles relax as the cold claims him again, as the numbness sets in, and when his grey eyes open, there’s nothing but the faint after burn of a dream often trod and never remembered." --Brigade, written by Laura

    It's been a while, lol. Anyone remember Vampyric?
    Hi guys!

    I'm Jackdaw for those who remember me. I'm Vampyric's player.

    I've been working on my first manuscript in a fantasy series and every single time I write I am always reminded of what ignited my passion for writing in the first place. Beqanna.
    Feeling very reminiscent of my characters I wanted to look up some of my old posts but I remembered boards2go were swapped out some years ago. But I still figured I'd get back here, maybe even write a little every once in a while. See how Vampy's Valley was doing without her, haha.

    Are any of my old favorites still around? Carnage, Tyrain, Milenko...
    There were so many amazing characters around, I know I have forgotten some names but I remember many stories.

    I mean I was a teen when I started playing here and I will admit I have shed quite a few tears over my characters here, lol. I'm 34 now though. 
    So how are you guys? Did your lives end up being what you expected? Did any of you pursue writing?
    Carnage is still alive and kicking, you should post vampy to him, she was one of his select girlfriends who he mostly liked!!!!
    O hey Cassi! I'm happy to hear Carnage is still around, he was always my favorite ;-;

    If I find time perhaps I will, not sure where I should post though?
    Welcome back! It's been a while, but I definitely remember you and Vampyric! When you finish your first book you should definitely share it here Smile

    I'm not sure how many older characters are still around that you'd remember but the Meadow or other Common Lands are always good places for Open posts!

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