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    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer


    She had licked herself clean, she had laid herself on pillowy grass to munch on. And now it was time to move on. The dear Magician had given her, her life back. She could go find her father now. And this she sets out to do with a delighted little pep to her ever fluttering wings. She was glad they did not tire otherwise her teal and black butterfly additions would be completely useless to her.

    Turning her dirrection east, she sets out to find this so called chamber, along the way watching others interact was a thing for her curiousity. Who was her father? Would he treat her just as well as that foal was being treated. Or would be be bloody cruel like the nightmare of a stallion over there weaving between the trees?

    Every flutter brings her closer, every breath shaky with nerves. He would have to be nice, he couldn't be a mean hearted creep. No her world was all sunshine and roses, she had a mother and a father. Neither could be cruel. Maybe he didn't know that she even existed? Question race through her mind

    Every two minutes though she finds her attention drawn elsewhere. One by the creek, two by the trees, three by the little woodland creatures that came out to play with her. Finally she makes it, finally her body can flitter to the ground. Buckskin foal drops just at the border of the chamber, she sees the flamed tree in the distance. Nickering she wonders that the dark void here.

    A shiver escapes... what if... no she was just being silly her father would love her. Of course in these moments she completely forgot her legless body and only thought the best of people.


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    The war had slowed, the noise had calmed, and the chaos that had been so thick in the air had lessened to an almost gentle stirring. Nymphetamine leaned against a tree not too far from the clearing where he had killed Rapscallion. He was still rather weak from the draining effect his abilities gave him. The blood bay was stable on his feet but his muscles ached and he felt like he was fighting the world's worst hangover. He could see the clearing and he watched as the inhabitants of the ash covered Chamber were coming back out of the corners in which the fought, guarded, hid, or laid in rest after injury. Something was different in this scene. a bright colored foal bobbed a little up and down as it looked around the clearing. Nymph didn't have a clear view and the odd movement made the necromancer curious. He exhaled quickly as he moved from the tree, his muscles resisting the entire time. An obvious limp restricted his movement as he staggered to the clearing.

    The view was unusual, more unusual than he had expected. He stopped and his jaw fell slightly open. The foal, a filly, had no legs. instead, the teal little thing had tiny wings that fluttered like hummingbird wings. He had never seen such a thing, even in all his time in the chamber. He watched her a bit longer. she was happy, and all smiles, but there were some nerves hiding behind her eyes that flashed to the foreground for only just a moment before receding again. He decided to move out of the shadowy cover of the trees and move over to the unique filly.

    The blood bay grumbled and winced with every step or so, as his muscles continued to resist the motion. Once he was close enough, He called out to the filly hoping she would cover the rest of the distance as his body would not (well, without more pain). Nymph's voice fell in dark tenor chords. "You aren't from here are your little one...?" Nymphetamine had interaction with 2 that could be his, and he had 1 other child out there somewhere....and another that should have just been born. He always thought of where they could be when he see foals and yearlings that could be their age, but he doubted he would meet them as he only really knew Kimber, the other mares he was not ashamed to say he didn't really know them. But had been happy to oblige a willing mare or two since he came here. He snapped his attention back to the little floating filly, "So what brings you to the Chamber, alone at the end of war-time?"

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    She picks herself up with her teal colored wings. Grinning wide at the blood bay that was looking at her. She gets closer and sees the limp. You ok mister? She queers, worry creasing her face. Depends on the context She pauses scrunching her face curious about his scent and strange markings. Wartime? Whats that? Big eyes look up at him bright with curiousity. I'm not alone you are with me. She grins big proud of herself for knowing that.

    Just days before she had been so horribly alone, so dark and cold was the world. Until Clark showed up. He was the perfect gentleman showing her what her dad smelled like, telling her that he was in the Chamber. Giving her dirrections there. She was glad that she wasn't without a family. Daddy, where did mommy go? She askes as if he should know, forgetting for the moment that he wouldn't know her from a hole in the wall.

    Plopping herself down infront of him after her inspection was over with she makes herself comfortable completely oblivious to the oddity of her body and what others must be thinking. She figured this was how most where born. Those crazy legs must come later in life.


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    Her words kept him still and dulled the ache of his sore body as he focus was drawn elsewhere. The necromancer held a slightly amused look on his face, not for the filly's situation but for her steady flow of questions that babbled from her mouth. Her innocence and trust that the world was good and would match her enthusiasm was so apparent. Her wings fluttered about he followed her with his head as she inspected him. She seemed more interested in him than the other way around and Nymphetamine was curious as to why he was normal...at least on the outside. He looked her over as well, there was something familiar within her features but he couldn't place it. The day was young and he wondered where his curiosity would take this day now that the filly was interested in him, for some reason. Her words pull him from the abyss of thoughts whirling in his head. "Oh, yeah... yeah... just sore from the war."

    Her next thought came quickly, war. How did she not know about war?...oh right babies don't know jack and have to me told. A small sigh escaped the bay, followed by a smirk in fortification of a day filled with questions. "War is when different groups fight for one reason or another... its dangerous and not for children." Then the next.... mommy? Nymph snorted in reactive frustration. How was he supposed to know this girl's mother. there are so many mares in Chamber alone, let alone in all Beqanna. "How should I know kid? What's her name? Maybe I can point you in her direct--DAD-DY?!?!?!? What? no no... that's sweet.. I only have ...wait...no no, there is no way."

    Nymph had only been with 2 mares in the time frame that would make sense with the fillies age. One was Kimber... and the other... well he didn't have a name. He shook his head as if it would knock the knowledge into the right compartments so he could understand and process. Vessel and Vaughan could be his, and he had never thought about the kid. It was an uncomplicated, and unattached, but it could have been possible for a foal to come of it. He stood there looking at her in disbelief and processed..and processed...and processed. after what felt like forever, but was probably more like seconds he croaked out his own babbling questions "Who told you I was your father? How do you even know you got the right stallion... we haven't even shared names. I'm Nymphetamine...and you are?"

    What in the world had he just got himself into??


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    Whats a stallion? Her brows pucker and her lip quirks up to the side. Daddy was very strange. Using words that she had never heard before. He goes off on a tangent of words that she barely catchs. Oh mommy says she is Harlet. There is a bit of a pause as she looks up at him expecting him to understand everything. After all he's smarter than her, using big words that she could only imagine hurt the mouth. Clark told me. And you smell like the stallion that he told me about. She grins proud that she knows something that he does not.

    The buckskin hyde shimmers in the warmth of the summer days. Well at least he wasn't to badly hurt. Clark saved me. I couldn't stand up, he gave me wings so I could get to you. She picks herself up again rubbing her face into his shoulder as she comes along side of the enormous creature. I'm Petya She holds her jaw open a moment about to say something. But then it sounded to odd in her head to let it out so instead she goes and instantly closes her eyes.

    Then they flutter open again Why don't you and mommy stay together? Then you would know her name, and where she is. As if it was the brightest idea that could have popped into her head, big round eyes look up at him expecting an answer.


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    He didn't hear her words, he was scrambling. He had to tell her something. but what was right? The truth was he had knocked up her mom, but he hadn't intended any interacton with the foal. Now, that didn't mean he would deny the child, but it also didn't mean he was looking to have the filly as his shadow. After the war, and after outing himself he had many things to do, he had to prove himself. Nymphetamine just simply did not have time to raise the filly. Though he was willing to be around for her, he couldn't be her mother. It just wasn't feesible.

    She spoke the Mare's name, and then after a moment of confusion said they should be together. Nymph's eye's physically seemed to darken. Not because he was upset at the filly, or with Harlet. No... he had been burned and didn't think he would ever single another out in the way his daughter proposed. The bay frowned. He didn't know what to do... but he knew he had to let the filly know they would never have a traditional family unit. "Petya, I'm afraid I have no idea where Harlet is. We didn't really know eachother. Your mother wanted you., I...I just helped make it possible. I double Harlet, you, and I will ever be a family like you want. That doesn't mean I won't defend you if you need it, you are my daughter. I will always defend my children."

    The necromancer flashed back to the memory of Rapscallion being torn limb from limb and drug beneath the surface. He had done so after the beast had attacked his kids, or what he thought were his kids. He knew he would do the same for any of his children if it was necessary. He focused back on Petya, he smiled at her, knowing he would have to leave here for a while. "I will have to thank Clarke for being there for you after Harlet abandoned you. So what do you plan on doing now? Chamber is nice, if it suits you. If not, I will escort you to a different kingdom?


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    She frowns trying to keep up with all that he was saying. Reality seemed to be finally sinking in. Life was not as fair as she had thought it to be. In all the confusion, in all her desire to be good enough. It seemed that life had other plans in mind. She was kicking herself for not listening to Clarke and allowing things to let be. I shouldn't have come her voice trembles. He wouldnt want her around. She was silly to think that anyone that wasn't there for her birth would want her around any other time of her life.

    Maybe it was the best thing for her to go and find Clarke. All she knew was that in all her built up hopes, and dreams of love and acceptance she was finding the words echoing in her mind it was your mother that wanted you. Empty brokenness consumed her whole body, this was all so new all something that she didn't know what to do with.

    Her wings flutter wildly, her body shifting in her discomfort. It was nice to meet you She left the words hanging not sure what to call him. Attempting to be firm and strong she doesn't look at him again. Affraid that all her tears and desperation would show through. But one peak and the widening eyes look up at him begging for any remnent of love or family within him.

    Everything in her was screaming for acceptance from him. Yet he didn't seem to want anything to do with her. Was that why he was offering a different kingdom? So that he didn't have to look at her? So that he could forget his mutant daughter. Then as soon as the turbulence ends and she realizes that no one is perfect she wonders if he would give her a chance.

    I can help you, I.. I could stay here and be your best worker. I'm strong. Words tumble over themselves in a last desperate plea Please dont send me away, I just met you.


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    Well....shit. The blood bay had not intended to upset her, or dismiss her. He had wanted to help her get settled, then go and do what he needed to. He would visit, of course, and be there for his daughter when she needed him. Obviously. that was not how she took it. and now the little flying filly was tearful. The autumn air was cool but it seems to chill his bones. He was not a total family man, but seeing the sadness on her face was crushing.

    This day was a doozy, this day was not how he thought it would be. His body screamed to go lay down, to rest. He was sore, tired, and honestly not ready to make decisions prior to processing all the information dumped on him. Times wasn't a gift he had right now, she was here and she desperately wanted a family. He had to do something about it before the filly wailed. "No no no... child. You mother wanted you but that doesn't mean I am not glad to meet you. You can stay if you like, I just meant I would not force you to...if you didn't like it here. I just have a duty to Killdare, my king. I will be gone often. But you can stay, Chamber needs good strong helpers too, more than I do even."

    Children. are. exhausting. and he was already tired. He smiled at the filly hoping his words soothed her, and that he didn't dislike her, nor wanted to dismiss her. He just could be there all the time, even now he knew he had to get going with his duties. They would have to wait, however, as this little filly didn't know of adult life. The bay gestured for Petya to follow, He needed something to distract her, and so he figured some site seeing would help. Maybe seeing the ever-burning tree? The necromancer wasn't sure but something had to help, right?

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